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Ko Sung hee My Holo Love 2020 ON Netflix


By William SolanoPublished 3 months ago 8 min read

My Holo Love (Korean: 나 홀로 그대) is a 2020 South Korean television series starring Yoon Hyun-min and Ko Sung-hee. It was released on Netflix on February 7, 2020.[2][3][4][5] Because of her face blindness disorder, Han So-yeon decided to live a reclusive life. This changes when she starts using the AI program Holo whose appearance is the same as the developer, Go Nan-do. The latter slowly falls in love with So-yeon but his cold personality, which contrasts with Holo's, isn't in his favor. Main

Yoon Hyun-min as Go Nan-do / Holo

Ko Sung-hee as Han So-yeon

Kim Ha-yeon as young So-yeon


Choi Yeo-jin as Go Yoo-jin

Hwang Chan-sung as Baek Chan-sung

Lee Jung-eun as So-yeon's mother

Kang Seung-hyun as Yoo-ram

Kim Yong-min as assistant

Kim Soo-jin as Nan-do's mother

Son Jong-hak as Nam Gi-ho

Yang Dae-hyuk as Lee Dong-shik

Jung Young-ki as Jo Jin-seok

Jung Yeon-joo as Detective Ji-na

Nam Myung-ryul as Baek Nam-gyu

Gong Min-jeung as Choi Seung-kwon

Special appearances

Lee Ki-chan as Yeon Gang-woo (Ep. 1–4)

Kim Yong-man (Ep. 3 & 8)

Baek Jin-hee (Ep. 6, voice only)

Ahn Hye-kyung (Ep. 6 (voice only) & 10)Alice Original soundtrack

My Holo Love (Music from the Netflix Original Series)

Soundtrack album by Ji Pyeong-kwon

Released February 7, 2020

Genre Soundtrack




Netflix StudiosWarner Music KoreaBMG Rights Management

No. Title Length

1. "Eyes on You" (Feat. Jackson Lundy) 2:38

2. "Paradise" (Feat. Ninos) 3:35

3. "You Are The Only One" (Feat. Elaine) 4:48

4. "Love Again" (Feat. KLAZY) 4:18

5. "White Clouds" (Feat. Soullette) 3:14

6. "Shining Stars" (Feat. PlayJ) 3:48

7. "Fly Away" (Feat. HANAJIN) 3:12

8. "Opening Title" 0:32

9. "Another Day" 2:13

10. "Way Back Home" 3:45

11. "An Ordinary Day" 2:29

12. "Got To Know You" 2:59

13. "On The Road" 2:44

14. "Alone" 2:40

15. "Car Chasing" 2:05

16. "Holo Fantasy" 1:39

17. "Did I Do" 1:34

18. "When I See You" 3:41

19. "Adore You" 2:34

20. "Simple Things" 2:41

21. "Truth Is" 2:04

22. "Dream In A Dream" 2:36

23. "Same Time" 2:07

24. "Before You Go" 3:26

25. "Lose Control" 3:49

26. "Emotion" 2:01

27. "Imperfect" 2:30

28. "Faded" 2:43

29. "Conflict" 3:26

30. "Into The Light" 2:33

31. "Stride La Vampa (from Il Trovatore)" (Feat. Shin Della) 2:45

Production Production

Ryu Yong-jae was inspired to write the story after seeing the computer program AlphaGo beat the former professional Go player Lee Sedol during the 2016 historic match.[6]


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Kwan, Yeon-soo (February 4, 2020). "Netflix series 'My Holo Love' features human-AI romance". The Korea Times. Retrieved February 4, 2020. This k-drama is so AMAZING like I don't have the word's to truly describe its greatness, there's so so much I have to say and want to ask but I just can't because of how speechless this show has left me. (All in a good way) Hooked me from the beginning, didn't drag on, keep it straight to the point, every episode was important and beautiful. Felt like I was the one in the show. It's refreshing and new, well to me. Definitely out of the box. I never knew I needed this show till it came along and I'm living for it. I hope it stays on NETFLIX so I can go back and watch it all over again as many time's as I want because it's just that GREAT. I absolutely recommend it if your looking for a good storyline, great acting, cast, portrayal of real emotions, great imagery, really connecting with the characters, and just overall being able to connect in someway with this story in whatever form that may be. I'm ranting sorry but really Just AMAZING!!!!

