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'Jeopardy!' Host Alex Trebek Has Rehearsed How He Will Say Goodbye to Viewers

by Margaret Minnicks 2 years ago in tv
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At the end of his last episode of the popular game show, Alex Trebek says he needs only 30 seconds to say goodbye.

The longtime host of ABC's Jeopardy! doesn't know when he will say farewell to viewers, but he knows what he will say when the time comes. In an interview with Michael Strahan on Thursday, January 2, 2020, Trebek shared some personal thoughts and let viewers know the status of his illness. Even though he is battling stage 4 pancreatic cancer, Trebek says he will continue his job as long as he is physically able. As of now, no retirement plans are in the works even though the host seems to be thinking about it.

He hasn't missed any time from the show after making his announcement on March 6, 2019. In his recent interview, the 79-year-old host jokingly said it is not the cancer that's killing him. It is the chemotherapy.

Alex was upbeat as he answered Strahan's questions. His wife of 29 years sat by his side during a small portion of the interview. Jean spoke briefly about how her husband's illness is affecting the family which includes their two adult children, Matthew and Emily.

What Will Trebek's Last Episode Be Like?

When the times comes, Trebek says he will host his last episode as usual. He will merely ask the director to give him 30 seconds at the end of the show to say what he has already rehearsed. It seems as if the people will not know when that will happen until it happens.

Alex tells Michael and the viewing audience that he will say, “I’ve kind of, in my mind, rehearsed it already, and what I would do on that day is tell the director, ‘Time the show down to leave me 30 seconds at the end. That’s all I want.'” Then Alex added that he has already rehearsed what he will say.

What Has Alex Trebek Rehearsed?

What Alex has rehearsed will take no longer than the half a minute he will request. He will not belabor the situation. Instead, he will get straight to the point and say very little.

His rehearsed speech includes these words: “Don’t ask me who’s going to replace me because I have no say whatsoever. But I’m sure that if you give them the same love and attention and respect that you have shown me, then they will be a success and the show will continue being a success. And until we meet again, God bless you and goodbye.”

Trebek's Fans

Trebek said leaving Jeopardy! would be a “significant moment” for him. That's understandable because he has been hosting the long-running game show since 1984.

Even before Trebek gives his farewell speech, people have already reacted to it on social media. Many people have grown up with Jeopardy! and host Alex Trebek. They have watched it with their grandparents and played along with the contestants. Even after Alex retires, the show will continue, but it will be difficult not having him come into living rooms around the world five evenings a week.

Alex has fans all over the world who have supported him on his journey. They want him to be around as long as possible. Even though Alex's contract is good through 2022, no one knows what the future holds for him.

Trebek wants millions of fans to know that he looks at his illness as a part of life. He is dealing with it. He concluded that he could be scared to death, but he would still have to deal with it.

Jeopardy! The Greatest of All Time Tournament

Alex is looking forward to hosting Jeopardy! The Greatest of All Time Tournament starting Tuesday, January 7, 2020. The tournament will continue through January 16 or until one of the men wins three games.

The contestants are Brad Rutter, Ken Jennings and James Holzhauer who made millions during their time on the show. The winner will win another $1 million and the title of being the greatest. The other two contestants will win $250,000.


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