Monsters Among Us

Gods Among Us. That is the subtitle of the video game Injustice, A fighting DC superhero game including all the famous heroes and villains from the Franchise.

Monsters Among Us

Let’s assume for a moment, just for a moment that this scenario is real, and we do have these superheroes walking among us, and ask ourselves, do we really need gods? The answer to this is hidden in a contradictory fact; There are Monsters Among Us.

While looking back at Human history we realise that it is full of monsters. Some less poisonous and some very venomous but still very dangerous. At times These monsters were so powerful that they started fighting with each other in a battle of naming themselves superpower and leader of the world by climbing on the corpses of millions. Or at times they join hands in a violent massacre of masses hidden under the false veil of peace and rebuilding. In either way, the bottom line is, people, suffers, and these monsters live and become more powerful and prevail.

Over the times these monsters evolve as everything else does. They become more politicised, more educated and portray themselves civilised. Some even hide under the mask of democracy and building such powerful systems where system dictates, eventually giving more power to the monsters and keeping others at a base level.

But, hold on. Something doesn’t fit in, something doesn’t feel right here. Where are those gods I started my paper with? The gods which we need to balance the equation. The gods which come and kick the butt of the monsters and bring the peace, A real peace. While growing up, like any other child I was much fascinated with comics and superheroes such as superman, batman etc. One thing was always common among all those comics and cartoons in each episode, in the end, the superhero wins the battle but never eliminate the bad guy fully and the bad guy always escapes with a promise to come back again with a new evil plan which he executes in next episode only to get his butt kicked with the same promise of returning with a new plan and the loop went on and on. As much fascinated with these comics I was, I never understood one thing which was obvious that why the bad guy never gets eliminated fully. Another thing I was much disappointed when I grew up abit older that in real life the monsters are way too powerful than the forces of good and winning on each front. A question arises, as Monsters are very much real but is/are there any god/s to take a stand against them?

It’s just happened as I had a chance to see monsters (relatively small) up close. Sometimes in uniform and sometimes in other shapes but they all had the same agenda, to gain power and eventually rule over others in their domains. Again, where are the gods? Where are superman and batman? Where are those Jedis with lightsabres in their hands wiping out the armies of stormtroopers? While running and trying to solve this question which haunted me for so many years, I slowly started realising the difference between reality and fantasy. While the monsters were very much real, the gods, on the other hand, were not present at all.

It was then that I had another revelation, to my surprise. I suddenly started seeing the gods everywhere. Some stronger than others but all fighting against the injustice of the society and rule of the monsters. The gods who might not fly or emit laser from the eyes but the gods who are committed and devoted towards the good causes with only one reward in their eyes, to eliminate the monsters one day so that they can never return with a new plan. I started seeing these gods in the shape of normal people, performing day2day tasks and living a normal life, yet trying to fight against the narrative by using the power of the pen, media and protest. These gods never stop and reach out wherever a monster try deploying his evil plan, whether it’s detaining the children from their parents or whether accommodating and helping Syrian refugees. They never give up, never stop working towards breaking the narrative. So now when I see and look at the monsters, I don’t get much scared as I know that for each monster there is a god trying very hard in his capacity to break the chains, trying to butt kick the monster. The Gods Among Us

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