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Fan Theories About Dragon Ball Super Season Two

by Jovelle Avancena 2 years ago in tv

The speculation surrounding the fan theories about Dragon Ball Super Season Two leave many a fan scratching their heads, as well as incredibly excited for what may be next.

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The Dragon Ball universe has gotten pretty complex since the original Dragon Ball TV series. There are dozens of different species of characters, all with varying levels of strengths and weaknesses, are decidedly a hero or a villain, and have a backstory and complex personalities to go along with them. There's just as much lore and, therefore, plenty of room for speculation.

Since the beginning, the Dragon Ball fandom has been in a constant cycle of churning out fan theories and either a) scrapping them as new, canon information is revealed, or b) celebrating as they are confirmed.

Not too long ago, during the Tournament of Power, everyone was convinced the Grand Priest was evil (he does have a creepy smile after all). This has since been scrapped, and he is now thought to be more of an overseer, a guide when the mortals' get caught up in their pride and power.

Even further back was Goku's fight with Frieza on the planet Namek. It spanned several episodes—but apparently it was being presented to audiences in slow motion. Among the strongest beings the Dragon Ball universe has ever borne, Goku and Frieza not only possess incomprehensible power, but also speed. The theory went that their movements—punches, flying kicks, and all—would have only lasted a few minutes, and that the event was slowed down for the series's sake.

Of course, that would suggest that the following super-fights (of which there have been many) are presented in slow motion, especially considering everyone's only gotten stronger since the old days of Dragon Ball Z. With more characters, more detailed timelines, and more exciting fights, there's been plenty of room for audiences to think up new fan theories about Dragon Ball Super Season Two. What new, major theories about the upcoming Dragon Ball installments will fans of the show actually see though?

Goku becomes a Supreme Kai.

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Goku has outright refused the role of God of Destruction (Hakaishin). He thinks it would be boring, and the general consensus among Dragon Ball fans is that Goku isn't the right fit for the role. The title of God of Destruction requires its bearer to destroy planets (unsurprisingly), but Goku has never enjoyed taking lives. In fact, he has a long track record of doing the exact opposite, allowing the likes of Frieza and Cell to live when he definitely shouldn't have.

What he may be more suited for, though, would be the role of Supreme Kai, or Kaioshin. Supreme Kai protect their universes, cultivating growth and progress—the yin to the yang of the Gods of Destruction. At first, it may not seem like Goku would easily transition into that role, as the Supreme Kai are a serious, even-tempered bunch who avoid getting into fights; but the parallel can be made that they each have a generous, compassionate nature.

Though most Supreme Kai are born into their responsibilities, there is precedent for Kai to become Supreme Kai. Goku's already trained under King Kai, has already reached Super Saiyan God and mastered Ultra Instinct, and he's only expected to get stronger in the future. Though it may be far in the future, to see him accept the mantle of Supreme Kai feels like the appropriate next level for him.

Vegeta becomes a God of Destruction.

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Who is inclined for the job of God of Destruction? More so than any other character besides the ones who are already Gods of Destruction, Vegeta is the next most likely role. He has a proven mean streak and deep-seated sense of superiority, much like the current God of Destruction, Beerus. Also like the God of Destruction, his past is littered with blown-up planets. And unlike Goku, Vegeta doesn't search for the good in people, nor does he forgive as easily for their mistakes. Outside of his family, he doesn't have many emotional ties to anything at all. All this makes it much more natural for him to step into the position of Hakaishin.

The fan art of Vegeta in a God of Destruction's armor has been incredible, too—if there are no other incentives, there is at least that. It would certainly set the scene for many superhero movie fans to have each of these protagonists set against each other again, only this time as truly indomitable forces.

Goku becomes an angel.

There's another circulating theory of Goku joining the ranks of the angels; which is a bit more farfetched, but not an impossible one to flesh out.

The angels are probably the strongest race in the Dragon Ball universe. Even Beerus is scared of the Grand Priest, and no one doubts Goku's ability to join the ranks of the strongest beings alive.

However, the angels are a species, and the Grand Priest is their father. While it's not necessarily clear how the Hakaishin are chosen for their role, it's clear that they are not all the same species (judging from their appearance). Just holding the same role, a Saiyan could easily be plucked from the masses to become one. Goku would have to undergo a very strange transformation (even for shonen standards) to become an angel.

He would also very likely become Vegeta's attendant, in that case. This is not strange in the sense that Whis (the humble servant) is hinted to be a better-skilled fighter than Beerus (a literal god), while Goku (descendant of a lower-class warrior) tends to be one step ahead of Vegeta (royalty). The problem lies in the words, "Goku is Vegeta's servant." It flies in the face of the franchise's entire history.

Perhaps Akira Toriyama could make this work somehow, but let me cast my vote for Goku and Vegeta being eternally tied as Kaioshin and Hakaishin.

Vegeta develops a special transformation exclusive to Saiyan royalty.

Source: DeviantArt

Vegeta has taken a lot of L's—there's no denying that. It's strange, considering the following:

  • He's ballsy.
  • He's indefatigable.
  • His father was the strongest individual of all Saiyans when he was king (read: "alive").
  • He's one of the most popular characters amongst fans.

