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Emmy Nominations

And Predictions

By Alexandrea CallaghanPublished 11 months ago 3 min read

Okay so when I covered the Emmy nominations I said that the only show I had actually watched was The Last of Us, and as a media journalist I know that is not sufficient. So I have powered through some of the other nominated shows so that I can give a well rounded and honest view on my predictions. I will say right off the bat that I did center on the dramas as that is more my genre of interest. So here are my predictions and hopes for the Emmy awards this year.

As I said the only nominated show I have seen all the way through is The Last of Us and though I thought it was great I have no nostalgia or anything for it. I did not play the video game so I have no previous emotional attachment. In fact the only reason I watched the show was because my husband told me Anna Torv was in it. He just neglected to tell me that she dies super early on (he has played the game). I really hate zombie stories and gross things coming out of people’s faces is a huge deal breaker for me. Knowing that, I really had no interest in the show at all. But the story and the characters are so phenomenally well written that it captured me pretty early and I became attached. So with that I will say that it absolutely deserves the nominations that it got. I think it should absolutely win for make-up and visual effects. That isn't even a question.

As for White Lotus…I watched both seasons and how it is nominated for best drama series I do not know. Individual performance nominations sure, but the show itself has no plot whatsoever. No story, nothing that warrants an overall nomination. The cinematography is beautiful and I will always appreciate the work that goes into making a show. Pay your writers. This show isn’t good.

House of the Dragon was good(ish) but HBO definitely bought that nomination, against everything else there is absolutely no way that it wins.

Yellowjackets is easily the most interesting and compelling show nominated. I for sure think it should win best drama series, the writing is just phenomenal. Each and every performance is fantastic, I have no notes. I think it is an incredible show and I am glad that it is being given the recognition that it deserves.

Succession is the most nominated Emmy show and damn I see why. I powered through 4 seasons of this show and it was so easy. Such an amazing watch. I do think it's got a lot of really solid competition for a lot of its nominations but I also think that it's going to take home at least half of the Emmys that it was nominated for.

So the predictions part of this is actually really difficult. Specifically in the best actor/actress, supporting actor/actress categories. Because despite what I think about overall shows or seasons, the individual performances were pretty incredible. Each one of these shows is extremely well casted. I think those categories are kind of, anybody could win kind of categories. And honestly whoever wins it will be deserved.

Best Drama series is really down to Succession, The Last of Us and Yellowjackets. I really think those are the only logical options, these are the only 3 where all of the elements of creation worked together well and you really can’t pick out flaws. These are the only 3 that are as close to perfect TV as you can get.

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