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Most Hilarious Anime Memes

Among the many memes on the internet, anime has some of the best.

By Kelly HawksPublished 7 years ago 5 min read

Memes… When you stumble upon them, they can make you smile. They can make you laugh. Hell, they can make you laugh so hard, you cry. And, if they're really funny, they can make you laugh so hard, you fart - that's when you know you've hit the jackpot of all memes. The best of the best.

The internet is home to thousands of memes, with more and more getting uploaded every single day. Among the many, anime memes are some of the funniest.

This is my list of the best and most creative anime memes I've seen thus far. And if you do get a case of the laugh-farts, I apologize to those around you. Enjoy.

How Do You Get Your Whites Whiter?

Ask a stupid question, you shall get a stupid answer, at least from someone who has no idea what the f*%# you're talking about... seriously.

Oh, Bloody Hell!

Anime characters bleed a lot... and I mean A LOT. It's actually amazing how much they bleed and still manage to survive. Even though you mainly see a bloody mess in action and fight scenes, anime is infamous for those lovely, spraying nosebleeds whenever a male character comes in contact with a provocative female. With how much these guys bleed, you'd think they'd be dead in seconds. So, because these guys pump out more blood in one episode than a human has in his entire body, this meme pokes fun at how much blood they must have. In all reality, a healthy, average-sized male holds about 1.2 gallons of blood. Damn...

If a Guy Glows...

What do you do when a character glows? Run, and run very fast! In anime, when a character glows, you know something big is about to happen. This meme typically applies to most action or shounen anime where, at some point in a battle, a character will power up or release some sort of energy before performing a very powerful attack, for example, Goku from Dragon Ball Z, when he powers up his Kamehameha, or when he turns Super Saiyan. This energy can be seen as an aura, which emanates from the character. As this meme states, in anime, if a guy glowsyou can be sure he's probably pissed and shit's about to go down. You definitely want to get as far away as you possibly can.

He's NOT Just a Kid Who's Four, Anymore!

This is one of the newest controversial subjects in the anime community. When the hell did Caillou become the caped baldy? I thought he was just a kid who's four? I knew each day he'd grow some more, but daaaamn! Who thought he'd become, Saitama, One-Punch Man, the most overpowered superhero ever? Memes are popping up everywhere about this, faster than Saitama can make a fist. There were so many to choose from, but I found this to be one of the best. Alas... we can at least be thankful that Caillou grew up to be a pretty decent guy, unlike that evil Charlie Brown.

He's Got a Blank Space Baby...

Death Note centers around a high school student named Light Yagami, who discovers a supernatural notebook that allows him to kill anyone simply by writing the victim's name while picturing his or her face. Disgusted with how Justin Bieber despises anime, he's decided to use the notebook to eliminate him so the world will be free of this asshole once and for all. To be honest, I think this meme was made with the hopes that Bieber would one day, "see the light", and give anime a shot. Sorry, all puns intended...

It's Just An Old Wive's Tale...

I think after watching Tokyo Ghoul, "everyone" must have tried to do this at least once. Jason, Yakumo Oomori, cracked his knuckles like this, one at a time, throughout the first season of the anime, giving off this huge popping/cracking sound. It's similar to what men do prior to getting in a fight, but the way "he" did it was definitely more intimidating and creepy. After being tortured by Jason at the end of season one, Kaneki inherited this method of knuckle-cracking, which inspired people to try it, and thus the meme was born. Now, I've heard many times that you should never attempt to crack your knuckles period, especially like this, for fear of developing arthritis in the future. Well people, I can tell you, this is nothing but an old wive's tale. It's medically proven that cracking any joint is actually good for you as it releases pressure between the joints, allowing for more laxity. We have chiropractors that make a living off of doing this stuff, remember? So, even though it may sound creepy, it's perfectly fine to do. Now, get crackin'!

It's Contextual, Not Sexual...

There is a lot more to translating than just taking the input and making it into an understandable output. There's also context, like who is saying it and the targeted audience, as well as how much time the scene has on-screen before it's going to change. Will the audience have enough time to read a long subtitle before the next character talks and new subtitles need to be thrown up? And, of course, literally translating is never the way because, more than likely, it's not going to make sense. There are many phrases in Japanese that can't be translated to express the full meaning of what is intended. So when this happens, we get the above the scenario. It's enough to drive you bananas, right?


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