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At some point after watching your favourite tv show I imagined at some point you said to yourself, I could have done that episode better, like something was missing or this should have been different. Those kinds of thoughts go around my mind often, I tend to watch Doctor who, lord of the rings. The sort of programmes were the possibilities go far beyond and can make a lot or no sense at all. It’s a case of reality can be really dull and boring, so we transport ourselves to another world.

Hannibal was my first full on fan fiction, and one of the few I have finished at this present time. I fully immersed myself into it, the whole DID sort of situation really gets to me, think of it as you play out the situation in a dream, so by chance if the real thing ever occurred, just by chance you might have a slight idea of what to do. I will make the point that I write most of my stories in a notebook of some sort to which people think it’s my diary, so they don’t ask question or even think to look at it.

I`ve always loved it when a tv programme did a crossover episode, you honestly believe that someone looked at a story by a fanfiction writer and though hey, that’s a great idea, lets go with it. I`m still in the middle of writing it but it`s taking forever to do, a Doctor who crossover of immense magnitude. Tv Sherlock, movie Sherlock, Spiderman, Teenage mutant ninja turtles, Big wolf on campus, just one big nerdy mess of nerdiness. I`m not a full-on nerd but I do consider myself a fangirl of the most unrealistic things possible, on my bad days it keeps me going.

At this point in time, Lucifer is a very popular and fast way to get views on your work. Of course, when you think it through properly, the people who are reading it are the more mature audience and are possibly reading it for a few reasons, but views are views.

Different sites host different viewers. For example, site a might be anime-based site so you would write stories on Sailor moon, Black butler, One piece etc and possibly go into Studio Ghibli movies, I myself haven’t found one yet but the thought dose interest me. Site b might just be about Marvel/ DC, this could be a hit or miss sort of situation, plus side lots of viewers of both fans, negative they could rip you apart, especially if you plan on going near the comics or cannon story line.

As I`ve been writing Fan fiction for over 10 years now, you will always get negative feedback, you will never be able to please everyone, either you don’t get the character right or something to do with the story, its always best to do a bit of research into the character, watch some of their clips on YouTube, that sort of thing.

A friend of mine once said to me that the whole Fan fiction thing is dying out, but I don’t believe that for a second, as long as people keep making tv shows and movies. Merchandise will follow, then books, then Fan fiction. The moment the cycle stops spinning, then we will all become robots, no emotions, no imagination. It hurts my head just thinking about it all.

Hopefully one day in the not so distance future, Fan fiction writing will become a career and people who love to write Fan fiction can make it their lively hood, until then, its our own personal getaway, for me anyway.

fan fiction
Natasha Skelton
Natasha Skelton
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