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Ms. Marvel

by Alexandrea Callaghan 4 months ago in superheroes / tv / review / pop culture / movie / entertainment / comics
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Episode 1

I have personally been looking forward to this show very much, and although I am disappointed by the change in her powers for the adaptation, I have hope. The lead actress is a perfect choice in not only appearance and personality but in knowledge. This girl really knows her comics and I am excited to see how that informs her portrayal of the character. So here we go with episode 1…

Well right off the bat the characterization is absolutely perfect, she’s a total geek over Captain Marvel and she idolizes the idea of being a superhero and it's wonderful. Kamala has a very intense, bubbly energy that is very sweet and hopeful and I love how well Iman captured that.

I love the way that they are balancing her culture with her need to just be a teenage girl, this was an essential part of her character in the comics and I am so glad that it also seems to be a major theme in the show.

You guys, we're not even 10 minutes into the first episode and I swear to god this is the most perfect comic to screen adaptation we’ve ever seen. It’s very comic book-esque in not just the actual adaptation but in the production as well and I think that makes it feel more grounded and lends to the story in a really incredible way. It shows us the wonder, fantasy, and longing that goes on in Kamala’s head.

This cinematography is incredible, the angles used are really interesting and sets this show apart from other Marvel properties. There was an incredible shot of Kamala and Bruno on the roof and it was just brilliant.

Now I can’t speak for the exact cultural background, but as someone from a Mexican household the boundaries and parental relations seem to be pretty consistent. Her parents are trying so hard to meet her halfway and it is adorable, and though I understand her need for a space to be herself and a chance to explore some freedom her dad wanting to accompany her to the convention is not the worst thing in the world. However, wanting to restrict her cosplay, especially when the Captain Marvel outfit is probably the most conservative female hero outfit that exists, is a bit much. I think this is another wonderful example of generations not knowing how to communicate with one another, and that alone gives immense depth to the character in a way that makes her very relatable.

We get our powers from this magical bracelet I guess? Look, that's clearly a far cry from the comics but I’m so damn happy with the characterization I don’t think I care that much. And we have our original powers, they look different but thus far she has the power to stretch her body so honestly I am very happy with the way they have set up her character. I think it's brilliant and true to the character.

End credit scene on the first episode; some kind of organization seems to be scouting heroes or at the very least, people with powers and they stumble upon a video of Kamala and the first use of her powers at “Avengercon” and the last thing we hear is “bring her in” so we’ll see how that helps develop her story.

Overall I am very excited to see how this story unfolds, I think that this is the Marvel TV show I am most excited for (with the exception of WandaVision) and I genuinely can’t wait to see more of Kamala and watch her develop into Ms. Marvel.

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