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By Alexandrea CallaghanPublished about a month ago 3 min read

Binge watching is a relatively new term that came to society with the rise of streaming services. Not that the action of binge watching didn’t exist before, but now we have a name for it. So here we go, we are going to talk about the best shows to Binge watch. Now I think my personal criteria for this is going to be; shows with 5 seasons or less. I find binge watching shows longer than that a little intimidating and I tend to lose interest a little quicker. That said we still want a decent amount of episodes so nothing under 8 episodes a season because at that point, why do it? I hate getting super interested in something and not having enough of it. And last but not least we need something that is consistent. I don’t want to invest 100 hours of my life into something that ends up sucking.

Starting off with a show that I have put on a lot of must watch lists and I talk about all the time because it is one of the few projects that I consider perfect, The Good Place. The Good Place is incredible for so many reasons but really it boils down to the fact that it ran for the exact correct amount of time. It has 4 very well developed and well thought out seasons that each have their own arc while contributing to the overall story. The character development is amazing. It is both incredibly emotional and hilarious and it is so easy to binge watch.

Next is a series that is much shorter but even more hilarious and heartbreaking, Fleabag. Phoebe Waller Bridge is BRILLIANT. Seriously she is such an incredible writer who makes deliberate and specific writing choices that make Fleabag thought provoking and emotional. And though you might feel personally attacked and have a light existential crisis while watching it you will also laugh because it's hilarious and amazing. It is only 2 seasons and you could really get through both pretty easily in a day.

Well you knew we weren’t going to get through this list without mentioning Avatar the Last Airbender (Original). Another show I consider perfect, with incredible character development and only 3 seasons the series is short enough to kill in a weekend. This one is family friendly and has something for everyone, the perfect balance of political commentary and comedy Avatar the Last Airbender is a timeless and perfect binge watch.

Last but not least we have Young Sheldon. Now this one has a few more seasons then the shows previously mentioned but honestly it goes by so fast. Whether or not you were a Big Bang Theory fan, Young Sheldon is a delightful series that explores family dynamics and hardships in a light and fun way. I would recommend this series to anyone and everyone, the cast is amazing and you truly care about all of the characters.

For those of you more experienced binge watchers who prefer a longer series then we'll start with One Tree Hill. The show is still as popular today as it was when it first aired and is an incredible 9 season watch. Yes, it is most definitely longer but it is riveting until the series finale. Be ready for characters you can easily connect with thrown into some batshit crazy storylines.

And my last recommendation for you professionals is 9-1-1. I would like to preface this with letting you know that the show is not good. It's a bad show, guys. The writing is really terrible, the plot lines are bad, and the structure and marks of time are nonexistent, however the characters are delightful and fun to watch. And there is now 7 season of that for you to watch, it has been renewed for season 8 so if you want something ongoing this is it.

I am a professional binge watcher, I can blast through a ten season series in about a month. However I do not recommend choosing shows quite that long for people just wanting something quick and easy to watch. All of these shows are fun yet emotional watches and they are all simple and easy to follow. I did include some longer binge watches if you are a professional like me. I recommended mostly shows that are already over so that you may have a complete story to watch. I hate watching something that I binge and then have to wait for to see how it ends.

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