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Dune: Part 2 Review

Part 2; was it everything we hoped for?

By Rich BurtonPublished 2 months ago 5 min read

*There will be spoilers ahead!

For those who read the book, this movie was far from what I hoped it would be.

As someone who distinguishes book to movie adaptations as different interpretations and their own entities, I thought this movie was very entertaining and had me very involved.

However, the adaptation of this particular part of the book I have many thoughts. After reading this, let me know in the comments what you thought and we can discuss!

The first scene I thought we would have was Jamis’ funeral. The place where we really get to see Paul Atreides shock the Fremen by crying, giving water for someone else. But no. Funerals are sacred, have offerings and shared words of the fallen. We did not get that. Instead we got how his water was to be used and Jessica shedding a tear for the lost souls. It was not as moving in the book where it was Paul, barely knowing Jamis, who still gave him water.

I understand certain aspects of novels can’t be portrayed in movies because of the depth they have or that they generally aren’t too important to the overall plot, but I was a little disappointed that they didn’t include Jamis’ family and the house aspect of the Fremen. Along with the smell of the Fremen. That would have been a funny scene, but the humor used was in poor taste. I will point on that a bit later in the article.

The Fremen also weren’t shown in the best light either. The two dividing north and south Fremen was an interesting dynamic and the fact that every Fremen was not a warrior in some fashion. I realize each have their own job and that some do not need to be fighters, but they were not shown to be a very strong people except in the scenes where their masses showed.

The scenes of how the Fremen took the water were very interesting to watch though to see how they were transported and took the water from bodies.

Jessica becoming reverend mother was also different from what I envisioned from the book. We did not get the insight that was shared in the book, only that the poison affected her child more than the Bene Gesserit herself.

On the subject of children, Chani and Paul do not bear their first child. I understand why given the time frame with Jessica not bearing her own child. It would have been a tender moment between Paul and Chani though and to see that on screen would have been better than what we saw of them.

The humor was baseless and honestly uncalled for. The movie made Stilgar out to be this weird fanatic who seemed crazy. Whereas the first movie he was this stoic leader who thought before he spoke. The book had more serious undertones and the Fremen people were not to be taken lightly. Very tradition based. I understand groups of people who are familiar with one another create inside quips or have ongoing jokes between friends and the director might’ve wanted to show that but it was in poor taste. I was hoping for more seriousness and intensity. No one in the theater was really laughing anyway.

The sand worms were also a favorite of mine.when they were called for battle and started to destroy the Sardaukar army it was awesome. Watching the Fremen and Paul ride them to travel was also amazing. Desert Power. It was incredible to see the sand worms and how they are one with the sand.

The Harkonnens weren’t featured as much as I thought they would be mainly with the politics side. The religious aspect of the book was definitely more prevalent than the political side. Which I was honestly more into than the religion. And I’m religious! But we didn’t get to see the history of the baron and Feyd-Rautha and I rather enjoyed seeing there disputes and conflicts. Then the Bene Gesserit delegates and their planning—where was that? Disappointed the political verbal jousting and the dialogue wasn’t in the movie.

The ending where Chani leaves to ride a worm is probably the worst endings. I’m honestly sad that they didn’t do the ending in the book where they squash all hopes of Irulan becoming anything to Paul and Chani will essentially rise to power. I also thought the way they skewed her character was harmful to the narrative. The writers created conflict where there is already enough conflict. We don’t need that kind of quarrel.

Adding Irulan in the small scenes she had I thought were great because we got to glimpse what was happening behind the scenes with the emperor. In the book the chapters all opened with a diary entry from her so I was hoping that would integrate that somehow. They didn’t include the quotes, but seeing that side of things was a good highlight.

Two things that stood out in my mind from the movie; The soundtrack and Paul’s monologue to the Fremen about his standing. The music was probably the saving grace to the movie. As the first movie it was intense, brought you into the scenes, made you feel as though you were actually walking alongside the Fremen killing the enemy. Then you have Paul’s monologue to the Fremen where h explains to them that he will lead them and is the true Lisan al-gaib. His voice was raging, intense. I honestly believe that Timothee Chalamet should earn an award for that scene. It was amazing. I’m not a huge fan of over rated actors and this movie has plenty, but I thought each actor did a great job (except for the ones that didn’t).

Overall I give the show three stars out of five. Whereas part 1, I gave it five out of five!

I also loved the portrayal of the characters by their actors: Paul, Guerney, Jessica, Irulan, Feyd, and the minor characters. Chani and Stilgar were ones that I was looking forward too and they let me down. Honestly if they put the first book into a three part movie to really fill it I would love watching everyone. But that might just be the book nerd in me!

If you’re still wanting to see it (if you haven’t yet) I would still say go see because the theaters are trying to stay afloat and keeping them in business is important for films! And we love films! That’s why you’re here reading this review!


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I’m a work from home mom with 2 crazy kids. I write for fun with the hopes of finishing my unfinished book!

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  • Charlene Ann Mildred Barroga2 months ago

    What a fascinating critique, exploring the subtleties of adaptation and pointing out the film's advantages and disadvantages in relation to the original work. It also generated a lively debate on interpretation and narrative filmmaking.

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