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Looking for a movie tonight?

by Shawna McCord Bennett about a year ago in movie
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By: Shawna Bennett

Looking for a movie tonight?
Photo by Georgia Vagim on Unsplash

I absolutely love movies! Every Friday when I was growing up my dad took out for dinner and a movie. Movie trivia....I can answer it. So here is my formula if you want to know what kind of genre to expect before you watch it.

Let's start with the 80's since I think some of the best movies came out back then. Sure our special effects left something to be desired but we had great stories!

If you liked-Valley Girl (the original with Nicolas Cage) then you will love Always be my Maybe. Valley Girl is a cult classic that has no competition and I really feel like Always be my Maybe can stand up there with this iconic movie. It's funny and touching and ends with love, like all good rom-coms should. Side note if you haven't seen Valley Girl do yourself a favor and take a trip back in time. The mall and the slang are totally bitchin!

If you liked-Sixteen Candles, Can't buy me love, or Pretty in Pink then check out Kissing Booth, To all the boys I've loved before and After we collided. These are just sweet romantic movies that have you rooting for the underdog every time. I am not embarrassed to say that I love these feel good movies. When a movie can make you walk away happy, you have watched a good one.

If you liked- Beaches or The first wives club then check out the new series Firefly Lane. It celebrates female friendships and makes you want to call your best friend. It focuses on real struggles that women face, but keeps it's sense of humor.

If you liked- Karate Kid then you have to watch Cobra Kai. I love that we get to see the other point of view in this series. I had always thought Daniel was the victim of bullying, yet I found myself feeling sensitive to Johnny's struggle. I love the two points of view and the way miscommunication leads to all of their problems.

If you liked- Tales from the Dark Side then check out Stranger Things. I love a story that is a little creepy and they knocked it out of the ballpark with Stranger Things. Plus, it has the 80's vibe that I love. I will assume most people have watched it, but for those of you who don't know what the hype is all about, this is my top recommendation.

If you like- Sherlock Holmes then you need to check out Enola Holmes. It is a family friendly movie that gives us some insight into the Holmes family and Sherlock's little sister. It will make you wonder why we haven't heard of Enola before now.

Now if you like Epic movies that are just beautiful to watch on the big screen then this recommendation is for you.

If you like- Apocalypto, The 300, or Braveheart then you have to check out Padmaavat. Just to be up front it has sub-titles and I know some people hate that. This movie is one of the most spectacular I have ever seen before. It is based on a famous folklore from medieval India and I have watched it multiple times. The story itself is wonderful and will sound like other folklore that has been handed down to us through the ages, but the beauty of how it was made is unbelievable. It will have you telling everyone you know to watch it.

I am fascinated by documentaries. To have a glimpse into other people's lives has always kept my attention. So if you are a fan of documentaries here are some suggestions.

If you like- The documentary The Guardians then you should watch the movie I Care A lot. The Guardians is about the real life corruption found in the Guardian system in Nevada. It will help you to understand that that the movie I care A lot isn't a crazy overdramatization of the corruption that exists in our senior care. If you haven't seen the Guardians, you should definitely check it out before watching the movie.

If you like- Abducted in plain sight then you need to watch Who took Jonny. The twists in both of these real life stories will leave you shook for days! I still wonder how any of this could be true and take place in the country we live in. Crazy stories that will keep you talking about them for years to come.

Last, but not least is my final recommendation. I couldn't think of any movie or series that was comparable so this one will stand alone. Bridgerton is absolutely a must see for the ladies. It is nothing but pure romance and drama and it is a pleasure to get caught up in it. Watching it is like reading a romance novel. It is the best escape you can treat yourself to this year.


About the author

Shawna McCord Bennett

I am the author of a new YA book series and an avid reader of fiction. I love the horror genre and fantasy.

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