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Movie Review:'Bad Boys: For Life'

Miami detectives Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett are on a quest to finish a last time.

By Michael ReynosoPublished 4 years ago 4 min read

Good day, everyone!

Hope you all had a safe and restful weekend with your family and loved ones.

For today's post, I will be doing another review, which is called "Bad Boys: For Life". Will Smith and Martin Lawrence have finally returned for the trilogy of "Bad Boys". It's been 17 years since "Bad Boys 2" was released back in 2003. Now, "Bad Boys" has always been my all-time favorite "buddy-cop" films.

I love "buddy-cop" movies, going all the way back to "Lethal Weapon", "Rush Hour", "Men In Black", and "White Chicks".

You know what I mean.

Even when both Mike Lowry and Marcus Burnett weren't cops, the buddy dynamic and chemistry-wise shined throughout the film. The first buddy-cop film I ever watched growing up was "Men In Black".

The other films that followed was the "Rush Hour" trilogies and "Bad Boys" as I got older. When I saw "Bad Boys: For Life", the thing that came to my mind was, "where were you guys at?"

Both Will Smith and Martin Lawrence had mega hit TV shows in the 90's. Martin Lawrence for his show "Martin" and Will Smith's own for "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" respectively. When both men came out with this film, I was super excited. Michael Bay is the director of this film, but nobody knew who he was in his first featured film.

The film came out extremely well at the box office.

This was the first time I saw it and watched it with my family at home. There is nothing better than spending time with your loved ones.

We all know that "Bad Boys 2" came out in 2003, right? So fast forward to 17 years later, Michael Bay gets $130 million dollars for this film and it paid off. The action sequences were completely insane. There were emotional moments too. I don't want to give too much spoilers for the die hard fans.

This movie is too special to give away anything. There were some comedic moments that would make you laugh out of your seat.

My family and I had our big laughs at Mike and Marcus' expense. I would say that overall, this film had the best story line and the best script. When I look back at the first 2 "Bad Boys" films, the script was pretty much non-existent. The plots were all flimsy and out of place. This "Bad Boys: For Life" film had by far the better story.

Also, them not shying away from how old great actors are and they're showing just that. In Martin Lawrence's case, he is like, "I'm too old for this", which was one of the takeaways from this film.

Martin absolutely shined in this movie. Martin is literally tired of being a cop and wants to retire, but does it anyway for one last time. Got to love him for that.

One last time.

That is another takeaway, which is quite cheesy to say the least.

When both Mike and Martin does the "one last time" dabs on the fists was some cheesiness happening (laughs). Then they turned around and look at Miami. If we agree to do something one more time, we're not going to both look at the city doing our "one last time" fist pump. That still got me.

You guys better don't do that after you watched this film (laughs). Now the biggest takeaway from this movie is the action choreography. You guys know that I'm a huge action movie fan. You can say what you want about Michael Bay, but he knows how to set up a shootout, action sequence.

Michael knows how to blow our minds with his action sequences. Also, Michael definitely got the polish and color right and set the bar high for this film.


My rating for "Bad Boys: For Life" will be a 10/10. The action sequences was spot on. The script was well played. Each character knew their roles and delivered. Both Will Smith and Martin Lawrence nailed it yet again. I hope there will be one more "Bad Boys" movie. Story-wise, I will put this movie over the first 2 "Bad Boys" films.

Lesson Learned

When you lose someone in your life because of your actions, never feel upset or down. Find a will to get up and fight to protect your loved ones. You can't fight on your own. Allow people to help you along the way.

This is my review of "Bad Boys: For Life".

I hope you guys enjoyed this movie as much as I did. How would you rank this movie? Have you guys seen the movie? If you haven't, make sure to watch it at the comfort of your own homes.

Thank you for reading!

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