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Los Angeles ComicCon After Stan Lee

by Yvette Cordova 3 years ago in conventions
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LA ComicCon continues to grow after Stan Lee

Los Angeles Convention Center (photo cred: Yvette Cordova)

It’s going to be one-year next month since the great Stan Lee passed away (November 12, 2018), and it’s been tough on the world of comics and Marvel alike. Since taking over Comikaze in 2011, Stan Lee introduced Stan Lee’s Comikaze to Los Angeles in 2012. Every year in October, the Los Angeles Convention Center has been home to Stan Lee’s Comikaze, but in 2016 the name was changed to Stan Lee’s ComicCon. After the passing of Stan Lee, Los Angeles Comic Con still grows strong and has grown its audience this past year.

This past weekend (October 11-13, 2019), LA ComicCon celebrated its ninth year, and as usual, the Los Angeles Convention Center was transformed for the three-day event that was filled with jam-packed panels, booths set up with over 800 exhibitors, and artists alley lined up with something for everyone for any age. From t-shirts, pins, masks, movie memorabilia, and yes—comics of all genres.

Fans also gathered to shop for the newest Hot Topic's Funko Pop exclusives, which included Harley Quinn.

The 1958 Plymouth Fury, Christine (photo cred: Yvette Cordova)

Guests had an opportunity to attend panels held on the Main Stage and see their favorites like Elijah Wood (The Faculty, Lord of the Rings), My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way for The Umbrella Academy, Tome Kenny and Bill Fagerbakke (voice over actors from SpongeBob SquarePants), and the Director of Zombieland: Double Tap, Ruben Fleischer, who brought out some of the cast and writers out on stage.

There were also exciting reunions like the ever-popular hit TV show, The Office, Disney’s Kim Possible, and the 2004 classic, Hellboy. The three-day event also included an intimate and touching tribute to Stan Lee by comic legend and Deadpool creator, Rob Liefeld.

But ComicCon isn’t all about movies and comics; the ladies of WOW (Women in Wrestling) returned to LA ComicCon for their third year where they demonstrated the art of wrestling, signed autographs, and took wrestling poses with fans—plus they had a friendly wrestling match between the popular The Beast and The Lioness—who said girls can’t fight?

The ladies from WOW with a few villain gentlemen (Photo Credit: Daniel Mar)
Legion M reboot of Jay & Silent Bob (courtesy of Legion M)

Another great panel was that of fan-owned Legion M’s reboot of Jay & Silent Bob. Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes were also on hand for their panel, and even posed for photos. If that wasn't enough, Legion M did not only finance the reboot, but has also partnered up with Screen Media for the movie, Memory: The Origins of Alien.

Jay & Silent Bob (courtesy of Legion M)

Netflix has cancelled some popular Marvel originals and has issued the cancellation of the ever so devilish show, Lucifer (finishing it’s fifth season), but the star and executive producer for Netflix’s comedy, Gabriel Iglesias, surprised fans with an appearance for his show Mr. Iglesias that’s in its third season.

Speaking of Netflix, fans of the show Stranger Things were not only able to go upside down and take a seat on Joyce’s (played by the great Winona Ryder) couch, but also strike an 80s pose at the Starcourt Mall.

Netflix's Stranger Things (photo Cred: Yvette Cordova)
The Starcourt Mall from Stranger Things (photo cred: Yvette Cordova)

ComicCon also gave fans an opportunity to be one with their favorite shows and experience hands on interactions, like getting to sit on the chair from Game of Thrones.

The chair from Game of Thrones (photo cred: Yvette Cordova)

Meanwhile, Madame Tussauds gave Marvel and The Avengers fandom a look at their Nick Fury wax figure, along with displays of Captain America, the almighty Thor, and Ant Man

What's ComicCon without the Avengers? (photo cred: Yvette Cordova)

So, with gamers, comics, movies, and fandoms, the Los Angeles ComicCon had another successful year. If you missed it this year, your next opportunity to attend will be September 25-27, 2020. Keep an eye out and purchase your badge(s) ahead of time—the fandom is strong.


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