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Magic Types: Illusion Magic

Making you see what I want you to see

By BlankmarksPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Magic Types: Illusion Magic
Photo by Michael Dziedzic on Unsplash

Reality is what I want to be with the power of illusions. Unbound by reason or logic, with enough practice you can become a God.

From the Enchantment Magic post, you should know that this type of magic can be very powerful.

It’s so hard to counter this type of magic when used to its full effect.

In most stories, it’s either nerfed, not used or just for concealment.

Without further ado, let me show you just how powerful this magic can be.

What it does

Despite all that, I have to mention that this magic does have some major weaknesses.

The road to being a god is a long one, the lower levels of illusion are not that strong or lethal. At lower levels, you need to have a different means of killing your opponent.

Unlike Mind-Enchantment magic that directly affects the mind, Illusion is more of a suggestion.

Because of this, illusions are dispelled at lower levels and many worlds have defenses for such magic.

All of this makes low-level illusion magic more support than anything.


When you get over that hurdle, oh my god this magic type is broken as heck!

Why use your precious magic energy to alter the world when you can just mess with someone’s perspective of it.

It would be easier to list things this magic at full power can’t do but here are some of the notable stuff it can do:

• Create Unstoppable Phantom Armies/Clones

• Unlimited Reality Warping on the Universal scale

• Fear manipulation by creating the enemy’s worst nightmares

• Time Manipulation

• Temporary Healing

• Use almost any magic type and its effects

• Minor illusions that prevent you from getting hit

• Turning allies against each other by making them see each other as enemies

• Instantly killing the enemy

This works by casting an illusion so powerful that it seems real. Then the body responds to those sensations as if they’re real.

Heck at the max level, they do become real!

But what! There’s more!

This magic type, I’ve heard, has a low MP cost in comparison to other magic types like Alteration.

Be careful of the nerd in the back that was studying illusion magic by his lonesome, one day you might be bowing to him.

Depending on the level of the user and their creativity this magic can be far more dangerous.

My favorite examples of this magic in use is actually in stories where magic doesn’t exist.

• Sasuke and Genjutsu from “Naruto”.

• Murkuro from “Hitman Reborn”.

If you haven’t already, I recommend these anime to watch.

Here are some videos that talk about Illusion magic that I think you’ll like.

Illusion Magic place in World-building

Once again, this magic would have a noticeable impact on the world. There would be many defenses against this type of magic in the world, to prevent utter chaos and mayhem.

The true power of Illusion could be unknown but even then, politicians and kings would still abuse what they do have.

And that’s the problem, this magic is very prone to abuse more so than almost any other magic.

The damage would be devastating if this magic is anywhere near its full power.

For reference, my story “Last Gods” on has some Illusion magic.

Let me tell you, it was hard to keep the character who used it from being overpowered.

Illusion magic is usually nerfed or rare for good reason.

Full power illusion is for the final boss, the final form of a character or one ultimate spell like Infinite Tsukuyomi.

There must always be a way to break free from illusions in your story, if not then this magic type is truly UNSTOPPABLE.

Unless you know, you don’t have a brain.

Another way to negate Illusion is to have the cliché of:

“I have more power than you so your hax does not work.”

So when the magic is nerfed, assassins and thieves would use this the most at first.

After some time, I would see everyone using this once they see its potential.

I’ve said my piece on this magic type.

Did I miss anything, any questions? Please feel free to comment with your thoughts below.

With that, I’m done.


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I’m Blankmarks and I love magic and fiction. I’ll write about various magic types and concepts not only for fun but to help writers create new magical worlds. I'll also post short stories, writing tips, and more.

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