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Law Abiding Citizen-a review

"HE ALREADY MADE THE DEAL, WHAT??!! And he's telling him afterwards? Wow."

By 'Vive AkughaPublished 3 months ago 5 min read
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Gerard Butler, Jamie Foxx, Leslie Bibb, Bruce McGill, Christian Stolte, Josh Stewart, Emerald-Angel Young, Regina Hall, and Viola Davis are part of the cast of Law Abiding Citizen.

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He's evil, disgustingly evil. What?! It's so unnecessary and the child too? Wow! He's sick! I support the vengeance. Poor Clyde. Poor, poor, poor Clyde. Nick has a point saying it's not what's right but provable but I mean, see him, come on man. HE ALREADY MADE THE DEAL, WHAT??!! And he's telling him afterwards? Wow. The Marcus Aurelius and the servant story was good. It shows the importance of being grounded. He knows Darby's a sick man but didn't try harder for his client? It's about helping your clients, acknowledging what they want, giving feedback, and trying to back up what's agreed upon. Nick is trying to reach a certain level of acclaim and he is direct about the possibilities in the cut-throat atmosphere of his job.

Oh, the irony. Nick is married with a child on the way. He looks happy meanwhile Clyde is traumatized and depressed. He didn't help fight to avenge them or to give Nick peace. He betrayed him with a selfish act trying to achieve guaranteed odds. People normally would reach for sentimentality because he has a wife and daughter as well, not to mention the imagining of such happening to them to fuel his assistance for Clyde but he's not typically emotional in his job as we saw. He's still career-focused. Huh, after 10 years, I hope he got that promotion he wanted. Watch the recording of her recital together?! Uhn uhn, what do you mean? That's just wrong. It's good to be there even if it's for a brief moment (especially if you can). Sarah cancels something too.

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Vengeance! Yessssssss!!! Educated vengeance at that. I see strength in his eyes. Good for him. Aww, yessss. Above the handcuffs, he has the bracelet his daughter made for him. It shows the source of his strength, the purpose of his fight and the depth of his love. Are you kidding me?!! He's using the emotional route? Now?! Cause he's a father too now! Now he wants to break the rules?! You knew Darby wasn't shit but you let him go and got the other guy killed, chances are not guaranteed but they are chances. Darby still got freed either way, so he could've tried. It was five years in prison and they said the one he went to was lenient so truly, why didn't he try?

I love this for Clyde. He's having fun with this after he was betrayed and traumatized. They said he should take his ego out of it like he should've done 10 years ago for Clyde's case but he was working on his dreams and his 96% conviction rate. Oh, I think he wants to embarrass Nick and jeopardize the conviction rate he protects so much. HE CONFESSED??!! Well, he is honourable. Now he's just messing with him and I love this for him hahaha. I hope he wins but if he doesn't and he dies, I hope he's at least happy before he does.

Image Credit: Screenshot from overturefilms on YouTube

Aww, they're becoming buddies. Oh, he's going to kill him? Why? Yeah, uhm…I don't support him anymore. Wait, he just wanted solitary confinement? Couldn't he have done something else to get it? Uhm, I think they should give him back the bracelet his daughter made for him. He needs to remember things because he seems to be going off the rails now. Ahhh, the need to be grounded is similar to the story of Marcus Aurelius and the servant. Oh, they do give him his bracelet back. Hmmm, he's a killer? Yeah, we get he's tactical but…oh, the cellmate's death wasn't random hmmm. So there's a plan? How was the cellmate involved in that case? Well, glad to know he's not going off the rails. I'm interested to see where this is going. 

Hahaha, they're panicking. That was…wow. In a twisted way, now he knows how it feels. Omg!!!! Is Sarah Clyde's accomplice? And his girl? His cellmate had asked if he had a girl but he didn't accept or deny it. She told Nick that she's been with her boyfriend Chester but maybe that's a nickname for him or something. Also, Clyde has been talking about Justice, not vengeance. He gave Nick his last chance before killing everyone. Now, Sarah's asking Nick if he would do things differently. She's asking the ultimate question about how he handled the case to sort of give him another chance but he said it's a job and they have to make choices. Hmmm. She talks about how he values his high conviction rate. Cherishing it and doing everything for it. She expresses concern too since she's associated with him. Hmmm, is he getting it? That this is one big lesson about your choices and the consequences? Well, I was wrong (unless she somehow faked her death).

He didn't want to do it? Hmm, so not a murderer? What if Nick apologized sincerely? Don't make promises you can't keep Nick. Oh, he's moving them, that's good. I hope he doesn't kill them just for Nick to know the pain he went through (despite that being what's happening but not to his family). Interesting. He just said those words would make progress and all but he said he's bringing down the entire corrupt temple on his head. If he did that and they were freed that would have been okay because they tried to fight but he didn't even listen to him much less help him. Wow, another person asked him whether he made the right decision and said that they brought this on themselves but he said absolutely not. Oh. For the first time, we see someone physically doing things. Hmm, imagine if all this was a ploy to promote him that would be disgusting but an interesting twist. Oh, no he wants to get his pain? 10 years later after his lousy excuse of working for his client. Chester's not real, is he?

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This movie went very left from where I thought it was going. Why does he want to kill the mayor? Hahaha, not him being happy about all the effort it took to set it all up. Truly he's strayed so far from his principles. This reminds me of Liam from Quantico who was sick of the system and wanted to correct the system at all costs. Lmaooo he said "finally". He did want to teach him. Good for them for out-smarting him.Good for Nick winning and learning to not make deals with murderers. He's a hard worker which I appreciate but he didn't get the point all this time, although, truthfully he didn't cause the murders like Clyde was trying to tell him but he caused the pain in him that festered. Yayyyy, HE FINALLY SHOWED UP FOR HER RECITAL!! What a twisted way to learn things and make changes. Good for Nick. Clyde went off the rails terribly. Sarah deserved better. Jamie did well, Gerald did well, and everyone did well. Hurt people, hurt people and he was very hurt. As Nick said he would be transferring the exact pain he's suffering onto others. I kept expecting a big twist which didn't come but the movie was great.

Originally written in my "Brief and not-so-Brief opinions: Part 3" article.

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