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It Is Time For Wonder Woman To Go Home

by Skyler 13 days ago in movie

Wonder Woman III

A third and final Wonder Woman film with Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot is confirmed. Right now, there are no details of the plot. Rumors barely exist. We can only hope and make our wishes for a final installment. First, the film needs to be present tense, and second, it is time for Diana to return home.

We do not operate in Themyscira often. Countless times we see Superman flying over Metropolis. How many films, cartoons, comics, and video games have Batman swinging over Gotham? Diana's home of Themyscira plays a crucial role in her origin, but not in her day-to-day struggle as Wonder Woman. If anything, she must leave behind what customs she grew up with to live in and embrace Man's World. In most scenarios, her home is a backdrop for some plots of a Greek-based villain, say Medusa, for example, wanting to destroy or conquer Themyscira.

In the ending of Zack Snyder's Justice League, we establish a desire of Diana to go home. She holds the arrow fired from her home, from her mother even. Out past the horizon, we can only imagine what she is thinking. Numerous times, Steppenwolf brings up Wonder Woman's absence and how her sisters paid for it. Where was she? Yes, we know she is in Man's World but why? A hundred years ago, she left to help Steve Trevor in The Great War. There is no inclination that she went back between World War I and the events of Wonder Woman 1984. However, we see she has been merely living day-to-day in the sequel. In Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, she says, "A hundred years ago I walked away from mankind, from a century of horrors. Man made a world where standing together is impossible." Again, if this is the case, why not go back home?

No doubt that Wonder Woman was on the winning side of the first World War. This conflict hardly gets the love and allure of World War II. Nonetheless, it is not controversial like the Vietnam War. Soldiers receive a hero's welcome from the second World War. Sadly, soldiers receive vitriol that returns from Vietnam. She defeated Ares, but the conflict was not as clear-cut as she thought it to be. In addition, is the loss of her love, Steve Trevor. In Diana's eyes, she is not really a hero. Remember Steve's words about the conflict, "the war to end all wars" - a line from author H.G. Wells. Yet, the aftermath gave us World War II, which gave us The Cold War and on and on. Hence, Diana's words about mankind hold some weight. Why return when she feels she failed and must pay for her defeat. Remember, she left against her mother's wishes. No child wants to bring home disappointment to their parent(s).

Is Wonder Woman even a public person? There is a historical photograph from 1918, which is known and seen by a few people. In Wonder Woman 1984, we see her take out all surveillance equipment in the mall to remain unknown to society at large. Yes, there is her rescuing at the museum in Justice League. Yet, with the exception of the young girl speaking to her, this is not the Day of The Dead scene for Superman. Press outlets do not talk about her as they do Superman or Batman, if at all. Let us assume this is true for the sake of argument. Just like her sisters, she is also living in isolation. Yes, she lives in that world but does not embrace it, preferring to be left alone like a hermit. She may as well return then.

Upon her return, Diana and the audience can learn more about Themyscira. What are the ways, customs, and traditions? Has anything changed since her departure? With Steppenwolf's attack, we can see what the Amazons' isolation means for them in the aftermath. Are they truly safe? Slowly, Diana notices it was not isolation that ended those conflicts in that century of horrors. Nonetheless, there is much the Amazons can bring to the world of man. Over time, Diana realizes neither home is perfect, but she must arrive at a balance between the two. Is it wrong for Amazons, or anyone to ask for help? If they keep up this isolation when the next threat comes, who's to say they will survive that one? This is exactly what happens! No doubt man's world is not perfect, but the Amazons have much to learn as well.

By the end, Diana will learn she loves both worlds and has two homes. She returns to Man's World as an ambassador from Themyscira, aiding with international issues in the United Nations. Now she hopes she can spread the positive ideals from her home such as truth and women's rights to the world. Finally, another Amazon takes up the role of Wonder Woman, perhaps...Nubia?

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