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How to Become a Film Director

In 12 easy steps.

By Adrian A. Pedrin V.Published 7 years ago 3 min read
This is not an Alexa or a RED camera so I have no idea what it is.

How to become a Film Director

So you want to become a film director? Here are a top 12 things you HAVE to do to become a Film Director.

  1. Tell everyone you know and meet that you are a film director, it does not matter one bit if you have NEVER directed anything in your life. Remember, EVERYONE you meet must know you are a film director and you can do better than any hack who’s movies are in theaters. Don’t forget you are better than them and let everyone know. Telling people you are a film director is the most crucial part in actually being a film director. It's not technique or style.
  2. Write a script. If you can’t write a script then have ideas, write the ideas down and that's your script. If someone asks you about a shot list or storyboard, just point to your head and say “it’s all in my head, I got this.”
  3. It’s all about the equipment. You are not a director if you don’t have the latest gadget or camera. If you meet another film director and he’s not using a RED or Arri Alexa then it’s your duty to let him know how unprofessional he is and how his film is going to suck. Please don’t skip this step as it's crucial to your directing career. You get extra points if you are able to criticize his poor choice of lenses, goes double points if it's an HDSLR with the stock lens.
  4. By no means will it ever be your fault if the movie comes out like a piece of shit. It's the actors fault, always. Your vision was clear, their experience was none existent. Freaking divas.
  5. Never focus on the story, always focus on camera movement. If this is unclear please refer to Michael Bay’s films, he is the best director out there.
  6. When an actor tries to give comments on his character, always let him know that you are the director and he is nothing without you. It's very important that he knows that its your vision and not his.
  7. Whenever you speak with an actor or anyone for that matter, always name drop directors, it does not matter if you have seen their movies. If someone asks you about one of those directors movies just respond with “I have not seen it yet but its on my watch list.”
  8. Talk about all the movies you have in development. People will be amazed at how many projects you have going on and they will be 100% sure that you are a successful film director, and remember that you will always have a film in either Pre Production, Production or Post Production… Always!
  9. Let everyone know that since you are a film director. Your opinion on films matters more than theirs, if you think a movie is bad then it's bad, you are a film director!
  10. Always remember that when you shoot a music video, commercial or film, always post pictures in social media. Doesn’t matter if you post a ton, the more the better. That production will never see the light of day but your fans will know that you are in fact a film director. Remember, concentrate on posting pictures to social media, NEVER concentrate on the shoot itself. The people need to know you are a director and the best way is through social media.
  11. lease whatever you do, don’t forget to take your picture next to or behind a camera looking trough the viewfinder, even if it's a prop camera or if you are working as an extra on a set. Take a picture with that Arri or RED, if neither a Red or Arri are available then you are not on your way to becoming a film director.
  12. Talk down to every other director you know, even if they have directed more than you, have experience, and you haven't directed anything. Talk down to them, they will respect you and want to work with you.


This list was compiled with experiences I have lived in my film career. This is not for real, its bad advice, actually do the opposite and you should be fine.

You can Contact me at [email protected] or via Twitter @adrianpedrin, also you can check out my feature film “The Garden’s Keeper” on Amazon.

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    Adrian A. Pedrin V.Written by Adrian A. Pedrin V.

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