Hairspray (2007) - A Movie Review

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'Hairspray' represents one of the most important messages to audiences.

Hairspray (2007) - A Movie Review

Don’t ever let life hold you back. Sometimes you just have to dance after your dreams.

Hairspray hit theaters in 2007. Based on the original 1988 film and Broadway musical, Tracey Turnblad, a plump, but energetic girl, dreams to dance on one of her favorite shows. Taking place in the 60s, Tracey not only fights for herself, but she persistently tries to put an end to segregation.

If there’s any movie that I wish I saw in theaters, I would have loved to experience Hairspray, obviously dancing around in my seat. Hairspray represents one of the most important messages to audiences. No matter what size, race, or gender you are anybody has the right to stand up for themselves to make a change.

The entire cast of Hairspray is an all-star ensemble! Everyone put their heart into dancing, singing, and acting. Whether they were unknowns at the time, Hairspray gave them a chance to shine hidden talents. A lot went into making this movie. Hairspray would not be what it is without its phenomenal performances.

Right when the movie begins, Nikki Blonsky is on fire with her contagious enthusiasm, incredible talents, and remarkable voice. For her very first film, Blonsky blew me away. She danced her heart out never showing a beat of sweat. I will never forget her hard work and dedication to Tracey’s rich personality and fiery comebacks.

Tracey Turnblad is the driving force of Hairspray. She is not afraid to be who she is. Tracey stands out as an inspiration to all to those who feel insecure about themselves.

If you are wondering who that is playing Edna Turnblad, that is John Travolta! As a tradition since Hairspray debuted, Edna Turnblad is performed by a male actor. Travolta was fantastic and even now when watching, I forget that it’s him. Travolta and Christopher Walken were terrific as Tracey’s parents, especially in their tango dream sequence.

Every single actor did a phenomenal job. Each character harbors an insecurity that we can relate to. Amanda Bynes, Elijah Kelley, Michelle Pfeiffer, Brittany Snow, Zac Efron, Queen Latifah, James Mardsen, and Taylor Parks were amazing. Allison Janney, Paul Dooley, Jayne Eastwood, and Jerry Stiller make brief, but memorable appearances.

The entire ensemble of the Corny Collins Show are remarkable. Sure, they are there just as dancers, but they created their own characters and constructed subtle relationships. Now, I appreciate their performances all the more.

A few story elements were changed in the film. While I liked these changes, I feel like it ruined the development of Link Larkin, the love interest of Tracey. In the stage musical, he has a major scene in which is pivotal in his relationship with Tracey. The movie could have done a better job with the purpose of Link’s character, instead of having him stand off to the side.

I recommend that you watch all the behind the scene features for this movie. I once spent an entire day binging all the rehearsals for the dances, songs, and interviews. Every time I watch these clips it makes me wish that I was a part of this movie.

Hairspray is an amazing film. Adam Shankman’s dedication to every musical performance is pure entertainment. Not once does the film fall flat. Shankman’s powerful direction to convey an important message is the highlight of Hairspray. We are all our own person.

Re-watching Hairspray was an incredible time. Hairspray will always be one of my favorite musicals. If you have not watched it, I suggest that you find it on Netflix and have a dance party on your Friday night.

Marielle Sabbag
Marielle Sabbag
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