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Exploring the First Insight

by Kristin Wilson 3 years ago in literature
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Exploring the nine spiritual insights described in the exquisite novel 'The Celestine Prophecy,' written by James Redfield.

The First Insight is all about synchronicity.

The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield is a riveting adventure novel that uses the tale of one man's adventure through the virgin forests and ancient ruins of Peru in search of an ancient manuscript which details an impending mass spiritual awakening on Earth. Not only does this manuscript predict a mass spiritual awakening, but it also lists the sequence in which it will happen at the individual level. The concepts of the insights cannot be grasped until the previous insight is fully understood... and the sequence is essential. Upon learning each Insight, you get a glimpse of a plethora of information that it seems you have suppressed some place deep in your soul, and the resonance of the knowledge comes flowing into you like ancient memories. The mystery of the Universe feels like less of a mystery and the steps forward seem refreshingly clear. This novel provides prime situations and examples to outline the concepts of this philosophy, making it effortless and enlightening to grasp. This way of life recognizes the Universe itself as conscious energy that breathes life into all that is entailed within it. Not only is it conscious, it is effected by and responsive to our intentions. If, on a molecular level, quantum physics tells us that the Observer Effect proves that the results of experiments are directly effected by the intended outcome of the observer, then at what point do we question our energetic influence beyond the molecular level? Grasping these insights has shaken up much that was sleeping within me and I would be thrilled to do my part in sharing this knowledge with any and all who will also resonate with it.

What is the First Insight?

The First Insight describes a time (hint: the time is NOW) when the people of the world start questioning the nature of coincidences. They begin searching for deeper meanings and asking questions like, "Why am I here?" or "What is the purpose of this life?" It explains that humanity will reach a "critical mass" of individuals who begin waking up to the experience of synchronicities. They will become aware of numerical sequences that appear repeatedly before them, they will become more trusting of their intuitions, they will search for meaning in events that seem beyond coincidence, and they will begin to feel restless in their normal working lives, feeling as if there is more to life or as if something very important is missing. Perhaps the most interesting part of this philosophy is that it states that the most essential synchronicities will come from our encounters with other people. We truly are here to help each other along the way.

What is the purpose of a synchronicity?

So, how do we determine when a synchronicity is happening? Even then, how can we interpret the message really intended for us? A synchronicity is an event that will stand out in your mind as "odd" or "very coincidental" that is meant to guide you in a particular direction. Have you ever thought about how many things had to go exactly the way they did for you to have the experiences that have made you, YOU? Have you ever had a gut feeling about something and you were right? This is the energy of the Universe working with you to guide you on your path of manifestation. As soon as a synchronicity occurs, your intuition perks up and you wonder why this very thing is happening to you at this very moment. "There has to be more to this," you think to yourself. However, to be completely receptive to the messages within these synchronicities requires some action on our part.

Step one is accepting and learning to trust your intuition. Your intuition or "higher self" resides in a state of higher awareness and is here to guide you on your way; so when you receive the gut instinct to take a different route home, to leave a few minutes early, or to apply for that dream job, listen to it and raise your awareness to search for the next incoming message. We are most receptive in a state of love. The more time we spend in the NOW, feeling aware and grateful for the incoming messages, the easier it will be to magnetize these synchronicities into our lives. This is known as being "in the flow." When you are in the flow of things, you are consciously manifesting your desires through allowing the Law of Attraction to work for you. You are sending out love to all that is around you, and in return, all that is around you is returning that energy, offering messages of guidance and opportunities to help you on your way.

Catching a Synchronicity

Synchronicities are happening all around us all of the time, but the issue is we are not always aware and in tune to catch them. The First Insight is adamant that the connection between people is a catalyst for synchronicities, so much so that it actually calls for you to be aware that there is a message waiting in each person that you encounter, even if it doesn't "click" immediately. The messages can come in countless different forms; some may teach us patience, some give us inspiration, and some give us much-needed missing information. That stranger at the store that looked so familiar, that old friend that has suddenly been popping into your mind, or even the homeless man at the park who humbles you as you rush by; if you are willing to step out of your comfort zone to initiate a conversation with these people, you are taking the initiative to receive your divine guidance. You can also receive messages through nature, number sequences, and just about anything else since the conscious energy of the Universe is present in all things... the key is catching this event and then researching the deeper meaning behind it so that you are able to utilize this guidance. The best part about this concept is that each time you seize such an opportunity, all people involved walk away with a permanently higher vibration, ready to initiate their next meaningful encounter and receive their next bit of guidance. An adaption so to speak, to a higher consciousness, tuning into finding and fulfilling your life's purpose. With this philosophy, we are required to work together to grow on an individual level before we can grow together as a collective.

In conclusion, at this point in our spiritual revolution, we are witnessing massive amounts of humans becoming conscious of these synchronicities, asking questions and making connections they wouldn't have made before. What is the catalyst for this? Are we on the brink of a complete renovation in the way we operate as a collective? I believe that if one takes the initiative to ask important questions, they will be given the important answers. I believe that we will need the aid of one another if we ever dream of having peace. We must learn to be open to one another, which in turn allows us to be open to the messages that the great spirit who resides within them has for YOU and your path. We are all connected, so it is only logical that our individual evolution is also connected on a collective scale. By helping others, you are helping yourself.

"We are all just walking each other home."—Ram Dass


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