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'Mid 90s' Teaser Trailer Review

Jonah Hill's Directorial Debut

By Spencer MacAdamPublished 6 years ago 3 min read

Earlier last month the trailer for Mid 90s was released. Although merely breaching the threshold of the two minute mark the clips contained proposed the future release of an exciting film.

The audience is immediately immersed into a world that existed over two decades ago. The use of mise en scène accompanied by the non-diegetic audio places you into the period known as the 90s. Opening with the depiction of a group of skateboards accompanied by Wu Tang Clan "Tearz" the audience is greeted by skateboarders who quickly occupy them in a synchronized pattern. The following extreme panning long shot focuses on the same individuals maneuvering throughout traffic. A long shot captures what is presumed to be the main protagonist's brother's room. A Mobb Deep poster along with flat billed hats decorate the walls. A close up shot pans over cd jackets. Amongst the titles are artists such as Gang Starr and E40. Rap music dominated the headphones during this period. A change in tone is assumed throughout the trailer as if viewing the more serious side of life that will be addressed within the film. The non-diegetic audio transitions tone as the visuals change. A head shot captures a character as he speaks to Stevie, telling him that their lives aren't as bad as he may think, stating, "A lot of the time I think we think are lives are the worst but I think that if you looked in anyone else closet you wouldn't trade your shit for their shit so it's good." Shots that follow show a group of homeless people.

In addition to trailer the plot summary is hinted at. According to web the film follows Stevie a boy spending his summer in Los Angles throughout the 90s. Examining his interpretation of his dysfunctional family life as well as the current skate scene and his new found friends associated with it. The shots contained within the trailer support this this summary containing clips including skateboarding, partying and branding black eyes.

Jonah Hill who has starred in such films as Superbad, 21 Jump Street and War Dogs will be contributing yet another artistic piece to his cinematic library. Hill will not be drawing on his acting skills this time however rather on his ability to write and direct. The films serves as Jonah Hill's directorial debut. Hills depiction of the 90s hints at the resemblance seen in Richard Linklater's depiction of youth culture in Dazed and Confused and Everybody Wants Some in the 70s and the 80s this time concentrating on the grunge and rap scene which dominated. Although the rhythm associated with bars of Aerosmith and Wu Tang are a long shot from one another the theme of rebellion is one that runs course through both.

During an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Hill commented on his current status where he mentioned among other things the he has been working on the film. Hill commented on the fact that he is deserting his traditional acting role and will be sitting in the directional chair.

Although little is known in reference to the Hills upcoming film what can be presumed is that it will feature an exciting movie. Amongst Mobb Depp posters and E40 CDs the trailer contains various relics of the 90s skateboarder/grunge scene. A plot summary found online states that the film will centre around an individual as he travels through his first summer in Los Angles. The Mid 90s will serve as Hill's first film in which he is the director. Hill has discussed the production of the film on several panels including Jimmy Kimmel.


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