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Marvel Possibly Just Made 'Star Wars' Canon In The MCU

by Culture Slate 16 days ago in superheroes

Will We Be Seeing The Guardians Of The Galaxy Far, Far Way?

Well, fellow readers, WE DID NOT see this one coming at all. While Marvel Studios’ latest Disney+ show What If...? appears to be exploring the multiverse in an animated format, it turns out that the multiverse might just include a certain franchise from a galaxy far, far away. The show’s second-to-last episode features a massive trip through the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s multiverse. Star Wars fans will recognize one of the locations in particular. This begs the question, what does it mean in the grand scheme of things?

“I observe all that transpires here, but I do not, cannot, will not interfere.”

In Episode 8 of What If…?, Vision succeeds in wiping out humanity on Earth. However, he ends up discovering an entire multiverse of life to destroy. The first thing Vision does is to defeat the Watcher who, despite what he said earlier, finally steps into action to save the multiverse. It does not go over well for the Watcher as Ultron pummels him throughout the universe in a very cool sequence. One moment in particular stands out for a brief second. We see the two enter a universe that looks an awful lot like the Star Wars planet of Mustafar, the lava planet where Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker fought in an intense lightsaber battle in Revenge of the Sith.

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The whole situation might just be a coincidence, but these two settings just look very similar. Considering the fact that Disney owns two of the most powerful franchises in both Marvel and Star Wars, it is only a matter of time before the two intersect in the most unique of ways. It is also worth reminding the audience that currently both Marvel and Star Wars are playing around with expansive concepts like the multiverse and canon for their respective brands. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has the multiverse as a major plot point now thanks to Loki. Upcoming movies like Spider-Man: No Way Home and Doctor Strange Into the Multiverse of Madness is also digging directly into the fallout.

Star Wars: Visions, on the other hand, is taking a more restrained approach. The series is officially non-canon, according to Lucasfilm, but the truth is that Visions could easily inspire the future Star Wars canon down the road. A few episodes in the anthology have the potential to open up an entire Star Wars multiverse.

Then again, this could just be a meaningless Easter egg that we are looking too much into. However, this particular Easter egg has yet to be confirmed by the creatives from What If...? and Marvel as of right now. Some may agree that the Star Wars locations are a shocking development to everyone. Furthermore, prior to this battle between Ultron and the Watcher, the same episode includes another small reference to Star Wars. During Natasha Romanoff and Clint Barton's search for Arnim Zola's files in the Siberian Hydra base, Barton almost gives up, pointing out that the "Death Star plans" are not in the main computer. The show is already exploring intriguing possibilities set within the multiverse, but the major Star Wars Easter eggs increased the fan attention to a ten!

Meanwhile, What If...? head writer and executive producer A.C. Bradley had been adamant about including Luke Skywalker in the series. She told Collider:

"I was kind of notorious for trying to get a Star Wars character involved. We did try at one point, but it's kind of like play with the sandbox you were given. We gave you the entire MCU. Run with that. And, I was like 'Okay. But still, Luke Skywalker would be an amazing Avenger."

She repeated this sentiment during her talk with GamesRadar+:

“I was not allowed to use Star Wars characters. I tried many times; they kept reminding me that Luke Skywalker is not an Avenger.”

Perhaps Marvel creatives are using these Easter eggs to test the fan reactions. These little gems may pave the way for more references in the second season of the show. After all, director Bryan Andrews did not completely rule out the possibility, saying:

“Who knows what can happen? You know, what if? Right?"

In many ways, exploring the possibility of a Marvel and Star Wars crossover in the animated form might be the best direction. What If...? is already showcasing the multiverse where “anything is possible.” Why not expand the multiverse to include other fandom?

We shall see if the Star Wars references will continue in the second season!

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Written By Andre Porter

Source(s): The Direct [1], [2]

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