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Draco Malfoy x Oliviana Taylor

Part 2

By Catherine BlantonPublished 7 years ago 5 min read

It was shortly after that encounter that things would take the worse, rather than the best, for the auburn haired Gryffindor. How did she even convince herself to come down tonight? She felt awful, particularly about her weight. The red dress that hugged her girls was held up by matching crimson laced sleeves, the ribbon around her neck providing the illusion that she didn't have two chins at standing. Her hands were covered by pure white gloves, lipstick to match. Her eyes drew directly to her hips, the width around them. As she walked alone through the mess hall, she felt only as if she needed a place to hide.

A wooden, old door oddly stood out of place, the door slightly open to reveal dimness inside. Hardly any light at all. It led to a staircase that led the ginger up. Soon, she reached another door, similar to the previous one.

Draco held a green apple in his hand, blue eyes examining the black cupboard before him, while his pale hands fumbled with the apple. He was quiet as he stood there in all black, the moonlight gleaming down on him through the window in the attic of the astronomy tower, Draco's favorite place to disappear

'This is perfect', thought Livi to herself, figuring that here would be a place where she wouldn't be insecure. She knew she wasn't supposed to be here — but it wasn't as if she came here to shag up with some guy — she was here to sulk, to hate herself in peace. As she opened the door, she was greeted with the silhouette of another person, with the little bit of light that permitted her to see it. She tensed, backing up against the shut door

Draco tensed slightly as he heard the soft thump of the door. "Who's there?" He said in a demanding tone, turning to the door, setting the apple down and pulling a wand out from his pocket, slowly stepping to the door. "Speak, Now."

She nearly screamed at the urgency in his voice, she knew the tone and the pitch immediately and identified it as that of the Draco Malfoy. She couldn't move too fast, the mermaid fit of her dress would not her legs to spread apart far enough for her to run. "I-I'm so sorry, Draco, I-," she mumbled, voice loud like a shout. She quickly turned it down to a whisper. "I thought I was going to be alone. I just-" She couldn't construct sentences, once again, as she always couldn't around him.

Some of the light from the moonlight lit half of Draco's face, his expression stern as the wand was held inches from her face. But he seemed to soften for a moment.

"What are you doing here?" He asked blue eyes shining in the moonlight. "You shouldn't be up here." He said, lowering his wand. He then when silent for a second.

"Oliviana, how much... did you see?" He asked.

"I can't see anything, I'm practically night blind. I swear..." She was prepared to leave, about to twist the doorknob and race out to forget everything, when she heard stirring close outside. She froze, letting go of the doorknob. Her ruby red lips quivered, dilated eyes wide and dark, as her breathing caused her chest to rise and fall, a panic attack on the rise as she prepared herself for him to ruin her.

Draco let out a 'tch' sound, as if he didn't believe her, but went quiet as he heard the stirring outside.

"Shit... janitor must be coming..." He grabbed her arm, tugging her to the side. "Follow me and be quiet." He whispered softly, leading her to the side and looked around, before gently pushing her down under a table covered by a cloth and then moved down beside her, moving a hand over her mouth.

"Not a sound..." He whispered

Oliviana didn't have much time to think about her options before she was dragged under a table, the grip on her arm tightened causing her breath to hitch. 'Not a sound', his words repeated in her head as she realized just how close their bodies were, and she was doing everything to ignore the idea of her dress ripping, the tightness of the fabric and the uncomfortable position of which she was contorted too. The thinness of the tablecloth allowed a little bit more light to fall in between them,and she locked eyes with Draco just as his hand covered her mouth. This was not how she expected her night to go.

Draco looked into her brown eyes, seemingly... actually captivated for a bit, until he heard the door open, only causing him to press slightly closer, due to the table being a bit small. His face was only inches from hers, his lips oddly prominent and a soft pink. His pearly white teeth were biting down on them to keep quiet, his eyes looking through the tablecloth.

If she was to speak or move, not only would she be in trouble with the school, but she would be in trouble with Malfoy. She nearly shuddered at the thought of the ways he would make her life miserable if things took a turn for the worst. What would her friends think? She couldn't see what Draco was seeing, but whatever it was, struck fear into his eyes, which caused a rapture of terror inside her body. And the way he looked at her, the gaze was confusing, filled with emotions she hadn't seen before from him — things she'd never expect from him. She kept her silence, although her breathing was being constricted by Draco's ghostly white hand.

Draco kept switching his gaze to her and then the cloth, and after a few minutes, he seemed to relax, a soft sigh passing his lips and he moved his hand.

"That was a close one." He whispered, his blue eyes meeting her brown ones, finally noticing their closeness. "Oh... uhm..." He mumbled, oddly seeming... shy? He shifted and took a look at her dress, which showed faintly in the soft light. After taking her appearance in, he looked her back in the eyes.

"Oliviana..." He suddenly mumbled, his eyes locked with hers, until they seemed to... drift down to look at the other's lips.

The tension seemed to leave in unison with the blood rushing to her head, as her cheeks proved rosy. She didn't know if he could tell, but somehow she felt as if maybe, they were sharing some sort of the same emotion. She followed his eyes to where they were staring, and she mimicked their actions. 'No', she told herself, her mind denied any thought that came into it, because none of them were ladylike, or probable. To think that he was actually responding to her appearance in anything but hatred, hell, she even she hated the way she looked. Not to mention, this was Malfoy, who just recently was bullying her in the hallway, who had just covered her mouth and looked at her like she was a killer. This was an illusion, that lustful gaze of his had to actually be hatred — the moonlight was fooling her. It had to be. The idea of it didn't stop her from leaning in closer, however.

This is Oliviana

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I'm just a writer who loves to write about the things i'm into! I'm on Quotev as well in case your interested! I hope you enjoy my content :)

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