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Dragon ball: 6 combat full level of big brother, the wife of the great god officer on the list

Alare directly invincible

By AhmarovaPublished 5 months ago 4 min read
Dragon ball: 6 combat full level of big brother, the wife of the great god officer on the list
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What are the full ceilings in Dragon Ball. First of all, let's talk about the familiar characters, the first is definitely the great shinigami. The manga version of the Grand Magus is the strongest in the universe, the anime version of the Grand Magus is the entire universe, the strength of not the top five existence. The comprehension of the self-realization of the extreme will work has reached the peak, defeating Wise only need a finger. So the ceiling position has a place for the great shinigami.

The second is the originator of the Saiyans Yamosi. The peak stage of the Saiyan clan, not the current Goku and Vegeta, but in the distant ancient times, the Saiyan bloodline is incomparably pure, each Saiyan into the super Sai look, the color of hair is the same as Broly green. Although Broly is the transmission of super bloodline, but Broly's bloodline has experienced the baptism of the years, and the real ancient period of the bloodline compared to the same difference is a lot.

The most powerful person in the Saiyan clan, is the ancestor of the Saiyan clan Yamosi. Although Amosi has not made an appearance, but through Broly's powerful will know that Amosi's strength even above the Grand Magus. So the ceiling position also has a place for Amosi.

The third place in the row is Arale.

Arale's powerful is an undeniable fact. As long as you have watched the anime Arale friends, you know the power of Arale. In Dragon Ball, the strength shown by Alalei is just the tip of the iceberg. First of all, Frieza in the theatrical version, the destruction of the Earth requires the release of a large wave. On the contrary, Arale's bare hands and fists, can easily split the earth. Secondly, Goku in the ultra-blue state, the Kamehameha power is powerful, but was offset by Alalei's ten times the power output.

And Arale also revealed an important information, but also can adjust the power to a hundred times. From the ease with which Alalei said this, you can tell that a hundred times the output is not the limit of Alalei. This is somewhat similar to Saitama in the one-punch superhero, there is an ordinary punch on top of an ordinary punch, and above that there is a stronger serious punch, no one sees where the limit of Saitama, Arale is this kind of existence that can not see the limit.

All King if the author's own son, then Alalei is the author's own daughter. In this son poor daughter Fu Yang's era, Alalei naturally to be more powerful than the whole king. Plus Alalei is funny anime attributes of the characters, specifically restrain the Dragon Ball such hot-blooded anime in the people. So that Alalei in Dragon Ball, is a full level invincible existence, overriding the ceiling of hot-blooded anime characters.

The fourth place is the full king.

From the current situation, the full king's combat power is not high. But no one dares to take the All King lightly. Because the All King's almighty eraser ability can erase the existence of the God of Destruction. Even the angelic clan, if not for the great magus as a backer, the angels at the power contest would have been erased. Because the angelic clan needs to remain neutral, whoever uses the angelic power to fight will be erased by the rule. And this rule must refer to the whole king. So that the whole king with eraser ability, the same can sit on the ceiling.

The fifth place is the dragon god Salama.

Salama's strength is currently a mystery. But the manufacture of the super dragon, see the great magistrate and the whole king are not afraid. And the dragon's ability and the strength of the maker linked. Like the super divine dragon can easily restore the destroyed universe, it means that Salama's strength is very strong. Needless to say must also be the ceiling level of existence.

The sixth is the wife of the great magus.

For example, Vegeta has been able to become super blue, but and ordinary people's Bulma gave birth to Bula, we see Bula just born without heaven and earth visions. On the contrary, every child of the Grand Magus, the strength of the strong can easily hang than the Rus. Just rely on the genes of the Grand Magus can not do. So it is not difficult to guess that the wife of the Grand Magus, is also a powerful figure of strength. Because only then can give birth to a strong person like Vis. This shows that the wife of the Grand Magus is likewise a ceiling-level existence.


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