Fictions In My Head

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Three Fictional Story Concepts

Fictions In My Head
These are some rough ideas for the fictions.

Darklyght Rising/ Darklyght Hero

The first concept follows the sixteen year old sorceress to be Azariah Darklyght on her journey and her father Ataroth as the madness slowly takes him. Before her journey begins, her father murders her mother and attacks her leaving the sixteen year old feeling cold, dark and wounded mentally and physically. She embarks on her journey to become stronger so she may one day she maybe able to exact her revenge on her father. Little does she know that her father is slowly losing his grip on reality.

Some creatures are familiar like elves, humans, demons, vampires, shape shifters but there are plenty of my own design like phantom fairies (fairy ghosts), mystics, ice elves, black ooze hell hounds, and vampire royals. With magics that are based on Latin words and phrases. There's also unique weapons and some with their on personalities.

This is a dark fantasy with its own world, species and cultures. There is some gore as well as dark humor and mature themes. The being idea for this story came to me out of the blue and I have been working on it for a while.

Gray Curiosity

This story follows a seventeen year old girl named Galaxia who recently lost her mother. She's a bit of a recluse but highly intelligent like both of her parents. Her father has been studying an ancient book and has finally unlocked its secret on how to summon an alien. Said alien, named Abigor has been to Earth and had actually grown an attachment to Galaxia when she was a little girl. He had originally been sent to study human families and to keep an eye on the ancient book which they possess. With Galaxia's father summoning an alien, his attachment to her, and her own curiosity getting the better of her. She makes a deal with Abigor to learn about each other.

But... Things start getting a little weird when his attachment has a slight hint of jealousy in it. Bullies at school start getting pranks played on them that no human could possibly do and Galaxia figured it out. There are some secrets even her mother kept from her and soon they will be revealed. Putting her in harms way not only for her being something otherworldly, but because the whole universe knows. Abigor must protect her at all costs while trying to contact his leaders, but could that lead to even more trouble for them.

This is obviously a science fiction. The alien species is what we would commonly call Roswell grays, grays aliens or grays. I had been watching a lot of science channel some of it over aliens. The idea came and got stuck. Been working on this little by little over a few months.

Bounty Hunter From Andromeda

This follows the beautiful but deadly bounty hunter Ann who is secretly a princess from Godronia 552. She's the deadliest bounty hunter in the universe with the bitter taste of revenge teasing her at every turn. In enters Le' Nar a rebel leader and engineer that has come to Ann for many years for her services, but this time the hit might give her the revenge she longs for along with the unexpected surprise from the rebel leader. With a host of many different aliens with very different personalities, its bound to be a wild ride.

Ann's thirst for revenge was ignited when her teacher, friend and father figure was murdered by a blood alien species out to take control of the whole universe. Le' Nar has found the true heir of this species and a plan to over throw the leaders returning the throne to its rightfully owner. He has secrets that he has kept hidden. Will Ann learn these secrets, besides the obvious crush he has on her? Will his plan work or will it be a trap to capture Ann? Hard to say I haven't gotten that far yet.

Based off a fan fiction I had originally started writing before I decided to convert it into a science fiction. The characters that were part of the fan fiction have been changed to my own characters. It's the most recent of my fiction writing adventures.

Thanks for reading and please let me know what y'all think.

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