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Ko Sung hee Gaus Electronics 2022 ON Apple TV


By William SolanoPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

Gaus Electronics (Korean: 가우스전자; RR: Gauseujeonja) is a 2022 South Korean television series starring Kwak Dong-yeon, Ko Sung-hee, Bae Hyun-sung and Kang Min-ah. It is based on a webtoon of the same title by writer Kwak Baek-soo, which was released on Naver. The series is an original drama of Olleh TV, and is available for streaming on its platform and on OTT media service Seezn. It also aired on ENA's Fridays and Saturdays at 21:00 (KST) time slot, from September 30 to November 5, The series is about the office workers of Marketing Team 3 at the home appliance headquarters of Gaus Electronics—a multinational company.[5] It highlights the highs and lows of corporate life, and love and friendship between the employees.[4] Main

Kwak Dong-yeon as Lee Sang-sik[5]

Ko Sung-hee as Cha Na-rae[5]

Bae Hyun-sung as Baek Ma-tan[5]

Kang Min-ah as Geon Kang-mi[5]


Baek Hyun-jin as Ki Sung-nam[6]

Heo Jung-do as Wi Jang-byung[3]

Jeon Seok-chan as Cha Wa-wa[3]

Go Woo-ri as Sung Hyeong-mi[7]

Baek Soo-jang as Kim Moon-hak[3]

Jo Jung-chi as Na Mu-myeong[8]


Kim Ji-sung as Choi Dal-soon[9]

Choi Ban-ya as Ma-tan's mother[10]

Lee So-hee as Mo Hae-young[11]

Special appearance

WJSN Chocome as themselves[12] Original soundtrack

Part 1

Released on October 1, 2022[13][14]

No. Title Lyrics Music Artist Length

1. "Diamond" (눈이 부신다)

Jeon Jun-gyuZeenan

Jeon Jun-gyuZeenanUpvote Entertainment

Lucy 3:16

2. "Diamond" (눈이 부신다; Inst.)

Jeon Jun-gyuZeenanUpvote Entertainment


Total length: 6:32

Part 2

Released on October 7, 2022[15][16]

No. Title Lyrics Music Artist Length

1. "Because I Love You"

Jeon Jun-gyuZeenan

Jeon Jun-gyuZeenanUpvote Entertainment

Kim Jong-wan (Nell) 3:56

2. "Because I Love You" (Inst.)

Jeon Jun-gyuZeenanUpvote Entertainment


Total length: 7:12

Part 3

Released on October 16, 2022[17][18]

No. Title Lyrics Music Artist Length

1. "Began" (비개인)

Jeon Jun-gyuZeenan

Jeon Jun-gyuUpvote Entertainment

Hyolyn 3:08

2. "Began" (비개인; Inst.)

Jeon Jun-gyuUpvote Entertainment


Total length: 6:16

Part 4

Released on October 21, 2022[19][20]

No. Title Lyrics Music Artist Length

1. "We Are Young"

Jeon Jun-gyuZeenan

Jeon Jun-gyuZeenanUpvote Entertainment

Zeenan 3:30

2. "We Are Young" (Inst.)

Jeon Jun-gyuZeenanUpvote Entertainment


Total length: 7:00

Part 5

Released on October 29, 2022[21][22]

No. Title Lyrics Music Artist Length

1. "Bad Girl" Hwang Moon-seop

Hakan MavrukA-DeeAlex Charles Sugarman

Apoki 3:09

Total length: 3:09 my favourite show ever !! let alone a kdrama haha, it's so creatively written and executed, the bg sounds, the visuals, the characters, their dialogues. all phenomenal, highly highly recommend this stress reliever. the main actors even the side characters have done such a great job, all of the cast fit perfectly. the humor and the chemistry between the characters will get you so connected to the story. get ready with tissues to wipe your laughing tears (and crying tears at the last episode :) The first half of episode 1 was kinda bore bt as the story progressed I liked it more. Loved the second leads. They had interesting story line. I just love this drama💞...I don't know why some people didn't liked it but u guys must watch this one unnecessary stuff it's soo smooth made my strees go away 🤣 🥰 It's the best comedy romantic kdrama i ever seen.

All should watch this drama.

Don't miss this.

1000000/10 If this didn't make you laugh then you have a faulty sense of humor, or you have none at all. Korean humor is crazy. I loved it! One of best comedy kdrama. Few scenes are parody of Stephen chow/ Cecilia Cheung in king of comedy. Never read the online manga, but it's a good comedy kdrama. Loved this drama.. Must Watch... Will make you laugh with near real life situations of work and life For me, this movie is relaxing and happy. I love the prince and princess. I am cheering from Myanmar.

Fighting 사랑해 one of the best comedy series I've watched.. i am sure you will love it too. i am just on the 5th episode and i think its hilarious. amazing drama, a must watch.. ❤🌼 I love it its sooo funnny!!!! Love all the characters.

No boring moments. So funny lollll I'm addicted to this drama XD been so long since I laughed like this, last one was waikiki loved this show!!!

the characters are super relatable.. and fresh concept... they did everything anti-cliche. One of the best Rom-com kdrama. Hilarious. Must watch for kdrama lovers. The people who made it are geniuses. It's really creatively done. Awesome cast too! What a amazing drama. Lots of comedy. I laughed out loud during the whole drama. Daebak💜💜💜💜💜

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