Vegeta's loss record has gotten to the point that it frustrates fans (he had Frieza in Resurrection F) and he most certainly deserves some time in the limelight. He's been consistently an inch behind Goku in terms of power, but he's always had two things that Goku hasn't: a degree in badassitude and a proud, powerful lineage.

Out of all the Super Saiyan transformations floating around, only one so far is exclusive to Vegeta: Super Saiyan Blue Evolved. The explanation for that one is not nearly in-depth enough. "Vegeta's surpassed his own limits" is generally how it goes, basically translating to "Vegeta got stronger." Vegeta becoming stronger is not weird, considering the urge to become stronger is his major, consistent, defining characteristic.

TL;DR: Super Saiyan Blue Evolved isn't enough.

People want to see Super Saiyan Royal.

The possible strengths and weaknesses of this transformation are up in the air. The color would most likely be purple, and it should be on par with Goku's Mastered Ultra Instinct state, though it'd require a whole different skillset. Vegeta said it himself in the fight against Jiren: He couldn't mimic Goku's mastery of Ultra Instinct and would have to fight in his own way. Goku is mindlessly natural, with the most beautiful display of graceful violence I've ever seen. This is not Vegeta's strong suit, and likely never will be; and since the two aren't even enemies anymore, it's about time he stopped trying to hold himself to Goku's standards.

Vegeta's bloodline could be explored further.

Source: Comic Book

What may be a contributing factor to Super Saiyan Royal's power would be Vegeta's ancestors.

Vegeta muttered to himself that reaching the levels of Super Saiyan Red ought to only be attainable to him (quickly proven wrong when Goku burst into flames moments after), and Yamoshi's, the Super Saiyan God of legend, silhouette appeared nearly identical to Vegeta's outline. This hasn't been addressed since.

It could go dozens of different ways from here. Yamoshi was a righteous Saiyan who battled against the Saiyan race's darkest urges. Vegeta, in his first appearance, embodied everything that made Saiyans a feared, fierce species—he was arrogant, emotionally distant, and violent. To top it all off, he had that unwavering smirk that no one in real life has.

And yet, while his transition was slow and probably the most drastic arc of the Dragon Ball universe, Vegeta left the dark side and took to the "light side" like a fish to water. Even on Planet Namek, he wasn't saying it, but he was showing some degree of mercy (saving Gohan from Frieza and not killing the Captain Ginyu frog).

Who knows what Vegeta's "true" nature is? But maybe, deep down, he's just like Yamoshi—fierce and shocking, but pure of heart. It'd be fascinating to see how he'd interact with those old spirits, his ancestors, and draw on their strengths.

Goku and Broly's friendship develops.

An overview of Broly and the movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly revealed him to be naturally kind-hearted. Much like Goku, he has no urge to cause pain, but isn't afraid to do so when he must.

It was made very clear at the end of that movie that Goku would love to face Broly again one day. What was left for us to ponder was whether or not Broly would be a sparring partner or a threat to Earth. As was made clear with his two sons, Goku is a great mentor, and would likely be the best person for Broly to utilize in order for him to harness his power.

One vague theory floating around is that the legendary Super Saiyan's power comes from his kind-hearted nature. After all (in the canon version), Broly is soft-spoken and non-confrontational, the polar opposite of the typical, boastful Saiyan persona. So is Kale—the Universe 6 version of Broly. Should this somehow be true, there's no better person for Broly to imitate than Goku, who has struck a balance between being kind and being one of the toughest characters in the universe.

Some characters from the Tournament of Power will have their stories fleshed out.

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The Tournament of Power introduced us to a lot of powerful characters. They pushed our heroes—Goku, Vegeta, Android 17, and all the other fighters—to power levels they wouldn't have been able to reach otherwise. It took a lot of odd creatures to do all that pushing.

  • Top, the bulky, bear-like leader of the Pride Troopers from Universe 11, plays into the theory of Vegeta becoming a God of Destruction. Top's power levels were so high that he was being considered for Universe 11's next God of Destruction. Vegeta defeated him. It wasn't done with ease, and Vegeta very nearly died in the battle, but if he can hold his own against other God of Destruction candidates, he should be qualified to be a candidate himself.
  • Jiren, the strange-looking gray man with big bug eyes, has churned up one of the deepest rabbit holes the Dragon Ball universe has ever seen. Even stronger than Top, Jiren appeared untouchable against some of the strongest fighters in the multiverse, hardly breaking a sweat as he pummeled them. Now, people are wondering if he may be stronger than a deity, and where such strength comes from. There are no others of the same species in the tournament, but he couldn't possibly be the only one of his kind. If there are others, or even an entire planet of creatures like Jiren, how would the team beat a challenge like that?
  • In a cuter turn of events, Universe 6 Saiyans—Kale, Caulifla, and Cabbe—also participate in the tournament. They are younger counterparts of the Universe 7 Saiyans. There are a lot of theories revolving around their origins (maybe they're not full-blooded Saiyans) and how strong they may get if Goku and Vegeta are their teachers.

Maybe all of the theories are wrong, and we'll have to wait and see.

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We can speculate all we want, but we won't know for sure how the story will play out until we see it. The manga is still running, and the animated series is expected to start up later in summer of 2019; but fan theories about Dragon Ball Super Season Two remain. Only time will tell what our heroes will face next, or even if they'll make it past Dragon Ball Super 2019 and into Season Three.

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