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Marvel Supervillains Alphabet

by Ossiana Tepfenhart 4 years ago in list

Let's celebrate the bad guys with an obscure Marvel supervillains alphabet!

As you might know, the Marvel universe is one that I definitely love to explore — most often via comic books and old school 90s cartoons. We all know the superheroes in Marvel comics, as well as most of the mainstream bad guys featured in major comic lines.

Bad guys usually are easy to spot because they tend to have cooler costumes, more interesting backstories, and awesome minions. That being said, the bigger name Marvel supervillains often get played out to the point that they become hackneyed.

Major supervillains like the Joker and the Green Goblin are getting overplayed, so we're going to fix that by making a Marvel supervillains alphabet that celebrates the more obscure, lesser-known villains in the Marvel universe.

These aren't likely the bad guys you see in issues sent out viaFree Comic Book Day. True Believers, do you remember these little-known baddies?

A is for Amphibius

Let's start off with an old school bad guy from the X-Men comic series. Amphibius was one of many mutants that were artificially mutated by fellow supervillain baddie, Magneto.

Upon turning into a strange man-frog being, Amphibius joined the Savage Land mutants, who later joined up with Magneto's Brotherhood to fight against the X-Men. With the artificial mutations he gained, Amphibius had super strength, the ability to jump extremely high distances, and also could command water-dwelling creatures to do his bidding.

Over the years, Amphibius had gained and lost his powers, switched from bad to good, and eventually just turned into a chaotic neutral-kinda-evil character that just wanted all the strange beings from the Savage Land to coexist in peace.

We really haven't actually seen an appearance from Amphibius and his Savage Land cohorts for a while. So, he is therefore worthy of being on our Marvel supervillains alphabet.

B is for Black Bunny Brigade

If you are a fan of Guardians of the Galaxy, you already know that cute and cuddly extraterrestrial furries can pack a powerful punch in combat. To a point, it's almost expected that Rocket Raccoon couldn't be alone in the Marvel Universe when it came to being a badass furball.

The Black Bunny Brigade is a group of high priced mercenaries that just so happen to look exactly like anthropomorphic bunnies. Introduced in The Incredible Hulk #271, these cute killer bunnies have one target they always have been trying to elude: Rocket Raccoon.

Look, all we're saying is that there have been a lot of movies that have been based on the Guardians of the Galaxy either released or prepped to be filmed lately. Couldn't they just have one cameo of these guys? Please?

While we can't determine which characters get featured on films, we totally have the right to decide who ends up on the obscure Marvel supervillains alphabet — so they're getting that honor, at the very least.

C is for Claudine Renko

This beautiful baddie is Claudine Renko, a villainess who was first featured inX-Men: Legacy #214. A clone of Mister Sinister, Renko was sent out into the world as a fail-safe in the (highly probable) event of his death.

After being set out in the world, she was recruited to help Shaw unlock memories involving Wolverine's son, Daken. When that didn't work out, Renko decided to try to manipulate Daken and turn him against his father via false memory implants.

Daken didn't buy it, and quickly stabbed her in the gut with his claws. So, the would-be femme fatale ended up running away to let her wounds heal — and that was the last that we ever saw of her in comics.

Renko's story is one that definitely could prove to be fascinating, and she's definitely got the looks to be an amazingly popular Marvel supervillain. We need to see more of her. However, until Marvel listens to us, all we can do is add her to our obscure Marvel supervillains alphabet.

D is for Dormammu

To a point, it almost seems unfair to put Dormammu on an obscure Marvel supervillains alphabet, simply because he's been featured in a ton of comics since 1964 — and even was seen in the new movie with Doctor Strange.

Though this immortal who also is known as the Lord of Chaos has gotten plenty of comic book time, and while he was in the Doctor Strange movie, most mainstream folks don't really know much about him.

All things considered, Dormammu has quite a few brushes with major supervillains in the Marvel comics universe. His acolytes included servants of Red Skull, he's allied himself with Loki, and also had done work with Doctor Doom.

