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Must Watch Netflix Originals

by Riley Raul Reese 2 years ago in tv

Netflix and chill can be a seriously good time — especially if you're scoping these must watch Netflix Originals.

Must Watch Netflix Originals

Netflix's new line of original television show series has become a huge project that created some of the most popular names in viewing. Though it would never have been conceivable a couple of years ago, Netflix Originals now share the same amount of media attention as classic cable TV shows.

Many of these shows set the standard for what quality television is considered to be. If you are running low on Simpsons episodes on television, turn off the boob tube and check out these must watch Netflix Originals.

BoJack Horseman

If you love deep, social commentary, cartoon animals, and an incredibly witty script, then one of the hottest must watch Netflix Originals you need to check out is BoJack Horseman.

The titular character, BoJack, was once a sitcom star of a family-friendly sitcom. However, once the show ended, he quickly spiraled into a deep depression, pill abuse, and more.

You'd think BoJack would be an unlikeable character, but the more you watch him, the better he seems. Ergo, it's far from one of the worst cartoons to broach this kind of subject.

It's really hard not to feel for BoJack and his struggles. He's cynical, his friends are decent people, and he's learning to cope with the fact that the past is now gone...sort of. Either way, the show's cult following speaks for itself.


Loosely based off of Nasty Gal CEO Sophia Amoruso, Girlboss follows the journey of a barely-employable fashionista who later turns into one of the biggest names in the fashion industry. She's got an attitude and her personality is one that is totally real.

For people who want a pretty candid look into the craziness that is working in fashion, Girlboss is one of the most interesting must watch Netflix Originals out there. That being said, if you're not into fashion, you might not fully understand the show's value.

Santa Clarita Diet

Santa Clarita Diet is one of those surreal comedies that tends to be a hit-or-miss among audiences. However, unlike others in this genre, Santa Clarita Diet was a total hit.

The entire premise is that a typical suburban mom was mysteriously infected with a zombie virus. In order to survive and continue to live a normal life, she has to murder people and eat them.

The series has an amazing cast, addictive humor, and the oddly lighthearted-yet-morbid humor that makes it one of the most hilarious must watch Netflix Originals you can binge on.

F is for Family

Snarky, dark, and surprisingly smart, F is for Family is a good glimpse into creator Bill Burr's life as a child in the 70s. This isn't quite a family-friendly Netflix Original, but it has moments every family member can relate to.

Though it may be pretty crude, F is for Family is one of those Netflix Original series that makes poignant memories come alive — and reminds us that American living always has its ups and downs.

For anyone who misses the 70s, or anyone who just wants a good coming-of-age show with a streak of dark humor, this is one of the most epic must watch Netflix Originals out there.

The Crown

This is one of the handful of Netflix Originals based off of a real person, and this time, the person in question is Queen Elizabeth II. History buffs and lovers of the Royal Family will see why The Crown is one of the most fascinating must watch Netflix Originals on air right now.

Yes, there's drama. Yes, there's historical accuracy. And, yes, there are some amazing vintage outfits that add a glamorous streak to the show. Young Queen Elizabeth II is beautiful and makes us fall in love with her all over again.

Luke Cage

Marvel has teamed up with Netflix to create Luke Cage, one of the first live-action Marvel superhero shows focused on a black superhero. Cage, who gains impenetrable skin, super strength, and fast reflexes, now has to work to rid Harlem from crime and corruption.

Luke Cage makes for a very badass superhero, and the storytelling in this show is superb. Actor Mike Colter also makes the character come alive by being both gentle and strong in all his moves. That's why Luke Cage is one of the newest must watch Netflix Originals currently being made.

Orange is the New Black

Any list of must watch Netflix Originals will talk about the biggest hit of them all — Orange is the New Black. This Netflix series has been critically acclaimed for its amazing actors, realistic script, and incredibly gritty storyline.

This is one of the few shows out there that really has something for everyone. It's funny as Weeds, but it has all the tearjerker poignancy of a major drama. It's a social commentary that resonates with everyone, even if you've never been incarcerated.

If you haven't already, give Orange is the New Black a try. Chances are you'll find at least one character you relate to.

Stranger Things

Stranger Things is one of the many Netflix Originals that give a subtle nod to the old sci-fi and "90s cheese" shows that many of us grew up with. In this series, a boy gets kidnapped by a strange creature and has gotten trapped in a bizarre and surreal world.

Now, his mother, the sheriff, and his friends are all working to find where he's gone off to. Can they do it? Well, as you might already know from these kinds of shows, they can. But, it'll be a pretty wild ride before it all happens, and that's why Stranger Things is one of the best must watch Netflix Originals out there.

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