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He came up, out the mud.

by Terrence about a year ago in comics · updated about a year ago
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Zaigon-Uhuru-Page- 4

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Two people showed up ! One was a woman that stood around 5’9 with a slim build. Her eyes were covered as if she were blocking sunlight or blind. She had dreads and looked human except for her bird feet.The guy was much larger around 6’4 , he’s a hulking figure with big muscles holding a club. He’s a humanoid eagle with medium sized wings for a bird. The girl says,” hi my name is preya, you guys look strong!, good thing we ordered the weaklings to retreat once they became useless”.

Altho says,” You should have fled with the rest of the cowards. The eagle says his name is fritz and that the elephants are so weak that they can take over the city with just the two of them. Altho , keechad, and heel stand up to them as the rest of the elephants are ordered to let the king know that there are a few birds left trying to fight. Let them know they look strong but we outnumber them 2 to 3.

Altho jumped quickly and launched a vicious surprise attack that damaged the ground. They both jumped and dodged in opposite directions. Before keechad could react, preya slapped him so hard you would’ve thought you heard a gunshot. Fritz tried to blitz heel with his club and his attack was sent back. He had a surprised look as he realized heels power.

Altho attacked both of them with his reaper attack and they both dodged. They created some space in between the enemies , while doings so. Fritz and Preya whispered to each other, as if they were game planning what they witnessed from the elephants power. Preya licked her shuriken and threw the shurikens at Keechad. It looked like he was slightly grazed in the arm. She also threw some at altho but he dodged them.

There was a muffled yell, it came from Keechad. Half of his body was grey and had turned to stone! Keechad started to panic , but Altho calmed him down and told him to have faith in himself. Keechad decided to listen and started calming down. Even though they were locked in a drastic death battle his mind wandered off to his childhood.

The scene changes into kid Keechad rolling in the mud having the time of his life. The moment only seemed to last for a little bit before his dad came yelling at the top of lungs, “Why would you ruin the family well?! Do you know how hard they are to build ?! Of course you don’t! You don’t know anything ! The worse son ever! I’m moving you in the barn since you act like an animal!!”

Keechad felt like his father took something from him that day, it was akin to an earth human losing their humanity. The rest of his days seemed to pointlessly fly by. Until one day he was visited by the King. He arrived riding on a Drord. They have a Polar bear like body with an alligator shaped head. It’s covered in dark purple fur from head to toe. They are large enough, to where a tamed Drord can be ridden with a harness through its tough mouth. Even though they are meat eaters. Drords are scared of powers, and are usually useless in war.

King Gargantuan explained that he arrived to invite Keechad to train in the army. He’d be paid well and he wanted to emphasize that he believed in Keechads power. There were rumors around town and Keechad was the laughing stock. A teenage fool, who lives in his barn with a weird mud power. Wise in years the king knew better, there would be no walls that wouldn’t crumble . No castle walls that they couldn’t enter if they need be.

Page 5 available here on vocal by 10/11/2021

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