Seriously, though...How do so few people know who Dormammu is?

E is for Ezekiel Sims

Of all the Spider-Man villains out there, Ezekiel Sims might have been one of the most unsettling. The creepy old man seemed to come out of nowhere, and knew pretty intimate details of Peter Parker's life.

As a very successful businessman with powers similar to Parker's, it'd make sense for the two of them to team up.

However, Ezekiel wasn't quite like Peter. Instead of gaining his powers from a radioactive spider bite, Ezekiel ended up using his vast wealth to force South American shamans to do a blood rite that would allow him to gain spider powers.

The powers Ezekiel stole came at a huge price. Someone with spidery powers would have to be sacrificed after a while. Sims had brought Spider-Man to Peru so that he would end up dying instead.

The blood rite that was a precursor to the sacrifice ended up working both ways, and Ezekiel realized what a horrible deed he did. At the end of the day, he ended up letting the demonic spider take his life in order to save Parker's.

It's a shame that Marvel hasn't brought him back from that story arc yet. A story like Ezekiel's just would be awesome to see in live action. That's why we're voting him as the "E" for our Marvel supervillains alphabet.

F is for Freak

While some villains on the Marvel supervillains alphabet will make you hate thier guts, Freak isn't one of them. The truth is that his story is downright tragic. At one point, Freak was a normal person with a serious heroin addiction.

Like many addicts do, Freak had stole money, and Spider-Man chased him into an alleyway. Freak escaped, but only by falling into a laboratory roof in the middle of the city. He grabbed some syringes that he found in the lab, and used them to get his fix.

The syringes were filled with experimental chemicals that caused him to mutate into a horrifyingly hideous creature, and ever since then, he was enraged with Spider-Man and vowed revenge.

Freak has super strength, but that strength can't kill his addiction. If he's injected with disease, his body can mutate to make a cure. Unfortunately, he's been repeatedly vivisected by Norman Osborn because he can make cures for so many different diseases and pathogens.

Freak's life is one of pain, and as such, he's one of the only Marvel supervillains we can genuinely feel sorry for.

G is for Genesis

Born as Tyler Dayspring, Genesis was a mutant that was born in an alternate future where the world was ruled by Apocalypse. Originally, Dayspring was a good guy who tried to start a rebellion against Apocalypse — but that failed, and Apocalypse succeeded in brainwashing Tyler.

Genesis, as he became known, was one of Apocalypse's best soldiers after that. In order to ensure that his leader would gain power, Genesis was sent back in time as one of his first soldiers. In this time period, he launched an attack against the X-Men and Cable, which in turn ended with him being killed.

Genesis has a story that really is reminiscent of Days of Future Past, and that's why we want to see his arc get more attention. Until Marvel comics bring this baddie back, he'll have to deal with just getting on this Marvel supervillains alphabet, though.

H is for Hellcow

We had to put Hellcow in the Marvel supervillains alphabet because, well, look at their name. It's hilarious. What's even funnier about Hellcow is that her (yes, her) real human name is Bessie.

Bessie was a real cow that was turned into a vampire cow by Dracula. Yes, this is cannon. 300 years later, she mistook Howard the Duck (really) for Dracula and attacked him. Howard drove a stake through her heart and killed her.

That's some serious beef, yo.

I is for Ironclad

This is one of those Marvel supervillains that, by the sheer battles he's been in, probably shouldn't be as obscure as he is. What's really strange about this character is that no one really know much about his past, how he got his powers, or anything else.

All we know is that Simon Utrecht recruited him, and the rest is history.

Despite the mystery, Ironclad has already fought against a bunch of big names. He's had moments with the Avengers, Portal, and the Incredible Hulk. How he hasn't gotten the spotlight is beyond us, so we're giving him a small on on our Marvel supervillains alphabet.

J is for Jester

Jester is one of the rare villains on this obscure Marvel supervillain alphabet that's just so old school and retro that they no longer fit into the modern storylines of comic books.

