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First Look at Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker


By Spencer MacAdamPublished 5 years ago 3 min read

A teaser released this week provided the first look at the upcoming Martin Scorsese Joker film set to be released in 2019. The increment revealed a mid shot of a man portrayed by Joaquin Phoenix known simply as Arthur. A clapperboard instigates the start of the clip. Accompaned by a presumed non diegitic audio. The Camera continues to push in on his face. A match cut reveals the same character this time in different attire as well as the fact that make up is now smeared across his face presenting a clown like appearance.

In 2005 Christopher Nolan began assembling the cinematic masterpiece that has become known as The Nolan Batman trilogy. Consisting of films including Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises the Nolan trilogy was met with widely positive reviews. Despite Batman's comic roots, Nolan utilized Bale's Batman in a more realistic take. The films abandon the traditional superhero genre and focus rather on the ability for batman to exist within the real world. In particular The Dark Knight has been noted as simply a thriller film. However in 2012 the trilogy came to an end with The Dark Knight Rises.

Ben Affleck became the first actor to deliver the role of Batman following Christian Bale. DC began their reboot of the Caped Crusader with Batman vs Superman. Despite their hopes the film was met with failed perception. Released in November of 2017 Justice League brought a long time group of superhero’s together. Among those on the golden screen was Batman reprised by Ben Affleck. Despite a pre determined hype the film failed to deliver receiving 40 percent on behalf of Rotten Tomatoes.

Released in 2008 the middle instalment in the nolan trilogy titled The Dark Knight captivated audiences into state of disbelief. Among the attributes associated with the films success was Heath Ledger's portrayal of the Joker. Receiving the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor Ledger's role swept audiences with a state of disbelief captivated by his sheer dedication to the role, which eventually led to his own demise. Following the cinematic success of Nolan's Joker fans were anxious to view Jared Leto's presentation of the character however the reception was not quite as positive. Despite Suicide Squad receiving 28 percent on behalf of Rotten Tomatoes it was announced that Margot Robbie and Leto will be presented the chance to reprise their roles once again, this time in their own spin off. However this will not be the only time The Joker will be headed to the golden screen in the near future as mentioned above the character will have a rebirth once again in 2019. It remains unknown weather or not the plots will interact or if this will remain a stand alone film. As mentioned above the DCEU has remained in decline with the last several years perhaps this will prevent a future regression.

Currently being directed by Todd Phillips the man that brought us "The Hangover Trilogy" audiences grasped their first look at Phillips depiction of the Joker. Starring in films such as the 2000's Academy Award Winning film Gladiator as well as Walk the Line and We Own the Night, Phoenix will be updating his filmography with yet another acting role this time portraying The Clown Prince of Crime. In addition to Phoenix, the cast includes Robert De Niro and Zadie Beets.

Will Phillips dark sense of humour be enough to persuade audiences into a state of acceptance and perhaps going as far as to revive the caped crusaders cinematic career, or will this serve as a stand alone success only time will tell.


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