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Dragon Ball Super, the Tournament of Power!

The final four universes are here!

By travus LerouxPublished 6 years ago 5 min read
The Fighting Stage in The World of Void

*Warning* This post contains spoilers from the current Dragon Ball Super series. You can stream weekly Dragon Ball Super episodes on your personal devices and new episodes are readily available on multiple platforms every Saturday night.

The events so far:

Son Goku and friends have begun the tournament of power: a battle royal between eight universes being represented by ten fighters each. The match, which happens in the world of void on a top like fighting stage, lasts for 100 tacks which equates to roughly 48 Earth minutes. During that time all 80 fighters' goal is to knock out the opposing universes warriors. When all 10 warriors are knocked out of the fighting area The lord of lord, destroyer deity to all universes, Zeno, squishes that universe out of existence leaving only void.

The first universe to be eliminated was Universe 9, who started what would become an all out focus attack on our heroes of Universe 7. Following their defeat we lost a familiar face, Universe 10 Supreme Kai Gowasu. His warriors were all defeated early on and his universe was destroyed as well. Most fans expected this to happen and had grouped both Universe 9 and 10 as the least likely to have any warriors standing at the end.

In the most recent episode, we witnessed two more universes be erased: Universe 2 and Universe 6. Many fans will be pleased at Universe 2's departure since Brianne de Chateau and her friends, The Kamikaze Fireballs, were less than loved by the fandom.

Fans should note that her departure marks a massive shift in the arc's mood. The fun-loving and familiar universes are being annihilated and with them their comedic reliefs. In other words, kid time is coming to an end and the darker side of Dragon Ball is on the way.

Dragon Ball Super airs Saturday nights. The English dubs can be found on Toonami and the Japanese subtitles can be found on the anime streaming sites Crunchyroll, Funimation Now, Daisuki, Anime Lab, VRV, and Adult Swim (English Dub) as they are authorized to do so.

Our final 4 universes are...

Universe 3

They are a technology-based universe who appear to have different types of robot, cyborg, and "metal-men" races, perhaps similar to Universe 6's Magetta with a massive mental upgrade. They came prepared with plans and schemes that they have been employing since the start of the tournament. But in the world of Dragon Ball, science and schemes will only get you so far.

My prediction for this universe is some kind of mighty morphing moment between Borareta, Pancea, Koitsukai, the three robots in the back right of the image. The robo-trio seem likely to fit together in a sort of Voltron formation. Their leader, Paparoni, will have another trick up his sleeve and I expect him to be among the last of Universe 3 standing. As of now though, it appears their scouts Katopesla and Biarra are out-classed despite their technological advancements.

Universe 4

They are another scheming universe, but instead of technology they use deception and tricks. Their warriors have been outmatched the entire tournament despite their best tricks. The main way Universe 4 has lasted this long is by keeping two fighters hidden. It was revealed early on that the duo is of a race is similar to Earth's bugs, and are so tiny they have been going unnoticed by their larger opponents.

I predict they have been laying traps, that in the upcoming episode they will eliminate at least one powerful opponent. It will be difficult for any hero to find them, and because of that perhaps they can both make it until the end, forcing a universe to have at least three warriors still standing at the end to be the outright winner.

Universe 7

Son Goku and friends have the most fighters left and have been handling a blistering pace of fights after fights. The other Universes blame Goku for starting the tournament that threatens to destroy their universes. They call him a monster and send wave after wave trying to eliminate the mighty Saiyan. For their efforts they have completely worn out his stamina twice, triggering his new found power, Ultra Instinct. But now with only minutes left, can he hold on and break through his shell again?

I predict a fusion; Vegeta and Goku would be the safe choice, but Gohan should definitely be considered a potential fusion partner for either. Universe 7 will win the tournament and get a wish with the super dragon balls. But I don't think they will allow all the universe to be resurrected. I think the worlds with life on them will be resurrected and brought into Universe 7.

Universe 11

Despite only having three warriors left they are among the strongest, and most feared. Jiren has already proven he's in a completely different class than Goku and has all but dismissed him, leaving the Saiyan helpless after their battle, but not knocking him off as Universe 6's ace. Hit moved in on Jiren to try and catch him off guard. Sadly, Hit was no match for Jiren and was knocked off the stage by Jiren.

After knocking off the deadly Assassin Hit, they have been biding their time allowing the other Universes to eliminate each other while they save their stamina. Jiren is all but completely rested after his fights. While his main rival Goku has been receiving nothing but punishment, presumably making Goku easier to eliminate at the end.

I predict the three remaining Pride troopers will continue to wait until Universe 3 and 4's schemes have failed. Vegeta will likely want to take on Jiren first, which will likely go poorly for the Saiyan. It's probable that Jiren will last until the end of the tournament, and I would not be surprised if the tournament ended due to the time being up as opposed to there being one universe left standing.


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