Leves me wanting more I wish there where more. this kdrama is so good. this is not very overrated and popular but definitely another one of the best dramas that ive watched. at the start you would just think that its an ordinary drama with AI robot just like " im not a robot " but no!! its actually a different story because the robot is the same guy as the main character and through the drama, you'll be able to understand why the main character decided to create holo, the robot. thus it hooked me and caught my attention! he said that because sometimes people feel that humans are annoying and since robots are perfect + they can help you get things done easily n efficiently. at the same time, people crave for attention n feel lonely. with a robot with you, you'll always be loved and accompanied so why not? but at the end, they finallt understood that robots can never replace humans, even though he made the robot such that he can feel things. there's a plot twist at the back or end of the drama which made me 🤩🤩 because it was kindof unexpected. the actors are really cute together and it also portrayed an illness which is not typical, face blindness which is not being able to recognise people's face , only can see it blurry. overall, i would like to say that i highly recommend this drama and its only 12 episodes so you dont have to worry that you have no time ( its 4 eps shorter than other kdramas but still as good as the rest) you wont regret watching this!! its cute :-) This kdrama is AMAZING!! i loved it. it kept me captivated the whole time. It doesn't take long for the beginning to really start. It starts in the very first ep. The story line keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time but is a nice show to watch before bed. It ends each ep with a cliffhanger so there is no "just on ep tonight" Its more like 2 or 3 tonight How they edit this drama is so cool as well. Having to make the cast walk through the hologram and having one actor play two roles is very hard as well. The OST (soundtrack) is very pleasing as well it the lyrics fit in with the story line and made me wanna go add some of them to my playlist. It is an original KBS drama that is only avaible on NETFLIX so im glad that they decided to put this drama on there. It is a limited series for 2020 so id watch it as soon as possible. Thats why i started it 'cause i didnt want to be in the middle of watching it and have it disspear. ;) overall the drama is a really good one and you should check it out before it disspears! I am not really into sci-fi but this drama, MY HOLO LOVE is really an exception! The story, plot, characters, and the OST are the best! Once you started to watch the ep 1, you will definitely be hook in this unpredictable, romance between an Al and a human. It's just soooo good to watch! I You feel that you don't wanted to end it coz it's just so pefect!

For the cast who portray, especially Yoon Hyun Min and Ko Sung Hee ; their chemistry is so natural! And for the director, writer, cast, and staff..thank you for making this kdrama, MY HOLO LOVE so amazing, that makes us viewers love this. <3

Definitely Highly recommended! Absolutely wonderful and well worth the viewing. Very original story line, actors' performances were top notch! The subtitle team did a great job as well. If you are looking for a series that will be worth seeing more than once, definitely watch this. It's a quality, well-produced series, hits all the right spots on romance, mystery, intrigue, action. Why Netflix stopped featuring reviews on their site is ridiculous but if they would rather have their stupid "thumbs up" icon, then I vote this one with 10 "thumb's up"!! This was a great watch . It was a refreshing and entertaining treat. Its only 12 eps so you can watch it in one sitting which i did as it very entertaing. Its a twist on the AI x human love. Its the same storyline with a twist though the olot has deep drama like are you human too? But its presented as light and fast paced. So u feel empathy for the characters but dont cry out your eyeballs. I specially liked holos character. I wish i had someone like that. It a must watch it truly shows the backdraw of being A.I holo cant do anything for her physically but can assist and support technically. Shows how words and actions b so have on a person who is lonely. The actors are not mainstream or gorgeous but acting is excellent .


I specially liked the ending though i am all for unrealistic relations between A.I and human. But i liked the fact that though holo loved her he knew that she loved ko nam and that she needs him in her life not holo. And he stays and supports both. I also liked that holo was actuallt a persona of ko nam which hhe became when his issues resolved.

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