'Greenleaf' Spinoff: What We Know Already

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Creator Craig Wright has given some information about upcoming "Greenleaf" spinoff.

'Greenleaf' Spinoff: What We Know Already

The cast, crew, and viewers of Greenleaf on OWN said a benediction after the series ended on Tuesday, August 11, 2020. While there will be no Season 6, there will be the next best thing. According to creator and writer Craig Wright, there will definitely be a Greenleaf spinoff. After the finale, Wright revealed quite a bit of information in an interview with TVLine.

Wright assured fans that he had always envisioned Greenleaf to have only five seasons followed by a spinoff. In other words, even though the main series has ended, individual stories of the Greenleaf family will continue in some way.

Ending of "Greenleaf"

Before discussing the spinoff, Wright explained why the series ended the way it did. In the penultimate episode, most fans suspected that Bishop James Greenleaf had died after he couldn't speak and he slumped over on the bed. Wright revealed that he did not know initially that the patriarch of the Greenleaf family was going to die. However, he knew something had to happen to "eclipse the male power" of the series. He wanted to minimize the male authority in a respectful way.

Transitioning Into the Spinoff

Bishop Greenleaf's death was a springboard into the spinoff with Lady Mae being in the lead. That was evident by the powerful sermon she preached in her ex-husband's honor. That assures fans that Lady Mae will take on the role of pastor of Calvary or another church, according to the creator.

They had many challenges and disagreements, but it was evident that Bishop Greenleaf and Lady Mae still loved each other even though they were divorced. It is too bad he didn't live long enough for them to remarry. Lady Mae is grieving now, but she is expected to find love again. That's the way Lynn Whitfield wants it. She reminded the creator of the spinoff that she is a sexy woman of passion and desire. Perhaps not right away, but Lady Mae will eventually have another male companion.

Jacob's Role in the Spinoff

The groundwork was laid in the finale for Jacob's new relationship when Tara showed up at Calvary along with her own congregation to hear Lady Mae speak. Jacob will have to make a decision between a relationship with Tara or her sister-in-law Tasha. According to Wright, the triangle will be great for Jacob to find himself, especially since he is the last standing male in the Greenleaf family.

Charity's Transformation

After viewers see Charity's remarkable transformation in the spinoff, they will forget how she was in the five-season series with her heart set on preaching a series. She will be stronger and more satisfied with her life. If you are wondering if her transformation involves Phil, you will see him return in Season 3 of the spinoff. It will be very interesting to find out if Charity takes him back, or if she is completely over him.

With Grace gone, Lady Mae will rely more on Charity for support and advice. That never happened in Greenleaf when Grace was around.

Grace's Role in the Spinoff

When Grace left to go to New York, fans might have thought that she would not be in the spinoff. According to Wright, she will be part of the continuing story, but he doesn't know the role she will have. When the driver in the car addressed her as Pastor Greenleaf, she said, "Just Grace Greenleaf." That's a hint that she might be changing careers to something more secular. In the finale, she was on her way to New York for a job interview. Darius told her he would be willing to join her if she moved to New York.

Release Date For the Spinoff

Even though Wright has hinted about some people and some stories that will be in the spinoff, he did not say a date when the spinoff will be released. Filming has not begun on the new series. An educated guess is that the spinoff will be released around the middle of 2021 or later. No matter when it comes, millions of viewers will be ready for it.

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