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Moments - 09 - Haikyuu!! To The Top (Hinata Receives)

Nice receive.

By BoblobV2Published 3 years ago 3 min read

Hinata is a diminutive middle schooler who's only desire is to play volleyball after having seen the Karasuno Crows play in the nationals. Having trained as much as he can by himself, and begging his friends for help he was able to compete in a tournament for the first time, though it was in his final year of middle school. Despite his enthusiasm the occasion gets to him, though coming face to face with the setter of the opposing team calms his nerves significantly. Playing against a powerhouse emphasizes the difference in ability between students who practiced regularly, and Hinata alongside his friends. Yet he does not yield, instead he fights harder putting his body on the line, not for the match, but for a single point. It is not enough. Hinata loses his only middle school match, though he finds himself a rival to fight in his volleyball journey. Kageyama, the setter he faced.

Hinata studies hard, and trains even harder so that he can be in the starting line up of the Karasuno high school volleyball team. The team that had a diminutive player known as the little giant, the team that inspired him in the first place. Excited by the next step in his journey he runs to the gym as fast as he can and finds a player already there, Kageyama.

Their rivalry heats up, and despite some setbacks are able to come together and work as a team. However, now that Hinata is a part of a proper team his weaknesses are emphasized that much more. His lack of technical ability in anything that does not involve jumping and spiking. His receives are a particular weak point and a devastating one in the perspective of the team. Through his high school journey they train hard, play different teams, make connections, learn from rivals, make friends and grow together.

They live through the heartache of defeat together, the jubilation of victory, each player facing their own trial. Hinata having to constantly earn the respect of others and learn along the way, not just how to improve his weapons on the court but also his fundamentals. Going so far as to be relegated to a ball boy in training camps so that he can absorb information by observing his peers from different schools.

This would carry on till the nationals tournament where he would be utilizing everything that he has learnt over the course of the past year. Not just through his coach, but through everyone that he played alongside. This tournament is where all of his experiences culminate, molding him to a true volleyball player, and not simply a one trick pony.

Hinata transforms into a complete player during their match against Inarizaki. Both teams have pushed themselves to the limit, only sheer willpower and determination keeping them going as they are both desperate to go through to the finals. Karasuno as the underdog team wanting to defy the odds, and Inarizaki as the tournament favourites wanting their hands on the national title. It is in this moment when Karasuno needs someone to step up that Hinata, through all the training and trials he has endured over the past year who for the first time is able to think strategically and receive effectively.

The moment that has stood out to me the most was the moment when after four seasons and an entire school year, Hinata was finally able to receive the ball effectively and with purpose. It is the culmination of so many story threads that have been built up over the course of multiple seasons to be brought to a payoff that has been thoroughly earned.


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