'Fairy Tail: 100 Year Quest'

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The adventure continues.

'Fairy Tail: 100 Year Quest'

Fairy Tail: 100 Year Quest finally made its way to fans in July 2018 (there are spoilers ahead so read on at your own risk). The long-awaited spin-off finally began and it was received with extreme enthusiasm from fans. One could say the story never ended because it picks off from the end of the Alvarez Arc. The strongest team of Fairy Tail is on their way to complete their 100-year quest and fated encounters, new love rivals, and new dragons await the happy-go-lucky bunch. Fans were disappointed that the story ended in such a vague way and it left fans with a lot of questions. Perhaps Hiro Mashima intended the end to have an open-ending so he could work on a new project while simultaneously working with a Fairy Tail spin-off. Either way, the new project, Eden's Zero, and the new spin-off series have brought the audience exactly what they wanted.

The 100 Year Quest picks up right off where it left off in the last Fairy Tail (which is great if you do follow the manga) and begins the story in the year X633. In a one page shot in the year X633, there is a mage surrounded by chaos and what he seems to be the first mage in the history of the world. This is probably older than the first guild master, Mavis, and it might be older than the time of Zeref. It is still yet unknown, but we can probably guess that is the case and he might have had some influence on the either of those characters (this is a wild guess).

In the meanwhile, back at the Fairy Tail guild, we get to meet some new characters. Three new members have joined but one of them is a bit full of himself and gets beaten up by Laxus, therefore he runs away. The second member is a young boy that is too afraid to even say anything, and he also runs for the hills. Then there is a cute girl left, by the name of Touka and she claims to have come to "Natsu's guild." This, of course, shocks the rest of the guild, and she claims that Natsu is her sweetheart (oh boy, I am sure new fanfics will start appearing, watch out Nalu fans). So far, neither Gejeel nor Juvia have taken a liking to her and decide to investigate on her background.

Touka p11

Touka claiming her love for Natsu

Unfortunately for Touka, Natsu has gone on the 100-year quest and she misses her opportunity to meet him again. We do know she encountered Natsu previously. She seems to have an illusion of him as a knight in shining armor. While this is the first time any girl has a love interest in him, there have been, however a few hints that Lucy might be in love with Natsu as well. That is not established in the manga so there could be an interesting love rival for Lucy.

Meanwhile, the gang has accepted to take on the job given by the Master of Magia Dragon, Elefceria. He does tell the Fairy members that he has been living for over a hundred years and is a self-taught dragon slayer. His request for the gang is to seal the five dragons of Giritna known as the five god dragons. He claims to reward each member with what he or she desires most in the world.

Lucy and the rest are wandering into the Valeria region, making their way and wonder what it is they desire the most. As always, we get a quick comedy relief from Natsu and Lucy getting attack by some strange jellyfish that only aim. Luckily, they are both saved by our sweet Sky Dragon Wendy and continue on their merry way to encounter a strange looking pig.

Gray and Lucy

Gray taking a look at Lucy after the jellyfish attack

After all that strange nonsense, the gang finally settles down for the night and decide to talk about the dragons they are bound to encounter. The very existence of the dragons are kept a secret from the rest of the world, and if they are to incarnate it would cause havoc. Hence, the wizards have decided to begin their hunt in the town of Elmina, where the dragon Mercfovia was worshiped as the water god dragon. As the friends enter the town, there are two mysterious persons looking from afar and are aware of the existence of the water god. So what will continue to happen in the next? Will Juvia and Gajeel find any fishy information regarding Touka? Are the strangers related to the dragon water god?

Natsu is all fired up!

The Fairy Tail series continues to be an exciting story and keeps fans on their toes. The 100 Year Quest arc has begun with a thrilling beginning and hopefully will continue to be just as exciting in the upcoming chapters. Nonetheless, it does not disappoint and continues to bring enough fan-servicing, adventure, and comedy to the audience.

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