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Five must-see "old school" shows on Netflix

by Lea Wilson 27 days ago in tv

Here are some shows to satisfy your binge need

Five must-see "old school" shows on Netflix

So anyone who knows me, knows I love classic anything. I mean, classic books, music, movies, shows. But for the purposes of this list, I wanted to keep it as simple as possible. There are five shows on Netflix that are either actually retro or are older than three years ago that you should definitely take the time to watch.

Strek Trek (the original series)

Okay so I’m a HUGE Trekkie and I have watched and rewatched the original series so many times and I will never get sick of it. Filmed from 1966-1969 before getting pulled and later made into movies with the original cast. If you love the new reboot movies then you will still love the old school original show. It is truly worth the watch if nothing else to get a serious kick out of Shatner’s sometimes ridiculous reactions. If you don’t know what Star Trek is (the only way that’s happened is you live under a rock) it is a Science Fiction adventure story about a team of people exploring space. They run into all sorts of situations and sometimes there are love interests as well. But most of all, just a lot of fun. This show is my number one favorite show of all time. Which is actually saying a lot.

Twin Peaks

No this is not like the restaurant in any way, so get your dirty minds out of the gutter. I stumbled across this show after browsing on Netflix for my next binge a couple of years ago. This show was filmed from 1990-1991 and is totally worth the two seasons they put out. This show is a crime drama, takes place in a place called Twin Peaks and an FBI agent arrives who is trying to solve a murder that of a young woman. The visuals and eerie and slightly strange nuances of this show are just something to experience.

The Twilight Zone (the original series)

Okay so this pick is not going to be for everyone, it was filmed from 1959-1964 so there are several seasons and I will be honest, some are actually kind of boring. But a vast majority are actually really good. And two of the OG Star Trek cast are in a couple of episodes. My dad’s favorite episode is in season 5, episode 3: “Nightmare at 20,000 feet”. William Shatner is in this episode and shows his character as a man who had just recovered a mental breakdown and is seemingly maybe having another one on a plane and freaking everyone out. Maybe you should check it out for yourself.

Bates Motel

Okay, I may have just realized I see a theme in this current list and I swear it wasn’t on purpose. This show if you didn’t already know is based off the movie Psycho but takes place “current” day. The show was filmed from 2013-2017 and I know it barely qualifies on this list but since it started back in 2013 I think it counts. It also counts because even though it is modern it keeps all the retro feel of the original Psycho because of wardrobe choices and the decisions to keep the motel and house retro. It is truly a stunning show and it was completed with an ending. If you haven’t seen the original or the remake of the movie, it was based off the book. The main character Norman Bates is running a motel and he isn’t all that well in the head and a chain of events transpire which creates one of the most iconic horror movies ever. Just for fun, trivia fact a scene in the movie features the first-ever filmed flushing of a toilet. The Show follows along with the development of how Norman Bates becomes who he is. So we see him before the events in the movie. Worth a watch for sure.


Okay, so I put this on the list because I’m rewatching it with my cousin who is watching it for the first time and she loves it. And also because this show is a whirlwind of crazy. If you don’t know the story of Hannibal Lector, he is a fictional character created by Thomas Harris who wrote a few books in which we see this character take action. He is known for being a cannibalistic serial killer who, oh by the way is a psychiatrist. Well in this particular show, made from 2013-2015, takes place in “current” day and has a bit of an old school feel to it. Hannibal wears amazing suits, has a well-tuned palette and his speech is intelligent, well versed. This show will show you how he remains undetected right under everyone’s nose while he plays with their emotions at the same time. I love this show and I’m glad my cousin is getting into it.

Lea Wilson
Lea Wilson
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