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How to Read More Books?

by Katherine Allen 9 months ago in literature
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Ways you can read more books in 2021

How to Read More Books?
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There are two types of people; the first type comprises those who take time out of their reading schedule to do other activities, whereas the other type consists of those who can’t manage to take out time to read any book. It only happens because they haven’t developed the habit of reading books. 

There are many people who love the idea of reading books but can’t seem to do it. Well, you need not fret over it anymore. We have rounded up a list of book- read for you to build a habit and be consistent at it. So, even if your schedule is unyieldingly jam-packed, use the following strategies to build a habit of reading books.

9 Expert ways to read more books this year

1. Make reading a part of your routine:

Fix a time of the day and dedicate it to reading at least a few pages, a chapter or maybe more than one chapter. The best way to ensure you stick to your reading plan is to incorporate reading time into your daily routine and gradually increase the number of pages to be read in a day. Adopt this, and voila, you’re already there!

2. Read before your bedtime:

For starters, stop what seems like endless scrolling on Instagram and Twitter, drop the idea of checking your phone before you fall asleep and utilise this time for reading. Don’t quit even if it makes you dizzy and you fall asleep 5 minutes into the first chapter, and we are sure, reading yourself some bedtime stories will become a habit.

3. Always keep a book with you:

Whether you’re standing hopelessly in the grocery store’s serpentine queue, waiting at the train station or travelling somewhere, carrying a book along, you will have a constant companionship of a friend who will never let you feel lonely or bored. If the idea of carrying a book sounds heavy, don’t think twice to resort to a Kindle. Tada!

4. Experiment with genres:

Do not confine yourself to a single genre until you find the right books to read. Once you are done reading that romantic story, try a thriller or maybe a comedy and then proceed towards a sci-fi. The choices are limitless. There’s a whole world of different experiences packed in various genres of books waiting for you to wander and explore the most of it.

5. Audiobooks pretty much count:

Let’s face it. We are all unique beings and we all prefer different ways to learn and retain information in our own peculiar ways. So, if physical books can’t seem to evoke your interest, don’t fear to chuck them. Although listening to audiobooks isn’t technically reading, if the prospects of listening to new stories excite you, you’re in for an adventure.

6. Participate in reading challenges:

In order to inculcate the habit of reading books, this is probably the easiest and the most fun way. There are numerous book platforms and book clubs, like Goodreads, that organise reading challenges and turn the whole reading experience into a game. What’s more? Seeing fellow readers, you not only get an inspiration to read more but you also get to discover many new fantastic reads, which you may have missed otherwise. Sounds like a deal, doesn’t it?

7. Join a book club:

Joining a book club means guaranteed motivation from ardent bookworms, interesting book recommendations from bibliophiles and a tribe of book lovers to discuss your favourite books, authors, and so much more. So, the most effective way to increase your reading is to subscribe to a book club.

8. Set a reading goal:

Before setting a reading goal, just keep in mind that you are not compelled to set unattainable lofty goals. If you’re not an avid reader, start by fixing a humble goal like one book per month or two chapters every day, and as we said in the beginning, you can gradually jump up to more. This way, you can remain stress-free and enjoy the process of reading. 

9. Choose a cosy reading corner:

Sometimes the kind of environment you are in also influences your reading mood. You can take a step towards inspiring yourself to read more by setting up a small corner in your home and dedicating it solely to your books. 


If you are falling behind and can’t keep up with the resolution of reading more books, try the above-mentioned tips. If you have any more ideas that have helped you keeping up with your reading list, feel free to discuss with your friends and enjoy the freedom of wandering around the world without actually moving.


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