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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3: The First F-word in a Marvel Movie (And What it Probably Means)

This movie speaks volumes

By emPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3: The First F-word in a Marvel Movie (And What it Probably Means)
Photo by Sid Balachandran on Unsplash

A franchise with a large audience of children (not an audience of large children) built on the very foundations of being just, being respectful and being moral-driven leaders. Philosophies these superheroes swear by.

Well, now they’re just swearing.

From a movie where they can’t even say “sh*t” without Captain America calling them out on their language to the infamous F-word being launched faster than their Quad Blasters. This franchise just inherited a new, older, cooler audience.

They’ll be gambling next, guards of the Orgosentry opening up poker tables in the middle of the Orgosphere. Groot will take up a chain-smoking habit that will most definitely kill him (forget the nicotine, the man’s made of wood!) and Rocket Racoon will probably get skewered and stuck on an alien barbecue.

Are Marvel movies finally evolving? Side-stepping around the already adult-centric Deadpool who belongs to an MCU where only he and James McAvoy reside, the side of the multiverse we know and love as the Avenger’s turf is finally Ironman-ing up.

No more Mr Nice Superhero it seems. After losing half the population and our favourite anchor-bearded billionaire, perhaps the supernatural vigilantes are sick of playing the polite game.

Enter: Star-Lord. Our favourite intergalactic ravager turned good guy (played by the beloved Chris Pratt. He’ll probably change his name to Chris Pr*ck or something now) sat in the driver’s seat of a 1980s Dodge Diplomat on a planet named Counter-Earth - which would have been suspiciously convincing if it weren’t for the fact that Counter-Earth’s “people” were human-sized animals (ever seen a 6ft bunny in a suit? Way less cute than you’d imagine).

Nebula, the wronged humanoid now on the right path and sister of Star-Lord’s soulmate Gamora (don’t get me started on that) is, as expected, unfamiliar with the workings of a car. Attempting to pry open the passenger side door, Quill gets flustered - there’s no time to waste! The High Evolutionary is trying to kill their best rodentlike friend! - and ends up half-shouting at Nebula:

“Open the f*cking door.”

There were probably more appropriate times to burst the F-word-free bubble. Car trouble was the least of their worries throughout the 2-hour 30-minute length film. But hey, it was their first time. Like an 11-year-old flipping the bird at his dad, he’s bound to be all fingers and thumbs. We’ll let this one slide, just this once.

And sure, it’s only a lone swear word. Maybe we misheard him. “Get in the swashbuckling car!” It doesn’t have the same abrasive ring, but I can definitely imagine said if there was a Guardians x Pirates of the Caribbean crossover (please, somebody, I beg of you: make Pirates of the Galaxy or Guardians of the Caribbean - and stat). In any case, I think this single daring statement is the command that’s about to open the floodgates, like the string of arbitrary phrases that trigger Bucky Barnes into becoming the Winter Soldier, and suddenly we’re going to see our superheroes being a little less “super” and a lot more “normal, angry, wronged individuals who are sick of all this bad guy shi-”

I don’t know about you, but I cannot f*cking wait.

This movie was, as often is the case with Marvel, a cinematic masterpiece. No amount of expletives nor grimdark narratives can alter the stellar storytelling we’re exposed to every time we plop down in front of an IMAX screen to watch what wicked things the multiverse is up to this time. Stan Lee, the brilliant brain that birthed these marvels and the OG hero of all time created these guardians to protect the universe now that he’s gone.

And that they have. He did good. They did good.

James Dunn good.

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  • Randy Wayne Jellison-Knock4 months ago

    Love the franchise. Love the first two Guardians movies. Haven't seen this one yet but looking forward to it. Fun review.

  • L.C. Schäfer4 months ago

    I read this the way Harry walks through the Chamber of Secrets. Ready to slam my eyes shut at the hint of a spoiler. Glad I risked it! 😁

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