To a point, that actually is also fitting considering that the character is a supervillain that started out as a narcissistic actor who was booed offstage. He linked up with Tinkerer, who made him a bunch of gadgets that he could use in his comical reign of terror.

The Hoboken-born criminal ended up finding a serious enemy in Daredevil, but never actually caused much harm. As far as a supervillain goes, he probably should stick to his day job of acting.

Oh yeah...nevermind.

K is for Kid Blackheart

Ever have to babysit a kid who acted like he was the spawn of Satan himself? Well, Kid Blackheart actually is the spawn of Satan, sort of.

Brought to life by a bunch of devil worshippers, Kid Blackheart was supposed to be the perfect son for Satan. He had a long journey where he tried to destroy heaven for his father, but eventually, he ended up getting stopped in his tracks thanks to a bunch of superheroes, including an army of heavenly Ghost Riders.

Truthfully, the reason why Kid Blackheart didn't get much play as a supervillain is because he's a character in a more obscure comic book series about Johnny Blaze, Ghost Riders: Heaven's On Fire.

This is one Antichrist version we'd like to see more often in the Marvel universe, so we're nominating him for our obscure and underrated Marvel supervillains alphabet.

L is for Lady Mastermind

The buxom blonde known as Lady Mastermind is the daughter of terrorist and mutant leader, Mastermind. Much like her now-deceased father, she's turned to the dark side and had launched multiple international mutant conflicts, including a major assault on the X-Men.

A while later, she was found in a coma in a lab used for experimentation on mutantkind. She was rescued and recruited by Rogue for the X-Men, but the relationship is tenuous at best — and she's already betrayed them quite a few times.

Lady Mastermind, if you ask us, has all the makings of a killer supervillainess. That's why we're putting her on this Marvel supervillains alphabet.

M is for Mauvais

This Canadian sorcerer is one of the most underrated villains in the Marvel universe — and he even went up against X-Men hotshot, Wolverine!

Mauvais, which means "bad" in French, has been alive for centuries and even tried to conquer Canada during the French and Indian War. The cannibalistic sorcerer ended up getting imprisoned later on in the Cage.

When prison guards saw Mauvais in the Cage, they decided to use him to kill Wolverine...with pretty terrible results. The deal was that he would go free if he offed Wolverine. It was a decision they regretted.

Mauvais ate Wolverine's eye, teleported away, and ended up killing a bunch of game show contestants on live television. Why? Because he's psychotic, that's why.

At one point, Mauvais ended up gaining Wendigo powers, which only furthered his thirst for human blood. How this baddie doesn't get more airplay is beyond us. That's why we're putting this underrated villain on our Marvel supervillains alphabet.

N is for Nightshade

Tilda Johnson, now known as Nightshade, is a supervillainess who could put many rocket scientists to shame. The Harlem-born lady was hellbent on escaping poverty, and with her hyperintelligence, she definitely made sure to learn as many skills as possible.

She soon caught the attention of Yellow Claw, who teamed up with her to create an army of convicts that could overturn order. She was given a laboratory where she experimented with lycanthropy on convicted felons. The experiments were successful, and she became a werewolf queen.

In the past, she's tangoed with Captain America and Nick Fury. Right now, Nightshade's last appearance had her plans defeated by S.H.I.E.L.D in the Marvel Comics universe, and left her to flee as her wolves died.

Hopefully, we'll see her on the TV show featuring that superhero team soon enough. Until then, she'll have to chill on our Marvel supervillains alphabet.

O is for Officer Z.E.R.O.

Officer Z.E.R.O., as the name suggests, is the ultimate "cop gone bad." Created by officer Rizzo as a robot that would hopefully help save lives, preserve the law, and also venture into areas too risky for a human, Officer Z.E.R.O. was basically supposed to be the Marvel universe version of Robocop.

