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Mother of the Bride - A Netflix Movie Review

'Mother of the Bride' is a bland storm of romance cliches transfixed with a story that goes nowhere.

By Marielle SabbagPublished 25 days ago 3 min read

This is supposed to be your wedding day, not a catastrophe!

Mother of the Bride aired on Netflix in 2024. Emma and RJ are getting married. There’s one problem. Their parents were romantically involved in the past. As everyone prepares for the wedding, Lana and Will attempt to talk about the past.

This movie’s ending is WRONG on so many levels! Did anyone stop to think about what the conclusion meant for certain characters? Mother of the Bride is a bland storm of romance cliches transfixed with a story that goes nowhere.

Mother of the Bride includes all your typical characters in every romance film. Surprisingly, Brooke Shields (Lana) was the most convincing. Shields had some good acting moments and her blubbering at the wedding was funny.

I grew up watching Miranda Cosgrove on iCarly and I can tell you she is a better actress than this! Cosgrove’s character, Emma is a mess. She hardly has any chemistry with her soon-to-be-husband and ignores her mom’s guidance.

For a movie that is mother-daughter based, Lana and Emma spend little time together. There’s no chemistry between Shields and Cosgrove. There’s more chemistry between Lana and her best friend, Janice (Rachael Harris).

Now for the love story which is so poorly handled. Emma and RJ (Sean Teale) are getting married. Lana discovers that RJ’s DAD is Will (Benjamin Bratt), whom she was romantically involved with in college. Like every rom-com, Lana and Will spend most of the film arguing about their failed relationship.

I thought the film was heavily gearing up a relationship between Lana and Lucus (Chad Micheal Murray). Murray was popular in several teen rom-coms in the early 2000s like Freaky Friday and A Cinderella Story. Lana and Lucas have better chemistry any day than Lana and Will. Murray’s talents were wasted.

The actors barely read the script, just going with what they were directed to do, like awkwardly falling into a pond and bumping into each other. Scenes don’t go anywhere and characters are wasted! An awkward scene has Lana walk in on Will, who is just stepping out of the shower. What is the point of that scene?

Later in the film, the adults decide to skinny dip in the ocean. This causes an uproar by the hotel management, but then it’s forgotten. Everything is forgotten in this film!

I know Robin Bernheim is listed as the film’s writer, but I am convinced, along with others, that she wrote the script with AI. The dialogue is terrible, containing every sentence of rom-com love language. The characters have strange interactions and reactions to situations.

I am surprised that Mean Girls director, Mark Waters directed this unfocused story that meanders aimlessly. The pacing is erratic, the tone shifts from comedy to heartfelt moments, and several missed opportunities. The relationship between the parents and their kids leaves no lasting impression.

The only aspect of the film worth watching is the location. Filmed in Phuket, Thailand, I was only wishing for a trip to the location and avoid the characters.

The ending of Mother of the Bride is one massive cringe-fest that does not work by any standards! I don’t care if I spoil, but here’s what should have happened. Emma and RJ are so on the fence about marriage that they should have agreed to call it off. It would have faired better now that Lana and Will rekindle their relationship.

This is not the type of romance film audiences want to see! Skip this film as there are far better rom-coms to watch than this.

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  • Rachel Robbins23 days ago

    I understand you are not the only one who hasn't enjoyed this film. Good to know that I should give it a miss.

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