Going back to the 90's

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Bringing back the nostalgia 90's feeling

Going back to the 90's

Don't you just miss the 90's? In this post, I'm going to bring us back to the 90's with all nostalgia food, games, and whatnot. I'm sure you miss the 90's as much as I do. Some things we can't even get or experience it anymore nowadays. These are what made our childhood better because we get to experience so many different things while growing up.

The GameBoy. This was something really popular in the 90's. As a kid, we were hooked on GameBoy because most times our parents wouldn't allow us to use the computer. GameBoy have the power of making us beg our parents to buy us different game cartridge just so we can have the variety of games to play. My first game I got on the GameBoy was Pokemon. Spending my day being addicted to it and if you have siblings, you know the struggle, fighting with one another to have the GameBoy.

Delicious delicious Popsicle. We would get our hands all sticky eating these. They come with different flavors and it's so delicious. Nowadays, there's similar ones like Lipton Ice Lemon Tea Popsicle flavors which is delicious as well. Sometimes, when I feel like reliving my childhood with Popsicle, I would head to the shop and get one of the Lipton Popsicle.

YES! The tic tac toe located at every playground! Children in the 90's would head over to the playground just for this. We would play with our siblings or friends until we get bored of it. Sometimes, if we're alone, we would just keep turning them until we get bored. You might say, 'but there's swings and slides, and many other things to play, why that?'. Truth be told, I don't know. But something about this tic tac toe has the power that makes us run towards it.

Crayola stamp markers. The vast majority of the 90's kids would have this. I was on end begging my parents to get me these markers when they were selling it at my school. It was something that I'll bring with me to school so that I can draw and use these stamps all over it to decorate my drawings. I'm pretty sure I kept mine until now even when it's all dried up and non-usable anymore.

The one game we all had trouble figuring out how to play as a kid. Minesweeper, the death of us all. Sitting in front of a computer with the only game installed on the computer, randomly clicking our way through hoping we're lucky enough to not kill the game and restart all over.

Never ending snacks and candies. Growing up in the 90's, I would always walk to the shop to get snacks and candies like eyeglass candy, monster candies, choki-choki chocolate, poprocks and the never-ending choices. As a kid, the best part of the day is getting these snacks and candies. Looking at this picture makes me misses my childhood snacks.

Ah yes, the cassette tape. One thing for sure as someone from the 90's, we cannot forget about it. All those times when we must roll the film back into the tape just so we can play a song or recording again. Sometimes, we would even pull the film out just to roll it back in.

Furby is one of the toys that made us scared that it will come alive or wondering if it's even alive. Furby looks quite real and scary if you see the toy. It comes in a few different color and was popular back then.

That snap-back ruler bracelet we all love. Smack that ruler on your wrist and it will become a fancy bracelet. Everyone had at least one of it and some would even collect a variety of it. Kind of hurts when you smack it on your wrist.

The all-time favorite Tamagotchi. It's a device for us to take care of a pet. We'll have to feed them, play with them, give them attention, even clean up their business! It's small and easy to carry everywhere. If we missed out on feeding them and cleaning them up, they will get upset and literally die!


I'm sure there's some things that I've miss out on (or a lot of things). But these are some of the things that's quite prominent to me. There are tons of things from the 90's that we miss.

Let's relish those childhood memories together!

Cherii C.
Cherii C.
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