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Larry David Remains the Most Relatable

The representation of introverts everywhere.

By Elisabeth Published 2 months ago 3 min read

The day I watched my first episode of "Curb Your Enthusiasm", I found my kindred spirit. While many would think it was Cheryl, Susie or even Leon, it was the man himself: Larry David.

From his complete annoyance with people to his outbursts, all the way to his lack of interest in social gatherings... the man somehow understands. Without even trying, Larry David has become the face of introverts everywhere. With the hit HBO series in its final season, let's relive the most relatable moments that had us both nodding in agreement and laughing until our ribs hurt.


Waiting for the other shoe to drop is a full-time job.

I don't know


90% of the time I have no idea what's going on, how am I expected to make decisions about my life? It just doesn't seem right.

Cancelled plans are everything


Never apologize if you're cancelling plans we had. It means I can stay comfy at home, with my comfort shows and eating snacks. Thank you.

I will not be blamed


If there's anything I won't stand for, and trust me that list is written in scroll at this point, it's being blamed for something I didn't do. Never blame the person with the receipts, is all I can say.


Context is irrelevant because this, right here, is a universal expression for pretty much everything and anything. Going outside? Yes. The people? Yes. Having to read a terrible take online? Also yes.

Clocking out


If the conversation lasts more than an hour, I'm clocking out early and you'll likely get answers like this. It's just how it is.

Finally some good tea


But having said that, if you just so happen to attach some solid information and offer some delicious tea to go with it, I will zone back in. And fast because remember, while I don't like being confronted with drama, I will always lend an ear when it's drama belonging to someone else.

It's the thought that counts, right?


It's just like that sometimes, you know?

Trust your gut


We're always told to never judge a book by its cover, and while that is true, we should be open to giving people a chance there's also the saying, "trust your gut." And well, sometimes it just knows things.

Live in the moment

Source: Giphy

Not to sound like a boomer (even more than I already do) but he makes a point.

Apologize, but only when needed


We've all had to deal trolls now and then, even more now thanks to social media, leaving us to defend ourselves to strangers. What's important is knowing how to respond.

Life Goals??


There's nothing like that moment in the day when you reflect on your life and experience a panic attack because of it.

Social security


Since living like a hermit isn't the most logical way to go through life, sometimes that obligatory get-together is necessary. But hey, when it leaves us feeling awkward, there are always crutches to lean on.

Customers aren't always right

Customers are not always right so let's start throwing that saying away.

Keeping Human Contact to a Minimum


Not always but also, I mean...yes.

Sob Fest


If curling up underneath a blanket and sobbing was an Olympic sport, I’d be the Sidney Crosby of the event.

Dating can be a drag


Going on a date can either go really well or really bad. In which case, it will leave you thinking that maybe being single isn't so bad.

When There's Nothing Left to Do


Sometimes, going to bed and relaxing is all you can do to not completely lose your mind.


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