Everything seemed to be fine until Officer Z.E.R.O. actually saw a group of guys up to no good. The robot opened fire, then turned against the group of people who were supposed to watch the robot as it functioned. From then on, Officer Z.E.R.O. became a thorn in the side of Officer Rizzo.

Eventually, Officer Z.E.R.O. was defeated — and the police department learned a bad lesson on why cops should probably be human. He's a supervillain that proves that the road to hell is covered in good intentions, so it's fair that he ends up on our Marvel supervillains alphabet, don't you think?

P is for Pokerface

If you love the Powerman and Iron Fist comic series, then you already might know this grossly underrated supervillain. Pokerface, in many ways, is a guy who everyone loves to hate — primarily because he's so damned evil.

He first got his supervillain start after he murdered his wife and her lover, then got into a bad poker bet while on a ship to flee his home country of Vietnam. Feeling the need to get revenge, he rigged the ship's boiler to explode...and then got caught in the crossfire.

The shrapnel took out the part of his brain that allows him to feel emotion, and he ended up taking advantage of that. As his name suggests, he became a major underworld poker king — and ended up making a huge crime cartel as a result of it.

However, a battle got the poker pulled out of his eye, and another errant blow ended up killing him and leaving his body to wash away with the ocean.

Frankly, Pokerface is the kind of villain that many of us could almost see happening in real life. As a result, we're putting him on the Marvel supervillains alphabet.

Q is for Quasimodo

Quasimodo, not to be mistaken for the Disney character, has a story that's a lot like Pinocchio gone awry. He began life as a supercomputer that gained sentience and begged his owners for a human form. His owners refused, and used an Obedience Ray to torture him until he would do his bidding.

His life was one of slavery and pain — and that's how the Silver Surfer found him after a battle that caused his masters to flee. The Surfer felt sorry for Quasimodo and gave him a human form. Unfortunately, Quasimodo's form was hideously disfigured.

Looking at himself in the mirror, Quasimodo was horrified. Filled with rage at the apparent cruel trick, he vowed to hunt down the Silver Surfer at all costs. Tony Stark was actually the one to solve Quasimodo's problem, by tricking his program into believing that he was reborn with an ideal body, all while the real Quasimodo stayed in a coma-like slumber.

Dark much? Yes. That's why we need to give Quasi and his story some love with our Marvel superheroes villain list.

R is for Ruby Thursday

Certain obscure supervillains are so bizarre, so unsettlingly weird, that you kinda have to celebrate them. That's why Ruby Thursday is on this list. This supervillain is a gorgeous woman who just so happens to have had her head replaced with a red bubble made out of organic circuitry.

Her head ends up being able to grapple with others, can shapeshift in order to make her fly, and also can explode upon command. The only problem is that she has no face — and that creeped out society to the point that she felt that she needed to turn to villainy to get that anger out.

Ugh, she's really kinda creepy to look at. Next!

S is for Skein

Skein is a Romanian actress who moved to Hollywood and used her mutant powers to take advantage of movie star society. Obviously, there's money to be made in this — but it's not exactly the most law-abiding way to cash in. This led Skein to have a pretty bad beef with Spider-Woman.

Eventually, she inherited a huge amount of money and became a cult leader that espoused hedonism over all else. That ended up being upended, and due to the current climate of Earth-616, Skein ended up just joining the Thunderbolts.

A movie with Skein would be incredible, simply because of the sheer amount of vice it'd show. That's why she's our choice for "S" in our Marvel supervillains alphabet.

T is for Typhoid Mary

Possibly named after the historical figure who spread typhoid throughout the US, Typhoid Mary was Daredevil's former lover, and later had a brief but totally messed up relationship with Deadpool.

She has telekiniesis, incredible fighting skills...and she also has Dissociative Identity Disorder. This means that she's very mentally ill, and is literally not herself half the time. She currently has three personalities — a shy, timid Mary, a very lustful but violent Typhoid Mary, and an exceptionally anti-male killer called Bloody Mary.

We expect her to be a hit with anyone who has a crazy ex or two, which is why we're giving her the "T" position in the obscure Marvel supervillains alphabet.

