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5 Times Peter Griffin's IQ Was Lower than Usual

'Family Guy'

By Spencer MacAdamPublished 6 years ago 3 min read

"Peter's Two Dads," 'Family Guy,' Season 5 Episode 10, Seth MacFarlane, Fox Television Animation

Pee Pants the Inebriated Clown

Unable to identify the fact that it is Meg's 17th birthday, Peter and Lois insist on having a themed party. Among the balloons and streamers is Peter's costume he titles Pee Pants the Inebriated Clown. While holding a beer in one hand and balancing on a unicycle, Peter explains that he intends on beginning his series of hijinx which will later lead to dire consequences, initially proceeding to pull a series of clothing articles from his stomach while Lois reminds him that he is "... not really supposed to swallow them." Later, during the same scene, he attempts to ride the unicycle down the stairs while intoxicated, the consequences of which are severe as he lands on his father. The unicycle also finds an uncomfortable position to sit.

"Baby Not on Board," 'Family Guy,' Season 7 Episode 4, Seth MacFarlane, Fox Television Animation

The Road Trip

During this episode, the Griffin family embarks on a road trip. Upon the realization that Stewie is absent, they begin their journey back to Quahog. While driving with the entire family minus Stewie in the vehicle, Peter observes the neighbouring car's back passengers as they watch television. Peter immediately expresses his desire to obtain what they have while Lois demands that he watch the road. Despite her commands, he suddenly disappears. The next clip shows Peter transported to the other vehicle now laughing with the rest of the family. The Griffins proceed to crash. While the hurt family is proceeding out of the wreck, Peter looks over the bank stating, "Hey Crash, what are you doing down there?" Peter's blunt disregard for his family accompanied by his inability to grasp what has just conspired is possibly the best example on this list.

"You Can't Do That on Television, Peter," 'Family Guy,' Season 10 Episode 18, Seth MacFarlane, Fox Television Animation

Peter makes a children's TV show.

Peter starts his own television show titled Petey's Funhouse. Annoyed by Lois's nagging to discontinue the production of the program, he attempts to turn his audience against her. In turn, Lois chooses to remain silent when Peter expresses his plans to bring a live puma on the show. The next day, Peter brings the Puma on stage, which he taunts with a stick. In turn, the animal attacks Peter, leaving him in severe condition.

"Airport '07" 'Family Guy,' Season 5 Episode 12, Seth MacFarlane, Fox Television Animation

Peter Griffin Redneck

Following a visit from the Redneck Comedy Tour to Quahog, Peter chooses to pursue a hillbilly-infused lifestyle. In addition to adapting a put on twang, he acquires among many other things, like a pick up truck. While driving Quagmire to his job at the airport he observes a plane being fuelled. Guided through a grossly estranged and exaggerated fantasy, he watches as his truck soars through the air like a plane. He proceeds to fuel up his pick up while the gas lines are unattended to. Unaware of the fact that Peter siphoned the gas out of the engine, Glenn, who is the pilot of the plane, proceeds to take off. A shortage of gas results in the plane crashing and Glenn temporary losing his job for the episode.

"Thanksgiving" 'Family Guy,' Season 10, Episode 6, Seth MacFarlane, Fox Television Animation

Peter Griffin Thanksgiving

Although Peter did not put his friends or family in any direct danger during this episode, the hilarity that ensued following a Thanksgiving family dinner demonstrated his inability to properly function within normal society. While hosting a holiday dinner for the neighbourhood, Joe's estranged son reappears in their lives. It is later revealed that Kevin is a deserter and that he faked his own death in order to leave the army. In turn, Joe expresses the fact that despite Kevin being his son, he is still obligated to take him in. On their way out, Peter makes an offside comment, "Thanks for coming, guys."


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