Important Girl x Girl Couples

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Both canon & non-canon.

Important Girl x Girl Couples

However you prefer to refer to your girl/girl ships, whether you use yuri, shoujo-ai, or femmeslash, the lesbianism is proven to be just as strong and relevant as its other romantic counterparts, being the main theme in many successful novels, films, and even wonderfully written fan fiction. This article will discuss some of the most powerful femslash couples and will include both canon and non-canon pairs. This article will also contain some personal experience, opinion, and some spoilers may occur.

There's a reason why Sailor Moon is considered one of the most popular anime shows in the world. Everything about the show oozes with art with its wonderful soundtrack, a wonderful cast of characters, and the wonderful relationships between the characters.

This list would never be complete without this iconic couple. Haruka and Michiru are one of my favourite couples in the Sailor Moon franchise because of how devoted they are to each other. They show time and time again that they are willing to sacrifice themselves for the other.

They truly bring out the best in each other and their chemistry is exceptional without coming across as too forced or cheesy. Though they may appear different, they truly compliment each other.

Harley and Ivy's relationship has been reinterpreted so many times by the comics and the TV series. Some choose to see them as friends whilst others choose to see them as lovers. Either way, there's no doubt that their chemistry and positive feelings towards each other are very authentic. Their interactions are compelling and unpredictable. What makes them more compelling is that both of these supervillains are dripping in charisma.

The Legend Of Korra is one of the great things that Nickelodeon has put out in years. It's well written, with beautiful artwork and an epic plot. When the show ended, many people rejoiced, but many also claimed to have been surprised and didn't see Korrasami becoming canon too. It was also confirmed by the creators they do in fact become a couple.

Korra and Asami don't have to make out or touch each other silly to show that they love each other. They already show it through different means throughout the series. When Korra was in her darkest hours, Asami was the one she turned to. After losing her father, Korra was the one muse that kept Asami going.

The way Kora and Asami look at each other in the end and the way they talk to each other. It shows a very deep relationship. They don't need to say a thing, it's all just there.

Corpse Party is one of the best horror games out there. I saw the OVA before I heard about the games. And even though I knew a lot of the characters were going to die, I did not want any of them to die because of how well written and how much depth the characters had. Naomi and Seiko's relationship driven by their passionate friendship and mild crush towards each other truly benefits from this. I just wished they could have had that fluffy fairy tale ending, but then I remembered this is a horror game.

The Handmaiden is an excellent film that has been loosely adapted from Sarah Water's novel, The Fingersmith. Though there are a lot of understandable changes which also make The Handmaiden its own story, it also paints the wonderful passion between Sook-hee and Lady Hideko.

Despite everything against their odds, they are still able to succeed in running away together in the end. Both characters are clever and crafty, but their own motives are set aside when they put their love first. They're a brilliant couple and their love scenes are a treat to watch as you see them grow as characters throughout the film.

This French film is one that I believe will be a future classic. The film tells the story of Adèle who discovers and loses herself and eventually falls in love with Emma, a girl with blue hair. The film follows their journey through how they develop as a couple to how they eventually break up. With sensational performances all round, this couple will leave you on the edge of their seat.

Miyu x Chisato (Vampire Princess Miyu)

This is one of the rare and obscure non-canon pairs that I love. I would go as far as to say that they were my first OTP. I wanted to see Chisato and Miyu as a couple for many reasons. I enjoyed their interactions and the way Chisato invited Miyu into her life was fun to watch. I felt that they could have bounced as each other. I think they had a lot of potential as a couple even though the show took another direction, it remains of my favourite animes and this remains one of my favourite ships. I'm guilty of being responsible for pretty much all the bad Chisato/Miyu fan art and fan fiction around the web. But I promise that one day I'll write a really exceptional fic with these two.

This is my ultimate OTP. They're a huge inspiration towards a lot of my fanfics and when I first got into the ship, it was really obscure and unloved, but now the Ace Attorney fandom's increased, it's finally getting the love and attention it deserves and has really brought out a positive influence on the community as a whole. Maya and Franziska are two of my favourite characters from any video game. Keep the Franmaya fics coming guys!

These two are just incredible. Sometimes it's hard to tell what these two are meant to be. One minute, they're enemies and other times they're best of friends going on shopping sprees. They're so complicated, but it's so epic. They're both a real driving force to the series.

Tomoyo's affection for Sakura is adorable and lovingly sweet. Syaoran Li and Sakura is the big couple in this show, but not once does Tomoyo appear to be jealous or angry over this. Instead, she accepts it and continues to support Sakura however she can. This tells a lot about her character and shows how kind and great she is. Just goes to show that love can come in many shapes and forms.

There are so many more likeable lesbian couples out there in the media. More than I perhaps should have mentioned, but didn't as they have already featured in other lists similar to this and I didn't want this list to be a carbon copy. Still, I hope you enjoyed reading this article.

If you enjoyed reading this, I recommend my friend's blog Yuri Goggles which contains enough yuri material to keep you going until Christmas.

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