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Loki: Easter Eggs And Important Moments In Episode 5, 'Journey Into Mystery'

by Kristy Anderson 11 months ago in tv · updated 11 months ago
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What awaits Loki in The Void?

Credit: Disney.

After a game-changing fourth episode which revealed the Timekeepers as Androids and saw major characters supposedly pruned, Loki covers more new ground in it's fifth episode. The vast majority of the episode was spent in a brand new location, The Void, with Loki and his many variants.

Here are all the Easter eggs and important moments in Loki episode 5, 'Journey Into Mystery'.

Journey Into Mystery

Credit: Marvel.

The biggest and perhaps most obvious Easter egg of the episode came with it's title, 'Journey Into Mystery'. Journey Into Mystery was originally an Anthology comic beginning in the 50s, which debuted many beloved Marvel Characters including the Incredible Hulk, Thor, and of course, Loki. The Thor stories proved so popular that the character eventually took over the comic entirely, leading to the series being renamed The Mighty Thor, and later simply Thor.

Since then, the Journey Into Mystery title has been regularly revived, once as a horror anthology, but mostly for limited series featuring Asgardian characters. One of Kid Loki's biggest story arcs fell under the 'Journey Into Mystery' banner, and most recently, the title was used during the 'War of the Realms' event, for a story in which a group of unlikely heroes are tasked with transporting Thor's new baby sister, Laussa, to safety.

The Void

Credit: Disney.

Stalling for time until her reinforcements arrive, Renslayer explains 'The Void' to Sylvie. Apparently, it is not possible to completely erase all traces of a Timeline right away. Timelines and Variants pruned by the TVA are sent to a Void at the end of time. Nothing sent to the Void has ever returned.

Renslayer claims that Sylvie may still have time to save Loki, and if she trusts her, they can travel beyond the Void in a specially designed ship and discover who is behind the TVA. The Ship is a lie, however, on the chance that there may be truth beyond The Void, Sylvie prunes herself to get there, leaving a stunned Renslayer behind.

A Void of Easter Eggs

While Loki travels through The Void with his variant selves, trying to convince them to help him kill the Lieth creature that hunts them all, various Easter eggs are seen in the background. These include a destroyed Sanctum Sanctorum, a crashed S.H.I.E.L.D helicarier, Thanos's ship, The Dark Aster, and the enlarged head of a Yellowjacket suit from Ant-Man. A few more comic related Easter eggs included broken Living Tribunal statues, the infamous Thanos-copter, and the 'Queng' building, which is owned by Nathaniel Richards, the one-time Young Avenger who grows up to become Kang The Conqueror.

As the Lokis enter their hideout, many fans were delighted to see a shot of Throg, a frog Thor, trying desperately to reach a buried Mjolnir. In the comics, Throg is a frog who gains the powers of Thor after finding a tiny chipped off piece of Mjolnir. Also in the hideout scene, the Lokis consume 'Roxx' brand wine, another reference to the evil Roxxon Corporation.

Loki Stories

Credit: Disney.

While spending time in the hideout with his variant selves, he learns what each of their Nexus events were. Kid Loki apparently killed Thor, while Alligator Loki ate 'the wrong neighbour's cat'. Boastful Loki claims to have stolen six Infinity Stones, though the other Loki's believe he is lying, leaving his true story unclear.

The story of the older, 'Classic' Loki, is by far the most heartbreaking. Classic Loki survived Thanos's attack by using an illusion rather than attacking head-on, although was left stranded in space after the Asgardian's ship was destroyed. He eventually made his way to a planet and lived there peacefully for many years, however, eventually, he began to miss his brother. Unfortunately, as soon as he left his hideaway to search for Thor, he was apprehended by the TVA.

Mobius Lives!

Credit: Disney.

After Sylvie prunes herself to travel to The Void, she quickly finds herself face to face with the Lieth. Thankfully, before it can consume her, she is rescued by Mobius, who has also been surviving in The Void since his pruning.

The pair soon reunite with Loki and meet his new variant friends. Rather than kill the Lieth, as Loki had planned, Sylvie believes that she can enchant the Lieth, and the creature will allow her to travel beyond the void and finally learn the truth behind the TVA.

B-15 has been captured

Credit: Disney

After aiding Loki and Sylvie in episode 4, Hunter B-15 has been captured and imprisoned by Renslayer. However, she has not been pruned, because Renslayer believes she may have useful information about Sylvie. During her interrogation, B-15 realises that Renslayer does not know the full truth about the TVA. She taunts her captor, claiming that Sylvie is more likely to succeed than Renslayer, as her motives are more purely driven.

With Mobius headed back to the TVA, we will hopefully see B-15 rescued in the near future.

Loki's Flaming Sword

Credit: Disney.

Before he and Sylvie face the Lieth, Kid Loki gifts Loki with a golden sword. Later, Loki discovers that he can set the sword aflame.

The sword is named Laevateinn, and it is strongly tied to Loki in Norse Mythology. As the tale goes, Loki forged the blade himself in order to slay the celestial cockerel, Vidopnir. In the comics, the sword was last seen in the Loki: Agent Of Asgard series, after the hero Sigurd challenges Loki to a duel.

Classic Loki sacrifices himself

Credit: Disney

Despite Mobius offering the Loki variants a chance to get out of the Void, they decide to stay, claiming that The Void had become their home. However, as Loki and Sylvie struggle to subdue the Lieth, Classic Loki returns to aid them, providing a much needed distraction by creating a huge illusion of Asgard. Sadly, he cannot hold off the beast forever, and is apparently killed.

Aside from the tragedy of Classic Loki's death, the scene is notable as a gage of Loki's future potential if he sucessfully lives beyond his 'Sacred Timeline' death.

Loki and Sylvie enchant the Lieth, taking another step towards the truth.

Credit: Disney.

While attempting to enchant the Lieth, Sylvie struggles, requesting Loki's help. Seeing as they are variants of the same being, she reasons that he should be able to unlock abilities similar to hers. Loki is skeptical, but after a few tense moments, the pair's efforts succeed. The Lieth opens a door to a castle, where the TVA's creators likely await.

What will Loki and Sylvie uncover in the season finale? We can't wait to find out.


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