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Marvel is now getting the TV game right

WandaVision is the perfect show to (re)start MCU's television invasion.

When Marvel announced its plan to give some Avengers their own TV show, I felt as if that is quite unfair to those characters. In my opinion, there is still a lucrative opportunity for them to release those plots as a full-length picture instead of having it in a TV show format. You can even say that I took it personally that my beloved Scarlet Witch, who is one of the most powerful avenger/mutant in the MCU, is only getting a TV show. While newcomer Captain Marvel gets massive headlines for being the first female titular MCU film, when they have already introduced badass heroes like Scarlet Witch and Black Widow that girls like me looked up to when at the start of what we now call the Infinity Saga.

But who could have predicted that the world will come to a halt in 2020? The worldwide lockdown derailed everyone’s plan including Marvel’s phase 4 timeline and making movie theatres completely obsolete. Although I have to add that I am happy that they moved Black Widow’s theatre release as it is only fair for the first female MCU character to have her story told on the big screen and give her the send-off that she deserves.

Now back to WandaVision, as of this writing episode 7 has been released and all I can say is WOW. Marvel knows what they are doing, I am hooked and blown away at how the storyline came to be. Initially, I wasn’t happy that they are releasing episodes weekly, I’ve become so used to binging a series in 1 night or 1 weekend, I have lost the patience to wait. In my head I feel like I am devoting 1-night to this series, finish it, and move on with my life. I actually did not know that it’s going to be like this. I had bought a bag of chips, 1 litre of Dr. Pepper, and a big jar of pickles to munch on because I thought I can watch the whole series in 1 night. I still finished the jar of pickle in 1 sitting but that’s because I decided to re-watch Age of Ultron, after episodes 1 &2. But now I am happy that they did it that way because we could all talk about each episode and speculate on how the story will unfold like the good old days. This way it does create the hype that these characters deserved.

So, we all know by now that Vision died and Wanda is in full-on mourning. She basically kidnapped a whole town to be characters to her pretend life with the ghost/clone of Vision – Vision’s resurrection has not been explained yet. She brought her daydream to the real world. Because she can, most powerful avenger, remember? And I can totally relate that she chose to adapt the life of someone in a sitcom, because aren’t they just the best escape ever? No matter how banal or big their problems are, there is nothing a few laugh tracks can’t solve to smoothen everything out.

The sitcom homage approached was also such a good jab to doubters like me who initially wasn’t onboard with their decision to create a TV shows out of the other well-loved characters in the Infinity Saga. I had my reasons though, I never really cared for the other Marvel TV shows like Agents of Shield, Jessica Jones, and others. But WandaVision was an incredible surprise and I really loved the fact that they have proven me wrong. And isn’t just a casting made in heaven that their lead actress, the amazing Elizabeth Olsen, is related to one of tv sitcoms’ famous veterans Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen? Or was this connection an inspiration to the whole plot? Maybe I am just overthinking, but kudos to them for having thought of it as I can’t really think of any other story or character that could have done this format.

With only 2 episodes left, I am very excited to see what else in store. There are still so many questions that we need answers to. Who is the real villain in Wanda Vision? Is Evan Peter’s Quicksilver just a distraction to us MCU movie nerds so they can hide his real character (Maphisto, is that you now?) in this show? Whichever way show ends there is a low percentage that it will disappoint. With the need for this story to connect with the other MCU movies in the works best believe that the ending will be what is for the greater good of all the other movies coming out of the MCU canon.

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