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'Infinity Gauntlet'—'Infinity War'

Comics vs MCU

By Alexandrea CallaghanPublished 5 years ago 3 min read

As we know the MCU’s Infinity War had little to nothing to do with the actual Infinity War comic. The cinematic story actually follows closer to Infinity Gauntlet and by closer I mean... There is an Infinity Gauntlet. Though neither comic book story line is really reflected in the MCU’s biggest Avenger’s movie, there are bits and pieces from Infinity Gauntlet that could possibly come into play in Endgame (whether we want them to or not).

The biggest thing the Infinity War movie and the Infinity Gauntlet have in common is that Thanos wields the gauntlet and uses it to wipe out half of the universe population. From there the movie takes many liberties with the story that were nowhere to be found in the comic books. Without the presence of Mistress Death, Adam Warlock, The Silver Surfer and Living Tribunal there was no hope in sticking to the comics. While we have seen Adam Warlock, we have not seen him in action. There is hope that he will make an appearance in Endgame.

In the comics Thanos opposes a team of heroes led by Adam Warlock, including Mistress Death. Feeling betrayed my Death and Mephisto he traps everyone in stasis and goes into an astral state himself. Seeing an opportunity Nebula steals the Infinity Gauntlet. Thanos is the one to ultimately get the gauntlet away from Nebula but not before she undid everything he destroyed. She resets the universe to one day before Thanos decimates half the universe, wills herself back to health and then Adam Warlock takes the Gauntlet to the dismay of his fellow heroes. He keeps it. The battle for the gauntlet appears to kill Thanos in a suicide bomb blast, but Adam finds him later on an unnamed planet where he is living as a farmer having given up his quest for power.

Now the likelihood that any of this will come to pass in Endgame is very low, as they included heroes that were never in the original story or comic into the MCU.

However there are several tidbits in the comics that could possibly come to play in Endgame. The decapitation of Iron Man may happen, we all know it is Downey’s last film and we have all speculated that he is going to die. Knowing this is one thing, seeing a character portrayed beautifully and by someone you’ve loved for 10 years is another. So, I’m not entirely sure how comic accurate I would like his death to be if it does in fact take place. Captain America being the last man standing—a tidbit I would love to see, however I do believe that since the MCU has set Downy up as the leader they could possibly kill my Cap first. That would be rude and inaccurate but the MCU has proven over and over that they could care less about comic book accuracy. With this Captain America’s shattered shield—imagery that is, I feel, very important to the story would be a heartbreaking end to Captain America’s journey in the MCU.

Now realistically they might not actually kill Iron Man in Endgame, but I believe that generic fan speculation suggests that one of our major leaders is going to die. From a writer’s standpoint it would make more sense to kill Captain America to set up the taking up of his mantle by either Falcon or Winter Soldier (or possibly both at some point). Also from a writer's perspective they could still potentially kill both of them (it is what I would do but the MCU writers are not as jaded as I am). Killing Iron Man would have an Uncle Ben effect on our Spider man, creating a new drive and motivation and opening up more story lines for him as well. However I don’t think Downy dies in Endgame for the simple fact that Peter seems far to functioning in the trailers for Far From Home. I don’t believe he would be all good to go after seeing his mentor die. Either way killing off the original cast of Avengers will be painful as an audience member but does, unfortunately, make the most sense for the writers trying set up the next phase of the MCU.


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