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Movie Review; Iron Man 2 (2010)

Iron Man 2 (2010)

By Zuvin MaharzanPublished 11 months ago 4 min read
Movie Review; Iron Man 2 (2010)
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Iron Man 2 was first shown on April 26, 2010, at the El Capitan Theater in Los Angeles, California, and aired in 6,764 theaters (48 IMAX) in 54 countries. released in the United States on May 7, 2010. In October 2008, Marvel Studios reached an agreement to shoot Iron Man 2 and its next three films at Raleigh Studios in Manhattan Beach, California. Other tactics revolve around the conference hearing with the evil Senator (Harry Shandling), the rival businessman (Sam Rockwell), and the unfaithful new aide (Scarlett Johansson) as the rival of his Friday girlfriend (Gwyneth Paltrow), the crazy Russian founder (Gwyneth). Paltrow). Mickey Rourke with tattoos all over his body), psychological problems including the late Stark's father, his assistant (Don Cheadle), and the deterioration of the Stark community. But unlike these films, this is one of the simplest blockbusters you can see.

Then there is Mickey Rourke, who plays a prominent villain; and Don Cheadle (who replaces Terence Howard from the first film), who brings incredible depth to the person who becomes a War Machine, who fights different extremities as he tries to support the US war, but feels uncomfortable for his friends to do. Scarlett Johansson also plays comedy and mysterious roles three times Natalie Rushman, and even director Favreau has expanded her role as Happy Hogan of the Stark-filled man. Director Jon Favreau gets a battlefield, Rourke manages to keep a toothpick in his mouth 24/7 (even after a short prison sentence), and Scarlett Johansson (like Natalie Rushman) gets a ton of money. transformer and Rhodey made a complete transformation (now played by actor Don Cheadle). This is only the second film, and having run out of fun characters, they turn to a cross between the first comedians and just another young man dressed as Iron Man - almost like the embarrassed opponent of the first film.

But "Furious" and "Black Widow" are hired by stars in another film, and it will be interesting to see that ordinary audience who do not understand the Avengers or future studio plans decide to include them. One area where Iron Man 2 has improved significantly compared to its predecessor in the field of action. You should be glad to know that Iron Man 2 more or less has won the "next" battle, successfully pressing the story and the chaos of the characters into a two-hour journey while keeping Tony Stark's emphasis. (Robert Downey Jr. again played with uncontrollable calm) Recorded for entertainment, Iron Man 2 has brought back the beloved billionaire Downey Tony Stark, who was achieved by former gunman and iron fighter Iron Man suit that brought people to the long-awaited world. of peace. This series of successful film and commercial films only need to do the last of this series; this will ensure the return of Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark / Iron Man.

Once the movie has made a fortune, it is too late for the next song, "Iron Man 2". With the return of Robert Downey Jr. and director Jon Fyreau, this is a rare film made by talented people, and all the ups and downs follow. The film is directed by Jon Feira, written by Justin Cerus, Robert Downey Jr. like Tony Stark / Iron Man, and Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Chandel, Scarlett Johnson, Sam Rockwell, Mickey Rock, and Samuel Jackson. Directed by Jon Feira, Iron Man 2 is a straightforward Iron Man monster and continues the story (though Tony Stark appeared in "Invincible Hulk" in 2008).

In his private life, if you can call it that, Tony Stark(second played on screen by Robert Downey Jr.), is not retired Clark Kent or the shy schoolboy Peter Peter. Instead, he is a brilliant, intelligent, intelligent man, clearly rooted in Howard Hughes, who inherited from his father (appropriately named Howard Stark) a large company focused on, among other things, advanced weapons of war, and turned it into a concern. billion. The private ownership he acquired through Scarlet Pimpernell, Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, and others, made an unattainable flying suit that made him an Iron Man, skipped until the end of the first blockbuster, which appeared two years ago.

Powerful heroes often do not disclose their secret identity to the world, but after the breakup of IRON MAN, that is precisely what Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) did, proudly proclaiming himself as Iron Man at a press conference. The first Iron Man hit theaters as a defeated idiot - it was a movie, let's not forget, a heroic film directed by director Zathura, starring Zodiac in the title role - and released a gold mega-hit. Robert Downey Jr. does not work as a billionaire playboy and becomes a narcissistic hero.

It is the perfect combination of character and character that makes Johnny Depp the leading actor in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Downey also asked to chew on places like this git Tony, who managed to avoid Johnny Depp's guard when he twice tried to catch lightning in a bottle in the Pirates' sequence (when he looked like he was imitating his game from the beginning. Film. Character). Downey Jr. is still beautiful and uses his laid-back attraction to make a positive impact when he gets the chance - it is not his fault that this movie is "loaded" more than the original in terms of characters, so he has less time to distribute. than before. he did.

The first film modeled this well (thanks to Downey Jr.'s great twist) with humor and load-bearing character, but that's when the first part of the film gets boring as Stark is somewhere. Charm one after another without much difficulty. the viewer "likes it". Well, the star gallery in this film works more than the usual genre.


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