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White Lotus

Season 2

By Alexandrea CallaghanPublished 11 months ago 3 min read

The first season was a whole lot of nothing. Lots happened but there was no plot and I actually was not that impressed with most of the performances, though that could be due to the shows lack of story. But as season 2 was Emmy nominated, I have to finish the show so here we go with season 2.

Once again the show is shot like a horror movie. And we are at a different location because apparently The White Lotus is a chain. Which makes the idea of ominous death make even less sense but sure.

This hotel manager does not give a shit. She’s hella blunt and I love it.

If I could have brought anyone back from season 1, it would have been Jennifer Coolidge so that was probably their best production decision. Aubrey Plaza was the greatest casting decision. Everything she’s in is magic. Trying to use wanting her side of the bed as a way to make her look unreasonable doesn’t work. There are sides of the bed. Also her character is right, this dudes' friends are insufferable and no amount of effort I put in could keep me from smacking them.

Tonya’s husband is gaslighting her pretty deep here, I mean he’s always been terrible but this woman has been through enough.

I knew this guy sucked. The minute his wife started yelling at him over the phone I knew he was awful. This is totally not the first time he’s hired a prostitute.

Poor Harper, has to be on vacation with these insufferable people and her husband comes back and jerks off AND THEN SAYS NO WHEN SHE WANTS TO HAVE SEX WITH HIM. Honestly if Harper just snaps and starts killing people I’ll totally get it.

These young girls are actually really funny. Take him for all he’s worth, babes.

The fact that Aubrey Plaza has to TRY to get her husband to have sex with her is ridiculous. Literally everyone wants to do Aubrey Plaza, sir get it together.

Tonya needs to divorce this fucker. The Italian son is the only man on this show that isn’t total trash. For the most part the women are tolerable this season. Tonya legitimately just needs to be on her own, her husband sucks.

This hotel manager is one of the best parts of this season. She is hilarious.

Portia is sweet and really the only one whose relationship and life I am invested in at all. Poor Albie is stuck with his shitty family, seriously both his father and grandfather are awful people and somehow he turned out sweet. Him asking to kiss her was probably my favorite thing, I love when they ask.

Oh Harper is totally gonna snap…I definitely would. Being stuck overnight with this woman would send me into a homicidal state.

The ominous tone of this show is so frustrating because there isn’t a purpose to it. We know that the season ends in death, just like last season but it's just so poorly executed. The deaths feel so random and forced, like you have to pay off what you set up but they don’t actually make any sense. It really weakens whatever theme they were trying to go for.

This is the kind of show that feels like if you skip an episode, it wouldn’t matter. Like no actual context is required for each episode and I think that's what frustrates me. Let’s please be clear in that, character driven, does not mean devoid of plot. Also let’s be clear that if I don’t know what your story is by the end of the first episode, then you don’t have one. There are no stakes, there’s no plot, there’s no throughline that connects these people together. It's really just not a good show, the vibes are good but there's no payoff.

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