Five Classic Films That Are Worth a Rewatch

by E Stolinski 5 months ago in movie

Or indeed worth watching if you never saw them before

Me and You and Everyone We Know

Miranda July’s barnstorming debut works on a few different levels, and it is worth watching it again to see how all the different stories interplay. Yes there are few moments that grate, such as the teen girl fantasy subplot, but overall it still hangs together really well, over a decade later.

Plus the score by Michael Andrews still sounds sensational.

By the way, I also just read July's novel The First Bad Man—it's great too!

Best scene:

Definitely when it all falls apart and she sits in her car writing on the inside of her windscreen (see above).

THX 1138

This will come as absolutely no surprise to anybody who knows me :)

I love this film so much. It was made (1971) back when Hollywood was pumping out really good paranoid thrillers. Everything about it is perfect‚ the acting, Walter Murch’s sound, the ending (which Me and You and Everyone We Know totally steals by the way). OK it does sag a bit in the middle but hey, it was only George Lucas's first feature film.

Best scene:

There are really so many good scenes to choose from such as vomiting in the confession booth, the mindblock (see above) and the light entertainment on TV being cops kicking the crap out of someone, but my fave scene has to be the courtroom. This is the future of the legal profession, people rapidly shouting precedents at each other.


I saw the original Terminator in the cinema recently alongside T2, since they were promoting the new Terminator franchise movie (number 7?!)

I was surprised to see that it isn't really a blockbuster movie at all; it predates that whole thing actually, it came out in 1984. The special effects are rubbish and to be honest it felt like a Troma bad horror film. In a good way though! The plot is first notch and of course Arnie is Arnie. I also rate Eraser and Total Recall.

Best scene:

It's gotta be the bit where Sarah Connor picks up the phone and it's her flatmate's boyfriend on the line. He starts off talking about what he's gonna to do to his girl and Sarah rolls with it for a bit, then announces herself and hands him over to the flatmate. Without missing a beat, he just starts the whole spiel off again. What a legend! Sadly, he will soon be dead.

My Own Private Idaho

Gus van Sant’s masterpiece, with outstanding performances from Udo Kier, Keanu Reeves and of course the one and only River Phoenix (gone but not forgotten). This clip is a heartbreaker every single time.

Overall the movie captures a certain time and a particular headspace for me I guess, but I think it does also stand up on its own two feet as a really fine arthouse film. Shame that Sant has had a rather chequered filmography ever since.

"Additional dialogue by William Shakespeare." :)

Best scene:

Udo wanting to be friends. Udo Kier is amazing. I saw him once in person promoting the absurd Austrian soap opera spoof Altes Geld. He hit on my friend and she said he had a certain animal magnetism... but also stank of booze.

Apocalypse Now Redux

Seeing this in the cinema with an additional Coppola interview at the end was a four hour marathon. Totally worth it! The sound is incredible, and overall it is a masterpiece. They for sure don't make them like this any more (see THX1138). This is on a par with vintage Herzog in terms of lunacy.

Martin Sheen is very good in the main role, even if he gets upstaged by both Duvall and Hopper. Brando is a bit overcooked for my taste, not that it matters by that point.

Best scene:

Hard to pick one scene from a movie filled with magic moment. Sheen's actual heart attack is nuts, the Valkyries are awesome but I think for sheer absurdity, the dudes surfing whilst under mortar fire is hard to beat.

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