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Part 2

By Alexandrea CallaghanPublished about a month ago 3 min read

Okay so I am new to this Dune fan train, I saw the first film just a couple of weeks ago on re-release and I fell in love with it immediately. Not only is the film itself a feat of filmmaking but the story is one of the best to be entered into the fantasy catalog. We just got back from seeing part 2 and I have many thoughts on the film itself and its apparent impact. But I will start by saying that I really hope they decide to dive into the second and third books and continue with the movies. Even if it's just the ones that center House Atreides, I am super in love with this story. And they definitely left the door open to continue.

First of all let’s do the obvious here; the visuals and the casting were impeccable. Completely unmatched. The thing that I really keep fixating on with these movies is the lack of dialogue. There is plenty obviously. But there are long stretches where nobody talks and we are only shown the story. As film is a visual medium that is the best way to tell the story. I really wish more directors took advantage of that. It doesn’t feel like the film or the lore is dumbed down in any way. The scenes assume that the audience already knows what is going on, or will figure it out as they go. Either way it doesn’t make the audience feel stupid by explaining through dialogue the things we are supposed to know. There is no exposition.

I was so fully invested in this movie I was having so many feelings. Paul and Chani are fine, I realized I only really care about Chani. Her conviction for her people is incredible. She is the real hero of the story for me. The last fight scene I was holding my breath the entire time because I was very concerned for Paul. And the big climactic battle was just so well shot and choreographed that watching the Fremen regain control was so satisfying.

Now before we went to see part 2 I kept seeing Anakin Skywalker comparisons on TikTok, some from people who had already seen the movie and some from people who had read the books. Now after doing my own research it has been concluded that George Lucas is a hack who is incapable of original thoughts. As a lifelong Star Wars fan this physically pains me. But there is “there are no original stories” in the sense that every fantasy story is the hero's journey, and then there is “there are no original stories” like a desert planet, spice being the most valuable thing on said planet, a giant, creepy, skin blob is evil and causing the protagonist problems, the wife of the protagonist dies in the childbirth of his TWINS…seriously there is no excuse for this. Star Wars is just space Dune but Dune is better. George Lucas is lucky Herbert never sued him because he would have had more than enough grounds.

Overall Dune part 2 is just as brilliant as the first one. A perfect continuation of the story that leaves room for more story to be told if we are lucky enough to get it. I give it a perfect 10/10 and I hope that for really the first time since Return of the King that the Academy pays attention to the fantasy genre and gives it the credit that it deserves next year. I can see Dune sweeping not only the technical categories but the acting ones as well.

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