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MadTV gets Upcoming Revival on the CW' Network

Fan interest became a huge factor in getting the series revived.

By Allie Z.Published 7 years ago 3 min read

MadTV is back!

News just broke on the CW reviving MadTV as a prime-time series event. MadTV ran on Fox network television for an incredible fourteen season run. Recently, the CW acquired 75 episodes of the Emmy-winning sketch comedy series, and after returning for the 20th Anniversary special, fan interest became a huge factor in getting the series revived and now fans who've been waiting for a new installment, will get their wishes granted.

Confirmed statements by Warner Bros. President.

According to Deadline, President of Warner Bros., Mike Darnell, whom oversees Telepictures productions for the CW Network has announced that MadTV will be returning to network television in a primetime capacity. Mike Darnell was in charge of MadTV during most of its run at Fox Broadcasting Company, he's been quoted saying how MadTV was one of Fox's most underrated series which was very underutilized. Fans of the series would agree with Darnell. But now we have a new installment of MadTV to look forward to. Along with Darnell whom oversees televised productions for the CW. David E. Salzman, one of the Executive Producers of the original MadTV series, will be heading up this new installment. None of the original cast have been confirmed to return for this new installment of MadTV, but we can expect to see most of the cast who'd returned for the 20th Anniversary MadTV to want to return in some capacity. It wouldn't be MadTV without the original cast at least making cameos in some of the new sketches. Some of the likely candidates to return are Jordan Peele and Keegan Michael Key. Key and Peele are probably the most well-known cast members of MadTV seeing as that they've been current in pop culture for quite some time now. After their five season run of the Key & Peele television series on Comedy Central, and their new film Keanu(2016) premiering soon, Jordan Peele and Keegan Michael Key would be foolish not to return for the MadTV revival. Apart from Key and Peele, most of the former cast of MadTV haven't had any major appearances in the past few years; not withstanding Alex Borstein's largely known role as the voice of Lois Griffin on Family Guy. It would probably be in the former cast's best interest to take advantage of the MadTV revival.

The new installment of MadTV on primetime television.

MadTV will be returning to primetime television soon enough, once again headed by Executive Producer of the original series, David E. Salzman. Though the new installment of MadTV will air on the CW, rather than on the original broadcasting station, the Fox Broadcasting Company. The new installment of the series will consist of 8-hour long episodes. Casting list has yet to be announced, as well as former cast members returning are TBD. Nothing else was noted in the statements made by Warner Bros. President, Mike Darnell on the future of MadTV. There's yet to be a set release date, but with a new installment already greenlit for production, it won't be long before a premiere date is announced.

Below are some of the best sketches of MadTV. Leave your thoughts below. Are you excited about the MadTV revival? Which cast members do you want to see return? And which iconic MadTV characters need to make appearances in the new installment?

History of MadTV.

MadTV began its first season in October of 1995. Executive produced by David E. Salzman. Originally created by William Gaines, Fax Bahr, and Adam Small. Starring Orlando Jones, Ike Barinholtz, Alex Borstein, Mo Collins, Crista Flanagan, Anjelah Johnson, Nicole Randall Johnson, Keegan-Michael Key, Phil LaMarr, Artie Lange, Bobby Lee, Michael McDonald, Arden Myrin, Nicole Parker, Eric Price, Will Sasso, Aries Spears, Nicole Sullivan, Stephnie Weir and Debra Wilson. Originally written to compete with Saturday Night Live, the sketch comedy series ran for 14 seasons, MadTV amassed over 300 episodes. The Emmy Award winning series, MadTV finally came to a close in 2009. MadTV is set to receive a new installment at a date, TBD. You can currently watch episodes of MadTV exclusively on the CWSeed.


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