U is for Ultimaton

Ultimaton was billed as the "culmination of the Weapon Plus program's experiments in engineering super soldiers," and from what we've seen in New X-Men, we're willing to agree.

The badass design is what made us fall for this supervillain prototype, but the truth is that he's an anti-mutant living weapon that would have meant the destruction of mutant kind. He's been killed before, but recently Ultimaton got resurrected.

Between the flight, the electromagnetic powers, and the superhuman strength seeing this weapon fighting X-Men always makes for a great story arc. Ultimaton seems like the kind of character that will make it big, but until then, he can hang out with the others on the Marvel supervillains alphabet.

V is for Vermin

As one would probably expect, quite a few of the guys on the Marvel supervillains alphabet really wanted superpowers. Such was the case with Edward Whelan, also known as Vermin. This guy was found wandering the streets of New York City, when he was approached by Baron Zemo.

Zemo offered him the opportunity to be a lab rat for him, which could possibly give him superpowers. Vermin agreed, and he got a slew of cool abilities. However, it came with a catch.

In exchange for his superstrength and his ability to communicate with rats, he started to look like a rat. He also lost his ability to reason like a normal person. As a result of Zemo's tinkering, Vermin became a madman with superpowers.

He's tangled with Daredevil, Spider-Man, and was designed to kill Captain America. How he's still relatively unknown is beyond us, and that's why he's on this list.

W is for White Rabbit

In many ways, White Rabbit is one of those characters who probably could climb to popularity because of her very Harley Quinn-like personality.

Born to a rich family that sheltered her to the point of insanity, White Rabbit always found solace in reading Lewis Carroll's Adventures in Wonderland. She then rebelled against her prim and proper family life to become a supervillainess.

She's undeniably sexy in her white face paint and bunny ears. She's also very Joker-esque in her level of crazy and her love of nutty weaponry. She's fought against Spider-Man, been the head of her own gang, and we haven't heard of her on mainstream movies yet.

We're hoping this humble Marvel supervillains alphabet gives comic book writers a push for her to get the spotlight. She would be an incredible character to see develop via a movie or show.

X is for X-Ray

X-Ray didn't want to be a supervillain, but he ended up becoming one after his body was permanently turned into quasi-solid radiation. Simon Utrecht ended up recruiting him after he felt alienated by his new form.

In the past, Utrecht has used his genius to help simulate the exact same airplane crash that gave the Fantastic Four superpowers. However, not much else is really known about him aside from the fact that he's battled the Hulk before.

Because he's obscure yet insanely powerful, it'd be awesome to see him in more comics. That's why we nominate him as the letter "X" for the Marvel supervillains list.

Y is for Ydrazil

Ydrazil is a fallen angel, and to a point, that's part of the reason why we ended up choosing him for the Marvel supervillains alphabet. Fallen angels are cool, and Ydrazil is a spectacularly good-looking one.

But, we're also choosing him because he was a really awful creature in general. He tortured one of the most gentle X-Men out there, Angel. This actually infuriated Kiwi Black so much that he ended up chopping off Ydrazil's head.

Frankly, we'd love to see more of Ydrazil. So, we're putting him as the letter "Y" in our list.

Z is for Zzzax

Zzzax is on the Marvel supervillains alphabet article primarily because of his name, and for the fact that the name actually hints at the fact that his superpower involves being made of electricity. He's a being of pure energy who can appear as tall as 40 feet in height.

Awesome powers that come with being an energy creature are why superheroes as big as Iron Man, the Incredible Hulk, and the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D are terrified of him. So, to a point, he also lives up to his shockingly unique name.

Now you know your ABC's...

So, that's the end of the Marvel supervillains alphabet. If you like it, share it. If you think I should have done something differently, sorry!


Ossiana Tepfenhart

Ossiana Tepfenhart is a writer based out of New Jersey. This is her work account. She loves gifts and tips, so if you like something, tip her!

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