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"Invincible": A Who's Who of Amazon Prime's Latest Animated Adaptation

by The Nerd Habit 11 months ago in entertainment
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Here's a quick look at some of the most important faces of the series!

by Jerah Rose

In my final article in the Invincible article series, I wanted to walk you through each of the major players, their powers, and a little about who they are. This article will be the final article covering season one of Amazon Prime’s animated adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s Invincible! I can’t wait to cover news and happenings for season two!

I can be a reasonably obsessive person when it comes to all of the things in the nerd world that I fall in love with. I want more! More content! More world-building! Just...more information! I am hoping that I have picked up a few new Invincible fans! So I wanted to provide a brief introduction to a few of the longest-running characters.

Mark Grayson/Invincible

Mark Grayson is the son of Debbie and Nolan Grayson. But his father is also Omni-Man! These genetics make Mark half Viltrumite and gives him all of your classic Superman powers and then some. The Invincible comic follows Mark’s journey from an average high school student to an up-and-coming superhero. Balancing school and dating life with responsibilities to save the world show a more authentic side to the classically romanticized hero’s journey. Mark’s powers give him super speed, super strength, and make him...well, invincible!

Nolan Grayson/Omni-Man

Nolan Grayson is Mark Grayson’s father. But he is also a member of the Viltrumite Empire. Nolan chose a secret identity as an author to settle down with his family and chose the Omni-Man persona to pose as a protector of Earth. The people of the planet Viltrum are a warrior race, and Nolan is no different. Superhuman strength, speed, and physical invincibility make the Viltrumites powerful allies and formidable foes.

Samantha Wilkins/Atom Eve

She is the hero I have been fangirling over for a decade. This was the moment I waited for when the Invincible series aired! Atom Eve! Samantha Wilkins is a friend in Mark Grayson’s high school classes by day and crime-fighting Teen Team member by night as a member of the Teen Team Atom Eve fights with her power of subatomic manipulation! Eve can create anything from, well, anything. She rearranges the molecules of everything around her into something else. She makes her costume, balances on air to fly, and creates force fields and restraints from seemingly nothing!

Rex Splode

Rex Splode tends to play as more comic relief than anything else. His ability to infuse any item with potential energy, turning it into a bomb, comes in handy for the Teen Team. Rex’s wisecracks and wandering eye make him a welcome addition to breathe a little humor into some of the more serious issues. Rex is so likable in the Invincible universe that Robot chooses to base his clone on Rex’s DNA! You can find out more about Atom Eve and Rex Splode in Invincible Presents: Atom Eve and Rex Splode. These short side issues provide more information about where these two come from, why they are so close, and how they became heroes.


Robot is the brains behind the Teen Team operation. He then becomes the brains behind the entire second-gen Guardians of the Globe following the deaths of the original Guardians. He is famously no-nonsense and the ultimate professional. Or at least that is how he presents himself. Rudolph Conners is unable to breathe normal air without poisonous side effects. He lives in a containment unit and operates Robot telepathically until he can transfer his consciousness to a new, cloned body. To prevent facing identical oxygen intolerance, Robot clones Rex instead of his original body. Robot has a soft spot for Monster Girl, who has a soft spot for Rex Splode.

Monster Girl

Another long-term character and sometimes leading lady is Monster Girl. Amanda can, essentially, “Hulk out.” She turns into a giant, green ogre when she uses her powers. This power makes her a super valuable addition to the second generation of the Guardians of the Globe. The only problem is that using her powers causes her aging to reverse. Each time she turns to fight with the Guardians, she is younger and younger when she returns to her human form!

Allen the Alien

Next up, we have Allen the alien! This is one of the characters I wished had more screen time in season one. But I am so looking forward to more Allen in future seasons of Amazon Prime’s Invincible! Allen is an alien who works for the Coalition of Planets. He travels through the galaxies, “testing” the heroes on each planet. He calls it training, but, in reality, Allen is looking for someone who could stand a chance in helping to defeat the Viltrumite Empire! Allen is my favorite comic relief character, and I can’t possibly think of any better casting for this character.

Cecil Stedman

Cecil Stedman is the government operative in charge of all of the real-life conspiracy theories that show up in the pages of Invincible. He is the agent that deploys the supers to defend the United States and oversees the Guardians of the Globe, in addition to countless other supernatural projects. It’s always difficult to track whether Cecil is “one of the good guys” or someone suspicious. The pendulum swings back and forth with Cecil. He rationalizes his calls by doing what he has to do to protect the country. I can’t wait to see what the show does with his character.

That does it for this list to break down some of the core characters of Amazon Prime’s Invincible season one! I chose the characters we are most likely to see much more of in the coming seasons. These are some of the most prominent and some of my favorite characters! Let me know who I forgot or what you want to know more about next!


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